Thursday, December 28, 2006

argh. i cant believe this. this ff writer is so mean. he liked wrote one very nice story which has a sequel and he also wrote the sequel to that. BUT. the sequel only has one chapter. can you belive that?! its just not right. and you know what the main point of the chapter was? harry died! but the thing is, theres some time travelling happening in the prequel so i know harry somehow comes back to life but i cant figure out how! this is so bleedy annoying. the worst part is, the writer just decided to wrap up the whole thing and stash it away in some ol dusty corner of this miserable planet for 3 whole years! he hasnt updated the story since 2003! and the last time he updated any story he wrote was in 2005! its like he died sometime along the way! or maybe he was abducted by some flesh eating martians but he cud at least have left a note! waaa!

anyway, enough abt mean ff writers. i blew off most of my steam complaining to nat abt it. i was telling her that it feels like someone pushes you off a cliff and then you find out you didnt die. or like jumping into a lake only to morbidly smash your brains on solid ice. argh. maybe i really shud stop reading so much fanfiction... hmms.

besides that, im panicking! school is starting in like... a few days? im not ready for this! i really cant believe sec2 is coming so soon. its like... i dno! ahhh~ im positively freaking out here... theres so many things im worried abt, mainly is my body clock. i dont think i'll actually wake up on the first day of school. for i know, i wont even sleep. and im not kidding, its possible! eeee! -.- i seriously need to calm down.

sleep issues aside, i still have a ton of homework. mainly the cw essay and maths. im not sure what to write for the cw essay honestly. right now, im thinking of pickin the start a story with 'everything suddenly went quiet.' topic but i dont know. i dont really have any idea what to write and its compulsory issit? please say it isnt! and maths. just reading the first few pages of the lesson notes gave me a headache. im not really sure if science or maths was worst. for science, i was reading lik 5pages from the chem txtbk coz the w/s kinda said so and after that 5 (give or take a few) pages, i just fell aslp instantly. for 3 hours at that! how am i going to survive the lessons... either way, at least i managed to struggle through my chem homework. right now, i havent even finished reading the maths lesson notes, how could i even come close to completing the worksheets?

garhs. im almost done complaining now, or at least i think i am. hmms. yeah i am. you know yesterday, i went to play badminton and all and after that, sal came over to my hse. guess what? i actually played maple. and amazingly, alot of other ppl came on too. well technically slightly less than half the guild counts as alot. xD. we, well most of us, were hunting frogs from maladys and it was so fun! there was this once i ran ard hitting random flying things on broomsticks and ended up with 5 after me. it was so funny! i ran ard with this cluster of colours flying around behind me. i laughed so hard i almost fell off my seat. thank gosh i didnt die. >< color="#ff0000">5times or more before i could actually play maple properly. gahs. stupid maple and its dcs. its depressing. im actually quite amazed that after a whole round of instant dcing, i managed to get through the rest of the time without dcing. hmms. its lik for the first 20mins i keep getting kicked out of maple and for like abt 2 hours later i didnt dc again. -.-

i cant belive kat is lvl 70! omgosh can you believe it? i wonder if she lvled again? this is just scary and bek is already lvl 80 sth. im just glad i gave up competing with bek a longgggg time ago coz i can never win against her, looking at how she can train. its freaky.

blah. i was talking to nat just now. yeah complaining abt the ff and harry potter and all. but i was also asking her abt how prof snape does all that sneering and glaring and scowling. its fascinating. im having problems frowning even. snape must have very strong facial muscles to sneer and scowl so much. and how exactly do you narrow your eyes at someone? im realising what a limited vocab of facial expressions i have. man snape has such control of his expressions! blank face... how do you do that? issit sth lik when your stoning? then again, i will never know if i somehow manage to accomplish it naturally. maybe i shud carry mirrors ard more often. then i can check if my sis has sufficiently pissed me off enough for me to actually glare/frown/scowl without me knowing. it just sounds very fun you know? and i do not have a twisted sense of humour. its perfectly normal to find playing ard with facial expressions interesting. how do you keep a emotionalless-blank face thing when you're actually not spacing out. hmms. i cant even keep a straight face when tryin not to laugh.

ok i noe ive been rattling on abt the most boring topic ever but live with me. i really find it damn cool. lets see... uhhh. i lost track of what i was abt to type when my sis burst out in a horrible rendition of that black parade song. gah. she sounds like a howling banshee being torn apart by wolves. i need ear plugs. wonder where you get them from... ohh yeah and sal dumped me with the whole stack of hp books from 1 to 5. yay! stuff to read to keep my mind of fanfic and homework! this time, when i reread it all, im going to see if theres any clues abt R.A.B. or sth. dno. ive decided its more fun to read on your own and find out little clues instead of searching the net and reading the clues ppl have found.

i think my sis is completely bonkers and im not refering to her howling. she spent 50 bucks on neoprints! thats outrageous! its such a complete waste of money. no one spents half of 100dollars at one go on neoprints alone. and the worst is, her neoprints wont even nice. UGH. you know, my sis has been telling me that most of her frens say i look extremely ugly and strange, i dont seem to care. on another thought, i think kids are getting smaller and smaller! its so freaky to walk into a primary school and see little small things scurrying abt. and since im so short myself, thats saying alot. the worst thing is, my sis appears to like hanging out, if i cud put it that way, with ppl half her size. its like comparing hagrid to flitwick! she looks lik a full grown killer whale next to her friends.

blah. lol! im making funny faces at the com. (x this post seems extremely long-winded. ugh. and again, im broke! hahas. i just realised i havent complained abt that so there, ive mentioned it. -.- yeah im lame i know, no need to tell me. xD. eeee! ok im back to freaking out again. a few more days and school's gonna start. sigh. this is so not helping my nervous system. and since i dont really have much to do, do you think i shud sleep early today? it seems like a good idea compared to sleeping at 4am or sth. dno. shall go bathe now.


Sunday, December 24, 2006

ugh. a headache just before CHRISTMAS.

this is so bleedy unfair and its all thx to ONE maths ws. stupid histograms... wow. only a few more minutes to midnight. thx for planting a few wild elephants to stampede ard my head. arghh. since im too pissed off to do maths now, lets count down to midnight! -.- argh this is lame and now my neck is aching too. bloody brilliant. ok lets count! 300 bloody histograms... 299 bloody histograms... 298 bloody histograms... 297 bloody histograms...

ok im not typing that out. anw im just being lame and we all know it so lets just ignore that part completely. i wonder if i can find a particularly nice ff to read to get rid of my headache. im actually mad at gb too coz you know the lucky draw thing? i actually missed! arghs.

toodles. and im not elevating teen angst to shakespearen proportions. its just me and a crappy mood.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

ok ive officially decided to revive my blog. dont know why. gahs... i still have alot of stuff to fix... my links have officially rotted. xD. ahh and how exactly do you get to yk's blog? that prompt window just pops up and after that i somehow get redirected somewhr... nvm. I HAVE HOMEWORK AND IM NOT AFRAID TO NOT DO IT. -.- ok im hopeless. my homework will most probably be all last minute again or sth but its not alot considering ive given up on the portfolio thing. its so ex... lets see. i still have so much time before i usually start to feel sleepy. for the record, i've actually read most of to kill a mocking bird. all thx to sal yday. made us take some bus that made a biggggg loop to goodness knows where before it goes into bedok interchange. BLAH. i spent like an hour+ just on the bus coz sal said the mrt wud be verryyyyyy crowded. hmph. and here am i, with my sis next to me. argh. the bane of my existence. is that how existence is spelt? or is it existense? hmms. i think its the c. nvm.

im not exactly looking forward to school reopening... AHHHH. school... seems like such a long time ago. i really dont know how im going to cope with sec 2. and i still want to try out writing a fanfic. hmms. dno. DEATHLY HALLOWS! harry potter and the deathly hallows! ahhhh. *freaks out for the moment. tick tock tick tock *tightens all the lose screws.

ok good im done freaking. sigh. but honestly, i cant wait for the 7th book to come out. and the 5th movie too. and the 6th movie is coming out when? 2008? argh. so longgg. i was abt to type sth... now i cant rmbr....

ohh right. all american rejects are nice... i was actually considering putting a christmas skin instead of this. but i think this is nice. erhs... next year is 2007... wow. umm guess i have nth to say for now. seeya~!
okaye since im so bored at the moment [despite the fact i havent touched my hw] i shall post a VERYYYY long post, mainly to rattle on abt harry potter stuff for now. I CANT BELIEVE IT. the new title for the 7th book is HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS. hallows?!!! deathly?!!! what the shite! thats like... argh. GREAT. my effing dad has to go piss me off again. i dont get him. i dont wanna go to bleedy sentosa coz theres no bleedy point in going and he's insisting that we go. at first he's like saying "ok we're going tmr" and then suddenly he's like "get down we're going to sentosa now" ok what kind of crap is that. eff it. its pointless k? my mum doesnt wanna go, my sis doesnt wanna go. he might as well just go himself. ARGH. man my mum and sis are argueing downstairs with my dad i think. god knows. i just hear alot of shouting and this bloody ruins my mood. its been a long time since ive gotten into a "hate the world" mood so might as well do it one more time before i have no time to do so when sch reopens. *colourful curses*

there done. now erhs... before i decided to go off spitting nails, what was i saying when i still had some resemblance to sanity? ohh yeah. harry potter. i really wonder what the title means... hallow... godric hallow? i think harry will maybe go back there and like i dno... find sth very impt? cant wait for the book to be out. HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS! *freaks. yikes. i hope the death thing doesnt mean harry dies. and im a h/hr shipper and i CANT stand the fact that hermione is with ron! garhs. deathly hallows... deathly hallows... SIGH. i think theres going be sth to do with halloween, but that wud be too early in the year... deathly... hallows... [1 : to make holy or set apart for holy use 2 : to respect greatly] gah what on earth does that mean... hallow is a verb... so the only possible noun HAS to be godric's hallow. WAAAA. argh im freaking over two words.

ok enuf with the freaking abt the book. you know, both joey and ying had strange dreams... joey dreamt the 3 gep classes died[-.- great, more death] and ying dreamt that she was reading the 7th book and then popped up in this biggg hall to find voldy reading the 7th book too. then the rest of the 3 gep classes amazingly popped up too and they beat voldy or sth. argh. -.- people and dreams. ohh and i've been shopping! i bot a bag for next year and pencil case and wallet and now, i need to buy school shoes! eeee!

ok now to rant abt gb! AHHHH. im broke on gb. i MUST start saving up for SOMETHING. i plan to get that great devil's head and that sth sth inca body. arghh. broke... and im kinda like too lazy to play and actually try and earn money so yeah. my gb acc is not gettin anywhr.

hmms i feel lik reading ff... eeks. must refrain. (: okaye shall go find sth to do. toodles.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

tra la la. im actually posting o.O wow. harhars. im actually waiting for sal to finish reading the starting of my compo and so i shall wait. dum dee dum dee dum. -.- well since im posting might as well make use of this to ramble. hmms. well im DEFINITELY falling behind on homework, thats for sure. i havent done anything and the science looks too hard to try. i don't know what to write for the NSW compo so im gonna leave that for later. you noe, i REALLY need to go shopping. i need a new wallet and bag for next year. i got a nice pencil case already so tts settled. and as usual, shall rattle on abt being broke etc etc. I HATE CHEM. lol. violent outburst xD. thank the bleedy chem textbook next to me. no way am i doing my science hw! WAAAA. lol. im being VERY random here k? eeks. im going on holiday this sat and i havent even started packing. im DEAD. o.O heck. i need to lose weight man. IM HEAVY. waaaaa~ lol. ohh and im thinking of writing this poem for the compo i asked sal to read, but ive nvr really do well with poems that actually have a point. i wanna write sth deep, but i think thats beyond me. im not a very deep person. aiya i think im addicted to hp. stupid ffs. now everything i write is similar to hp. argh ok shall end here. toodles(x

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

hello... rah rah rah. im bored. didnt really maple today, seeing no one wanted me on -.- anw, THERES SO MUCH HOLIDAY HOMEWORK~! this is so unfair... eeee... i shudnt post now. im feeling rather... depressed. shant post much -.- i tink i wont even bother to try to write anything. ciao.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

mwahahaha~ i havent updated for so long... my blog has been collecting dust... like me... gah its the holidays and we still have holiday hw... havent started... YIKES. hahas. just watched that wendy wu homecoming warrior show, so NICE. i tink shen is HOT. wahahaha. he is... lol... from monk to hunk. hahahas. i still LOVE that movie... lol. but he really looked weird at first... wif the medalion and all. hahas. i tink brenda song looks wrong fighting in that dress... looks so PLASTIC. hahas. and the fake im-the-big-baddy voice is just wrong... hahas. the funny hand movements were weird and i collasped onto the floor laughing when she was doing the "ummmmm" thing all over the place. i tink cartwheeling up a lamp post is cool. xD shin koyamada is cuteeee.... waaaaa~ *drools (ha. you wish.)

tra la la. i feel very dusty... lik i havent been doing much lately... other than eating choc, playing maple, eating some more and maybe a bit of tv and the phone... notice i left out sleeping? yeahs ive been on maple till early in the morning... xD this is so not gd. its lik chocolate (and me too! xD) ... you cant resist it even though you noe its bad. hahas. yada yada yes joey im a bad influence, i know... -.-

hahas. okayes the reason behind death(of yours truly's blog): MAPLE. hahas. yeah heavy mapling going on. alot of catching up to do... but i train lik a snail(quote from bek) xD anw i keep dying for fun so wad do you expect? hahas. anw the guild is in an even worst state than me. theres only so few members... its miserable... bek~ you gotta help recruit. i cant get anyone. >< lol and the forum is pissing me off. no one wans to offer for all tt trash i need to clear... darn...

hahas. eee why are there so many quizes to do... nvm shant bother to flood my blog wif stuff ppl are already stuffing they're own blogs wif. ohh. i haf a low IQ xD. 113. thats the result i got frm the super IQ test thing. quite expected xD tee hee hee. and the irs exhibition was an utter waste of time... i tot it was compulsory... it isnt, rite? ><

anw, got new handphone and nano. xD hahahaha. im not showing off k? the phone looks so... ADULT. my dad doesnt get tt the phone's for a 13 year old and picked such a... mature colour. BLAHS. and the nano... no complaints. xD ive decided tt the blue is ok and yeah quite pretty in a sense. the only prob now is tt my phone, wallet and nano cant fit into the sch skirt pocket all at once. darn... lol.

gahs joey. ease up on the nudges. my com is SUFFERING. bleahhhh. you're the one who told me to update and here i am, updating and there you are, nudging. bleahhhh. eeee. im back to being broke and i have so many prezzies to get ppl. shall end here. im eager to see what my tagboard looks lik after not looking at it for so long. xD

Monday, October 23, 2006

hello...! my name is an anagram of lie in okay... -.- hahas its lame... whee... im bored... yeah i've apparently finished my montauge but its pathetic... wonder if sal has finished hers... hahas. ohh and yeah, i've started on the starting of my story... the one i was discussing wif u joey. or more lik pestering you xD hahas shall i post it up here since i have nth else to write abt? i havent been very active lately... jus sitting at home growing mould and collecting dust. lol... ok this is the starting of some fantasy story im gonna try to write which is tink will fail miserably... hahas...
Ten more minutes... It was going to be midnight soon and Daphne Lucifer laid in bed, awaiting the arrival of her 12th birthday. She watched the second hand of her bedside clock dreamily as it counted down the seconds left till twelve. The dull ticking of the clock echoed softly through the room as it bored its way into her head. Having grown tired of gazing at the numbers, she shifted her position to stare at her bedroom ceiling and eventually, closed her eyes. Slowly, she sank into a deep slumber.

She saw a face looking at her; it seemed old and tired, yet gentle and kind. The soft grey eyes sparkled against the snow-white face. She felt herself being enveloped in warmth and comfort, as though the man before her had stretched out his arms and pulled her into an embrace. She continued to gaze at the face, feeling a strange sense of familiarity, as though she knew the man the face belonged to, as though she had seen it many times before. There was a long moment where nothing was said. Then, she heard a soft whispering; it didn’t seem like words, but more like thoughts which floated along with the songs of silence that danced around her.

As she reached her hand out to touch the face, a sharp scream reverberated against the invisible walls which confined her and the man. The scream tore through the calm, shattering the peace and happiness. The face had contorted into an expression of immense pain, the beautiful eyes now tightly shut as if afraid to open and see what would now stand before them. The warmth and comfort had long fled and in its place lingered an unbearable air of loneliness and anguish.

She stumbled back as whatever had initially blocked and distorted the rest of the man's body quickly disappeared to reveal a being she had never imagined. It had collapsed onto the ground, its body curled up in soundless agony. Wild black hair now covered the face as the man-if it could still be considered one-hung his head low in defeat to the pain which had overwhelmed him. His arms wrapped around his bare chest, as if to keep himself from falling apart. His fingers dug deep into the skin of his back, drawing up crimson-red blood which stood out in sharp contrast to the pale skin.

What left Daphne Lucifer thunderstruck were the leathery protrusions on either side of the man’s now bloody back. They could be considered wings, but were torn and had gashes all over. They hung loosely against the man's helpless body and seemed to tremble ever so slightly. Like the hair, the wings too were inky black.

The man continued to lay there, his arms still around himself and knuckles gone white from having clutched his own flesh so tightly. Then, he looked up at her and she screamed at the sight of his pupil-less eyes, but no sound came from her lips.

She awoke abruptly, sitting up in bed and clutching the bed sheets tightly in her clenched fists. She was panting heavily, temporarily unsure of her surroundings before she remembered that she was still in her bed, far from the dreadful place whose image continued to haunt her mind-if it even existed at all.

She could still remember every sound and every sight; she could remember losing herself in the comforting gaze he offered her and in an instant later, falling down the horrible depths of those cold, white eyes. The whispers before the scream had been planted deeply into her memory and as the image of the man flashed through her mind, she could still hear those words playing continuously in her head.

"Happy birthday, my daughter..."

hahas. there. lol now i jus haf to figure out how to continue it... nvm... shall leave tt for later... cant wait to get the fifth book from sal and start reading... ive suddenly fallen in love wif hary potter books... lol im slow yes i noe. ive been on saturn all this while you see(:

Sunday, October 22, 2006

sigh. im in a dreamy-lazy-drifting state now... im not exactly thinking what im pinky finger wants to type.. it feels weird not pressing anything... havent updated for so long... been doing alot of reading.. yeah... i agree wif you sal, harry potter is fabulous. hahas. bring the fifth book on mon k? i cant believe im reading so slowly... and ur fav book is the first one issit? i like.. the fourth one? hahas... maybe.. they're all so nice... lol... well... i dont have much to say... just that chinese speech training sux... and sal you owe me a letter. stop spamming and write me one... and yeah... im rambling... blahhhh. can i end this now? think i shall... cant wait for sch to b over but i cant believe i have to start on the project work for nxt year... and maths hw issit? cant rmbr.... sigh.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

sigh... i feel... strangely relieved. lik some great weight has been lifted off my shoulders... like everything is more relaxed now... hahas. i guess you get the idea. well yeah, i dont really have much to say, just updating this for updating's sake. hahas. well, no sch tmr and on tues, shud start preparing for math. well, i'll try. anw, at paya lebar today wif my mum and sis, i was listening to this really nice song on my shuffle, and jus now i cudnt rmbr wad song it was. hahas. anw, i found it in the end. its one of those many a1 songs. ohh a1 rules~ hahas. they're really not bad you noe? hahas. though sometimes they sound a bit weird but on the whole its okaye. anw, yeah this is the song. hahas. its IF ONLY by a1. hahas. the lyrics are nice i guess. like a rose is nice too. hahas. whee. oohh yeah. ying its so unfair! you get money to revise. hmph. waaaa. $.$ well, lets see what else i can jabber on abt... ohh yeah. ice milo is nice. hahas. random-ness? and chels, why did you call me and ask me whter i rmbr how to make a banana shake? hahas. anw, it wasnt nice. banana shakes arent really good. make a oreo one. i tink u dump in oreo bits, vanilla ice cream and some other random things. xD hahas. the funfair was so long ago, wad makes you think i can still rmbr how to make. anw, the funfair was rather rediculous. i rmbr being very barbaric to the banana. i sorta jus grabbed it and wrenched it into half. hahas. then like dump into the blender and then throw in all the other random things. hahas. it was really gross. everything jus sort of just of turned into mash. hahahaha. okayes. ohh and yeah the person who ordered it kinda looked at me with this very freaked out look. hahas. it was really funny. and i didnt get to actually spend my coupons. just donated them to the stall and also spent most of it buying left over ice cream. oooo. i rmbr swearing nvr to eat strawberry ice cream again. hahas. fond memories... hahas. so corny xD was the oreo shake that nice? i rmbr making it alot but i nvr really got to taste it. but there were times where i made too much and dumped the extra into a cup and drank it for myself. hee hee. xD wheee. funfair was kinda fun on the whole i guess... wheee. hmmms... shud i end this post here? im kinda not used to the chuncky-ness of this. "i see an angel and sees me too." hahas. a line from an a1 song... jus happened to be playing a song and i was wondering what else to say. ((:

GREAT. why issit that my mum has to come ruin my mood everyday? esp while im updating... sigh. she just came in again... and was like, "show me what your doing on the com! *pause awhile* blogging! what are you doing on a blog huh?! dont need to study issit? you better study i tell you. if you dont get over 75 you watch out!" she like just whacked me on the head and went off...i think she is crazy. 75? not even sal managed to get 75 for lang arts-no offence, i jus meant to say ur really pro at LA. the only way i cud get 75 is if i multiply my marks by 2. sigh. i just realised, if she had told me that before the lang arts paper, i wud haf done badly on pupose. so now is maths left. fine i shant study then. its not like she actually cares. sigh. all she can be bothered abt is my sis. she doesnt even help me with my homework. she doesnt help me revise. she just expects good grades to pop out of no where. she just goes "study!" and then expects me to know everything. and whats her prob? today on my way to my grandma's hse i was lik reading comics while walking and she was lik "stop reading or -sth sth sth-" cant rmbr actually. and den after awhile i started reading again and she said i was starting to get defiant (?!!) ha. ha. reading while walking? it doesnt even come close to being a significant thing. i do that everyday. hahas. wad kinda of prob does she haf? she doesnt even noe one quater of the things i do. sigh. shall end now b4 i get start blabbering on abt other stuff my mum yelled at me for and some random scolding my dad gave me which didnt really register. i was stoning. ha.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

hello. hahas. im... bored? hahas. i should be studyin. my maths is on wed! i havent started practising! i havent finished the maths paper even... sigh. this is sad. really sad. even ying has started doing revision ws... waaaa. hahas. i have nth to say... ive been slacking all day... shall end this soon... before i turn into a loon...

hahas. okaye that rhymes! fine. bye bye

Friday, October 06, 2006

happy mid autumn festival! hahas. the lanterns are so pretty. i saw one house right, they hung the traditional paper lanterns thingy on the trees and then lit them up. looked so pretty... sigh... im in a state of happy-depressiveness. sigh is that even possible? i dunno what to say. science was a big flop today. im really sure i failed. didnt noe how to do so much... the virus stuff and the vernier calipus too.. EEKS. hahas... sigh. im kinda bored... and sad. and yet happy. ive suddenly decided that i want to write more poems... as in meaningful poems and not just those moody ones... i think im gonna try for the lang arts camp that one... i shud start thinking up ideas. hahas. wheeeee. maths paper on wed... no sch on mon and tues... woohoo! i better start studyin... and practising... hahas. i havent even finished my prac papers.... SIGH. im such a shi bai person.... and here i am rather clueless at wad else to type abt.... jabber jabber. joey my cat is NOT a rabbit! rawr. its a CAT. okay? it meows and doesnt like carrots! hahas. hee hee. my smses have long exceeded the limit already. current count is 1274... and i stil have like... 16 days more to go? SIGH. its unfair.... i shud cut down on my smses. i shud jus turn off my phone in sch... im pretty sure that once the exams are over my smses will go sky high.

ying! u fell aslp on the phone! hahas. sigh... lanterns are pretty. ohh and i managed to get away wifout eating a single piece of mooncake. hahaha. all the calories... >< im not gonna risk it. im putting on enough weight already. and im broke! i need MONEY! money money money~ hahas. have to save up i guess.... hahas okayes im done rambling


Thursday, October 05, 2006

ying, this is for you. and other random ppl, mind your own business.

ying im really sorry. i didnt know it affected you so much. its... just that i never knew. you werent one to express urself much, and i only really got to know you this year. im really sorry if all ive said or done has hurt you in some way, but im really really sorry. i know i've not been a good fren but i have not forgotten wad you've done for me. im really sorry but i dunno wad else i can do but apologise. i know im pathetic, i know what i've done is wrong and i hope you'll forgive me.

im truly sorry
please, you're making me worry
i know that i've been mean
so now im coming clean

there were some things i didnt share
simply cause i didnt dare
i was afraid of what you would say
and hid them from you each passing day

i was afraid of what you would do
i just had no clue
i didnt want you hurt
and for what i've done go ahead and treat me like dirt

at times i thought you knew
at times you acted like a different you
all i can do now is apologise
wad else can i do otherwise

im not trying to find an excuse
for i know its no use
'im sorry' is all i can say
for i cant think of another way

please forgive me.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

hello. whee. my blog will b officially 3months old on 5th oct! whee. 2 more days(: hahas. ok yeah im lame. blah. tmr is.... lang arts paper 2.... only one paper so quite short. whee! i need to study history and science.. shall kiip this a short post... or considerably short one? hahas. well... today was chinese... paper 1 and 2. yeah the letter thingy which i completely messed up and the pathetic compo... it wasnt even a complete two pages and i saw ppl writing like 3/ pages! waaaa! hahas. my compos have always been lousy xD ohh and yeah the letter thing... i dont noe wads chuan ti zuo ye! hahahaha. okkies lets see... i shud b going to do revision in like 10mins? give or take 5. hahas. lalala. hmms wad else? ohh yeah. im tryin to dl the hxh musical thing... but its not doing very well you see. hahahas. its lik... moving VERY slowly... i tink i'll jus rely on joey to dl, den go her hse watch. hahahahs ; wheee. my sms has gone sky high! must learn to refrain! >< archie comics are amusing... was reading one jus now during dinner. you noe josie and the pussycats? i dont see wads so great abt melody... shes a BIMBOOOOOO. hahas. like ying! ((: wheee. ying is a bimbo. ying is a bimbo. ying is a bimbo. *sing song voice xD hahahas. cant wait for exams to be over! me sal and ying haf this shopping thing in plan but i need MONEY. money money money. waaaa. hahaha. im always in need of money... at least im not in debt now but during the hols no allowance! how? so many bday presents to get... i must save! i shall not eat mac/kfc more den once a week. i shall not spend more than 2 bucks on days tt we have lunch in sch. i must not splurge on drinks/chocolate/ice cream/erhs... and other random things. i think i wont be able to finish this post to go study. sigh... im procrastinating AGAIN. im stoning so much i think if all the time i've spent stoning was added together, i cud haf built a pyramid of cookies... wheee. hahas. i wan cookies... cant wait for eoys to be over. two days down and 4 more to do! wheeee! hahas. im most worried abt history, science and maths. coz those are the subjects i can actually study for and i nvr can convince myself to study... theres jus no mood and so much distraction... sigh... tra la la. this is boring... shall end here and save my random crap for my 33rd post. its such a nice number larhs... hahas. toodles.

Monday, October 02, 2006

whee. i took 9mins to bathe... lol. hahas. okayes to continue on my short lil post. ouch... my middle finger hurts... esp when i type with it. feels so weird... hahas. okayes yeah... after the papers today we went to gatecrash joey's hse! wheeee. hahas. at first i was finishing my long overdue letter to sal. den i finished it and was gonna go write joey's letter... apparently it wasnt exactly possible in uhh... the state of un-peacefulness we were in. poor gina... hahas joey ur sis is really really nice larhs. if my sis brot over frens now and made such a big ruckus, i wud chase them out with pots and pans! ohh and maybe the ironing board too... but thats a lil too big. heehee.

anw, so we made a lot of noise yadda yadda. i think now tt the safest place in joey's room is the floor. hahas. everyone was piling onto the bed and there was like this... tangle(?) of limbs... hahas. and yeah obviously alot of screechin from sal and ying. hahaha. in the end me ying and sal went to take a nappy. the rest were like watching anime. stupid ying. go and fight with me for space on the bed. originally i was the only one on the bed... so happy to have it all to myself. den ying comes along and im butted to one corner... wa. ying snores! and you meany. left so much empty space on ur side and left me stuck to the wall... and sal, i sleep lik a dead log. it no wonder that you cudnt wake me up. wheeeee. hahas. haha. the angel of my phone o.O hahas. cal you'll nvr noe who tt is. mwahahaha. -.- jabber jabber jabber. ok lets see... ohh yeah. they were browsing the random contents of my inbox in my phone... is it that interesting? hahas. im so honoured tt u ppl love my phone so much! hahas.

ohh yeah b4 i posted the previous post, i was doing some getting-chased-out-of-your-room-studying. but i barely revised anything... sigh. stoning most of the while. you noe in like 100mins -or so cal says and i trust tt he can well.. read time- i only studied ONE chapter in the history textbook... only ONE. sigh.

chinese tmr. eeks! 4 hours of two compos and two compres. so... strenuous. hahas. is tt how you spell it? no right? okayes i really hope i do ok for tmr... sigh. im dead meat! i havent started studying for science... and you noe theres like.. SO MUCH TO STUDY. and i dont even haf the pp slides.. eeks. but nvm larhs. i can rmbr most of it... science is lik... less hard. hahas.cant wait for exams to be over... im gonna go crazy once its ends. WHEE. hahas shall end this post now since got nth else to say.
wheee. i have 4 mins to finish this post coz i gotta bathe. hahas. so lame. anw, yeah. 3mins left. wadeva. wads chentian's obsession wif tryin to crash ppl's com? or issit jus mine? hmph. lol... cool this webbie tt refreshes so many times a min... wheee. hahas. yeah geog and lang arts paper 1 today. tee hee hee... lang arts was pretty bad... unseen prose dunno wad to write and yeah very short ans... the compo not sure if will do ok. hope i pass! *fingers crossed

geog was jus completely lame! waaaa. i spelt levee at leeve... hahas. ohh and yeah, i forgot wad mt pinatubo was call... knew it was p-sth-tubo. ended up writing mt platubo. hahaha! okayes 1 min left. shall post and den post again once im done bathing. hahahaha. im so lame... WHEEE. ohh and yeah chinese is tmr... 4 hours. FOUR HOURS. i will DIE. sigh. i hope it'd be easy. okkies time to bathe. toodles!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

hahas. spent the whole of today - well it really wasnt a day... i woke up at 1 u see... so its more like 6 hours... - doing quizes on random things... hahas. wheee~ im a CARNATION ((: and im milk chocolate! tee hee hee... ohh and yeah alot of other random things i shall not share... hahas. anw i did one on what's my true sign and strangely, i am what i am! hahas. [an[er-ians rock ((: hahas. jk jk.. anw, decided to post the results here... hahas. wheeee. i wanna eat... chocolate!

Your True Sign Is Cancer
Unable to Let Go
The Most Loving Ever
Intuitive and Imaginative

Friday, September 29, 2006

garhs... my blog is so n00b! waaa~ its only like... july august semptember... *counts on fingers... 3 months old! waaaa~ hahas... geog test on monday... shud start studying or sth... hmms? maybe i'll read the textbook tonight! then the file tmr... den the prac paper tmr night... HAHA. as if. i bet by tmr, i wont even haf finished reading my textbook >< is this skin that bad? the gingerbread man look abit wrong... maybe i'll go find a better pic [x

tee hee hee. so ying finally admitted she was the impersonator on my tagboard.... hahas. went to play badminton again... my right arm hurts... ying does urs still hurt? hahas. beky went todae! so happppyyyyy (: am i les? xD. have to do work. have to do work. have to do work. maybe i shud record it on a tape recorder and try to grind it into my thick head... sigh. home econs was a bit weird today... did some cooking and i ended up with this thing i didnt really dare to eat. ohh bek im so hurt! you didnt dare to try! waaaa~ hahas. anws yeah. in the end threw it away... lik tt moneycake-y thingy we made last week. >< hahas. shall go bathe once im done posting...

i still cant believe the exams are here... its like... so fast. and i still rmbr the first day of sch at tao nan... it was scary... i got lost in the sch lol! ((x hee hee. sigh... i wanna go back to pri sch all over again! waaaa~ its really sad... i miss ending sch so early... i miss living relatively close to sch... -- you don't know how far away ny is frm my hse! its... crazy!-- hahas. all american rejects rawk! ((: hahas random blabbering. ohh yeah... and after doing a project on sudoku, i played my first game against joey on msn last night! she owned me lik crap larhs but it was only my first game and shes a pro. xD hahas. i dunno wad to do now... do i have anything else to say?

ohh yeah! waaa~ i cant believe i still cant get my history file from miss ong... went to find her after sch and she wasnt there.... gagas. hahas. i got cookies today! and ate cookies and cream ice cream at pp ><>< hahas. lets see... shud i sleep early tonight? my mom's frens are like coming over tmr so i haf to atually pack my room AGAIN. but im not gonna bother (: hee hee. anw it always messes itself up a day or two later.

i wonder if i shud sign up for chinese tuition... i definitely need the help... but do i haf the commitment? doubt it... >< ohhs and yeah... i dont wanna break my record of nvr having tuition... sigh i'll see how my marks turn out at the end of the year... *fingers crossed. hope its not too bad... hee hee. ohh and yeahs. ying owes me 10 bucks (: but i owe ppl money too... darn. hahas. lalala... lets see wad to talk abt next?

freak it. my mood jus changed for the worst. my mom and sis just had to come in now. NOW. of all times... wads her prob? wads her obsession wif whackin me huh? wads her prob wif me having a blog huh? sigh.... im in no mood to continue... anw its doestn really matter anw. NOTHING matters.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

okkies. jus a quuiiicccckkkkk post. wheee! changed my skin! isnt it pretty? hahas. but theres still pink in it but ohh wells. too lazy to change the colour of my tagbaord... shall jus leave it lik tt. hmmms. i remebered abt 20 days ago i was complaining i had to start revision... and up till now i havent done any... 20 DAYS. omgosh. hahas. i tink im DOOMED. wheeee hahas. sigh... instant noodles can kill! xD
hello((: wheee im updating during IT again... tralala. i havent done any work for home learning days. i just got more slp! ((x hee hee anw... i dunno wad to say... went for badminton yday in the end. ying owes me cookies! i wanna change my skin... cant find a nice cookie one. COOKIE. xD whee dunno wad to do. sigh im bored with nth to say. ohh yeah. i found a nice strawberry skinn but its PINK. lol... i stil have nth to say.. shall ramble on abt hxh. THERES A MUSICAL! its to 2gb and joey is dling it very slowly heez. its a bittorent file so really slow and seriously i hope it'd be done by end of exams... AHHH. exams... i havent really studied... okayes back to the topic of hxh. ((: hisoka's voice actor acts as hisoka in the musical and its damn funny. i love his acting. and can u believe this? they get this woman who looks lik shes 30 and is really fat to voice act GON! gon is lik 13 yrs old and 13 and 30.... omgosh...*faint. hahas. ohh and the killua in the musical has floppy hair... and kurapica looks darn weird. i tink leorio looks ok. anw, i tink hisoka is like damn cool larhs. he's bungy gum thing. >< omgosh... its like he attaches invisible strings to ppl and controls them like puppets on a string. ((: theres all that dancing and well... is jus freakin cool. he makkes them do dancing and theres this part where he makes the zoady family do this weird dance and illumi comes along and does this dance out of his own will. and hisoka is like shocked and goes "i'm not attached to you, am i illumi? ten finger strings for ten ppl. illumi? illumi? whats with the suddenly cool dancing?" hahas. then illumi finishes his dance and looks at hisoka and says "what are you doing to my family?" and den hisoka looks and away and in this childish playful manner goes "sorry.' and points a finger on his cheek. wheee~ i love hxh! -.- hahas. ohh and the singing is like damn nice too. cept there are times when i dunno who that character is. heehee. okayes nth to say. shall stop now. gonna go find a cookie skin ((:

Thursday, September 21, 2006

wheee. stupid joey. made me go do the quiz yday... now ive got nth to do... hahas. bleahhh i got 20 out of 30 for it lol... and joey got 23. gah i feel so shi bai... to tink we actually won the IT quiz thingy last year. hahahas. anw, the com lab is boring... wad can i do? their doing the quiz so cant possibly open phototshop and play right? hahas. lalala. joey you cow! lol... ur lalala thing ish... irritating after awhile. wheee im being random... my sms bills have offically shot higher den mt everest... hope my mum doesnt kill me gahs. i borrowed sal's sim card last night... but in the end i didnt really use it coz everyone was on msn... lol. you noe joey, itunes has this folder got limewire dls or sth lik tt... tee hee hee. yippie... my shuffle has been resurrected from its grave after half a year of rottttinnnggggg. hahas. im bored. bored bored bored. lets see.... lol i dunno wad else to blabber on abt...

oh yeah... bowling later i think.... im going bowling so often and yet im deproving... sigh... i lost ot ying! waaaaa. hahas. i dunno wad to do... this is so unamusing... AHHH ruio got 26!! *faints. shes so pro... hahas. anw, yeah so im being bored. wad else can i do...? lol i havent updated for a long time haf i? my com has been laggier den usual... ohh and yeah... ying is lame. she kips insisting abt weird things abt her archie comics. sigh.

i havent done my practise papers for geog history and science... eeks. ive only done like half of history... the sbq section... and science only multiple choice and bio section. the physics and chem is hard.. really... i need to start studying... i tink i'll try and force myself to do some revision for geog tonight or sth... lol... it thurs already and i rmbr on sunday night i was dreading for monday to come. >< eeks? hahas. im being even lamer now coz i really have nth better to say/type/jabber. wheeee. now i haf 2 new little pillows added to the stuff on my bed... lets see... a small stuffed duck from nat quite a long time ago... a yellow stuff doggy thats almost as old as my real dogs... a white and brown doggy frm, bek for my bday((x a cute lil bouncy piggy which is really nice to bounce against the wall... hmms is that all? maybe i shud take out all my other stuff toys too... but the rest are so small... cept tt big UN-NAMED teddy bear decomposing in my closet. lol one day it'll turn into the monster in my closet. oo i really hope not. this is kinda long... as in long post. xD

my maple acc is dead... im tinking of deleting maple off my com to free some space but i might go back on one day so better not... im still upset over the no mid autumn festival celebration at tns thing... i'd rather have tt den the carnival thingy in nov. sigh... nvm dens. wheee i splet early yday... or at least earlier than usual... i spelt at ard 12 there. give or take 10 minutes+. lalala. the guild blog is dead too you noe? sigh...

garh! are microwaved stuff that bad? all that stuff abt cancer and wadeva... it causes loss in memory... maybe i shud stop eating microwave food... hahas... decrease in intelligence... not tt i have any to speak of in the first place. sigh. my history grades have gone SPLAT. aka bad, down, dropped, in pieces. hahas. NATTTT. my hisoka skinnnnn! hahas. ok shall i end this here b4 it turns into a one thousand word essay? hahas. okk thats all folks xD lol i still like that line... i can hear my stomach making noises! hahas. bye bye ((:

Monday, September 18, 2006

whee. horoscopes are screwed... im supposed to be maternal *coughs coughs and collapses. hahas. ok anw, yeah i jus decided to subscribe to my daily horoscope thing. hahas. aiya so much hw... i've only done maths and raft... eeks. so shi bai. >.< hahas. i'll find a way to do it... its 12.20 hahas. i hope it rains tmr so can go eat ice cream. dont ask me wad does ice cream have to do wif rain. it jus does. lol... ying made choc chips! wheee i'll eat them tmr... wad? do i sound lik some food hungry person? lol i had a sudden stoning session... its now 12.34. lol bout 10mins of stoning wifout realising it. hahas. i wanna go bowling... ooo another stoning thing... its now 12.47... man this entry is boring and getting no where... shud i jus end it here? fine i tink i mite as well do that since ive got nth else to say.... lol?

ok, thats all folks.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

bowling is soooo funnnn! [x hahas. but really... lol... i tink i need to start saving... maybe skip lunch once in awhile. at the rate im spending, garhs... ying wanna go bowling again which means i'll be spending more money again. and yeah... i stil owe her money): nvm. im not gonna pay her back until she returns me my pe shirt... bleahhh! hahas. wa i cant stand being so short. my sis is almost my height liaos. grrr. exactly how do u grow taller? other than jumpin and skippin (?) hahas. sigh....

eeks so much hw for the wkend. i hate cme hw... the stupid NE stuff... garh i cudnt draw tt orchid thingy for tt page and it turned out looking VERY wrong... lol. i cant draw for peanuts. ((: hahas. i didnt hand in my art corrections yday... forgot to bring the orignal one so nvr mind. anw, i still pass by lik 1 mark so yeah who cares lol XD its just art... my only worry is that i did VERY bad for the funny painting thing and it pulls the overall art mark down. then, ill fail... not that it really matters larh coz i dont really care abt art. hahas.

i wanna go shopingggg but i need moneyyyy $.$ hahas. i wann to buy lik bigger shirts coz everything looks so tight now... i seriously think ive grown alot fatter. x.x hahas. sigh. i havent started on revison yet and exams are like... really really SOON. im so dead meat that im rotting, -.- lol im being lame. ok i tink i'll go TRY to do my hw. that sounds really cliche doesnt it? i always seem to say that.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

ok fine. so im updating. happy dom? lol i just cleared my arh... file? hahas. gah so many w/s to file... and so many maths w/s! eeeks... so many... tanny is just sadistic... bleah! lol i've got nth to type... unless i start talking abt hisoka ((: heehee... hisoka is cuteeeee....! wheee! hahahahaha. ok off the topic of hawt hisoka. ((x hmms. im broke! ok im pretty sure everyone shud noe that by now... i dont noe what else to rant on abt... lets see... hmms. ok nth. na-da. lols...

anyone noe when is the mid-autumn festival thing at tns?

hahas. ok gonna go find some research for that fps thing... darn fps... lol ((:

Saturday, September 09, 2006

whee! hahas. woke up rather abruptly today... i just finished my breakfast! hahas. yay.... when roller blading yday. fun larhs but only for awhile coz it started raining. sigh. hahas. i'd wanted to go to the sea but aiya... so sad. well after that we did some work... yeah and oooo, the sewing was bad. i hate home ed! arghh. i kept poking myself. sigh. i cant sew ): lols. hahas. all i managed to do was to sew this lope sided star... argh the sequins are irritating... they kip getting in the way. arghh. hahas.

yeah basically yday wasnt very interesting... apparently i fell aslp at 2+ on the fone. hahas. lol im in a rather boring mood. nth left to say as usual... rawr. i think my impersonator on the tag board is ink... she's already wanted by chels so i'll leave chels to kill her. hopefully its a painful death ((x

sigh shall kip this post short. im gonna go digging for chocolatety treasures in my fridge. i rmbr hiding a crunch bar sumwhr... garhs. hahas.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

today was fun... despite the fact that i had to wake up earlier than norm. anw, i actaully woke up at 7, but went back to slp and woke again at 8 XD hahas. yeah so i got there a few minutes past 9, it was only a FEW minutes. yeah so basketball the typical stuff. though it was quite hard to play in slippers ((x when i left the hse that morning i didnt have the sense to consider proper shoes. but either way, slippers were more convienient for the rest of the day.

yeah so we went to mac after basketball and calvin was so lame... passing food ard and i seriously tink he jus cudnt finish it. rawr. hahas. and mainly all the food passed ard went to dom and david. hahas. yeah and after that was bowling... which i sux at XD hahas. i cud nvr get the ball to go straight. spent most of the time along the gutter. hahas. sigh. i tink i shant talk abt the dare i had to do. too bad to those who weren't there. to be honest, i didnt really mind ((x serious. hahas.

so after that we popped over the bek's hse and kinda made alot of noise. heehee sorry auntie stella >< anw we played maple... i also shant talk about the uh... ps guessing. hahas. calvin is lame... he took my handphone and went to look at the msges. i thought only girls do that... hahas. and dom some more go help him... ):

i just realised that i havent been using many shorforms in this post. wow maybe im just getting into the habit of using proper english...? nah. hahas. no way. okkies gotta go. i decided tt i'll kip my posts short nowadays so tt i can update more often. im so behind in hw. ESPECIALLY REVISION. technically, i HAVENT started. eeks.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

ok just some pics first. nat you better use them...? hahas. blogger seemed to have died on me... everytime i try to upload any more pics it goes "page cannot be displayed" or "the blog you are looking for cannot be found". argh so irritating... hahas okkies. HISOKA RAWKS

harloxx. ((x im currently wondering what i should do... fanfiction died on me again. "sorry we are experiencing heavier than expected traffic. please come back later" BLEAH. crap fanfic. garhhh. *curse curse. ok anw, shud i do some doodling...? havent doodled for lik long time. or shud i TRY to write a fanfic...? hmmms. erhhs... eee... hahas. i'll think about that... maybe the dec holidays yeah. while im on holiday... yesh yesh XD hahs. theres like abt 3 more months to go sigh. boohoo...? cheeses. nvm. should i start on work...? if i dont i'll nvr finish my work in time. but... i feel like mapling too. argh. i seriously feel like writing a hxh fanfic... inspiration! i need inspiration! egads. hehe. and i dont even noe the characters well enuf... sigh... my hisoka shrine hasnt gotten far... ooo i jus realised i was supposed to call nat n yk today XD nvm. its not a life and death thing. heehee.

my cat is like sooo cute. hahas. random. sigh i dunno wad to do... dum dee dum dee dum. lalala. sigh. i'll try to do my science i guess...

Sunday, September 03, 2006

AHHHH. homework! watever *rolls eyes. haha. i'll nvr finish my holiday hw in time, much less study... eeks. im so dead. im choking on doritos... eeeee. *cough cough. hahas. im so lame.... lalala. im going to make shrine for hisoka. lots and lots and lots of pics of him and stick them onto this biggggg piece of paper and paste it to my wall XD yesh! i loveee hisoka mwahahaha. do i sound like a lunatic? if yes, skip the next 2 paragraphs. if no continue reading. hahas.

hisoka is hawt ((x i love hisoka. i love his first outfit. the one wif a bandana thingy tied to his waist and the blue hair. then again, his red hair is nice too.... i dont like the last few outfits. all the weird white white ones... i tink he is spastic larhs... you know there was once at the celestial tower or sth lik tt, he was having this fight with this guy who could materialize a double of himself. hisoka's right arm got ripped off and he actually bit into it and ate a piece of flesh.

then, he suddenly decided to perform this weird magic trick. he threw alot of cards on to the floor (cards as in the normal cards with the king queen etc thing) and said pick one. then, he gave a string of instructions like minus this plus that blah blah, and finally he was lik "and you'll get..." and he pulled a card out of his ripped off arm and presented an ace card o.O hahas. how morbid... and also right, the guy decided to rip off hisoka's left arm and went he charged at hisoka, apparently by some magic trick hisoka's right arm became attached again and he attacked the person who charged at him which turned out to be the guy's double. then the crowd was like omg and hisoka stood there and laughed happily and said something like "thats another one of my tricks" gosh hisoka is cute! ((x ok story telling over. XD

lalala. i dunno wad to say. to those who skipped the 2 paras, you missed a nice story of hisoka and his morbid-ness. hahas. anw, i tink im gonna die larhs. how to finish my work... still going ice skating and theres still b ball argh o.O

ok. i shall do history now... RITE. *rolls eyes again... fine maybe i'll TRY to do history. ((x hahas

Saturday, September 02, 2006

wheeeee! i havent posted for 10 days liaos. hahas. sal i know i need to change the skin XD i'm waiting for nat to gimme tad hisoka one... man i didnt know sum versions of the manga portrayed hisoka as a gay person or child abuser (?!!) hahaha. nvm i still love him! <33 hisoka is cute larhs. he's just a little... twisted. haha.

yay! skool hols are here! but so much hw. liu lao shi went to give us this THICK stack of w/s... argh... so much work. i tried to make a planner for the hols but as usual, i havent even come close to doing any of the work i was supposed to do... hahas. yeah im gonna do last minute studying. ((x

have you guys gone to see the progress report? was it good? i failed 3 items :( how come ms khoo and mrs tan nvr gif comments too... hahas nvm. now my mom is piling chinese story books on me and forcing me to read them :(

yay! i fixed my avatar's look on imvu! its this really pretty pirate look. she looks chao cool larhs and it cost me less than the radioactive one. hahas. i nid to get some pets and a sword to match. maybe a scene too once i have the money. darn it larhs. imvu isnt recording an recent chats anymore. wads wrong with it? i need some credits from my invites and dey pian pian got prob now :(

lalalala. i wan my hisoka skin nat! XD

Monday, August 21, 2006

its been 10 days since i last posted. wow. long time, and im only posting now coz nat was lik "kai you shud update ur blog" or sth lik tt. bleah havent done any hw again. sumhow time tends to fly when ur stoning. shud i even bother to do it now?

eeks. i jus saw a cockroach... it was lik... crawling over the stuff.. eww.

stupid ying. suppose to call me back in the end nvr. grrrs. RAWR. haha. i jus posted sth on the maple guild blog to nag at ppl hu havent been tagging. hahas. i shall go sort out my sch bag now... apparently its empty... o.O wheee

(__) peace!

Friday, August 11, 2006

i just realised. the previous post was my 13th one, not 6th. it just looked that way coz it was only showing like 5 posts on a page >.< hahas. so blurrr.

RISE concert was ok i guess. i found the conductor's change in coats amusing. the tails were bouncing ard! hahaha! and i feel a little pukish thx to the long taxi ride. wooooo. I JUS BLEW 50 BUCKS TODAY. stupid concert. 12 bucks ticket, 5 bucks dinner, 3 bucks ice cream, 14 bucks taxi ride, and the 20 more is... hmms. i'll most probably spend it some whr later on. sigh

chewing gum makes me sick. esp when u chew for 5 hours non stop. ewwww. hahaha. makes me think of hisoka n his pansy gum nen thingy. ohhhh hisoka is cute. wow. im infatuated wif a joker -- thats wad he looks lik in the anime but i think hes cute. illumi is nice too. his facial features are very... delicate. they look really nice n i think his long black hair is cool. i seem to lik all the characters ppl normally dislike coz dey are the bad guys. ohh wells. im weird. hehe.

i dunno wad i shud do now... maplin doesnt sound that appealing even thou i MUST beat bek's lvl sumhow or the other. by hook or by CROOK. ((: hook basically means non stop chiong-ing. i guess crook is getting ppl to help...

sigh... lalalala. i shall go post on the guild blog now. bye byes

Thursday, August 10, 2006

eeks. this is only my 6th post. im so pathetic. i wonder how i survive in a hse with my maid and sis disscussing timon and pumbaa from lion king... hahas.

well, im still wishing i had photoshop... maybe i will bug sumone to lend em the cd! ((:

I NEED TO TRAIN. hahas. i have to catch up with bek's lvl on maple she is SO far ahead. i dun tink i'll catch up. sigh. either way, i still haf to TRY. ((: currently im side-tracking from my hw. shud be working on my second draft for my lang arts compo. hehe.

shall get back to my work... bah byesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss zzzz

Saturday, August 05, 2006

wow. i havent posted for awhile. i wanna change my skin! HISOKA from hunterxhunter is haht...! woohoo! hahas. darn i cant get the photoshop i copied from the sch com to work... su gi said it wud but it doesnt! arghhh gagaga. and summore its so laggy everytime i try to open. sigh. bleah im bored. hahas. havent done chinese 10 activites... shall do it later. hahs

Thursday, July 27, 2006

hahahas. wheeee.
im bored. i shud be doing my map for maths.... sigh. later. eeks tmr match against rg... nervous. hahas. bek n me were discussing sum random n suddenly she just went bye n disappeared! thats so MEAN! waaaa. hahas
lets see... sabbats haf been boring so far. i didnt realised that time passed so fast. its thurs liaos. n my grp hasnt started on science sia! argh. stuuuupid science sia. so busy how to do? and tt ying arh, always dunno doing wad. aiyo. why am i talking so weird? i sound... funny
hahas. im broke! as usual... n still havent gotten that bag. gosh. mayb i shud start coming up wif a chirstmas wish list. hahas. i wish.
chinese portfolio thingy due soon... dun noe how im gonna find 10 chinese related activites to do... die... sigh...
AHHH. exams nxt week! im so doomed o.O buh byes. cya in heaven... or hell...

Sunday, July 23, 2006

yo ppl! i just realised im blogging less and lesser these days... hahas. i wanna buy tt bag! the one at mini toons at TM. i checked the mini toons at pp but dey dun haf it dere. darnnn. ohh ny glitters was so cool. hahas. but everything was so weird... basically alot of dances and songs. i didnt get the performance by the theatre club. dey lik suddenly stopped halfway and den dragged ppl from the audience up to stage.

i think queenie looked weird at the concert. pink and flowery black. hmms. miss teo looked nice. den again, she always dresses weirdly nice. hahas. chelsea looked scary skinny in her black outfit. its freaky! shes so skinnyyyy. sal was in this chao mature dress thingy... hmms. wif funny shoes and a handbag. o.O handbag... hahas. her hair looked freaky too. it was lik covering one eye all the time. scary man! bleahhhs. ying, as usual, wore a mini skirt. tts normal ying so i tink u all pretty much can imagine it. joey was in all black, quite normal too. niclette had this really nice necklace! oooohs the blue was such a nice shade... hahas.

eeks. gotta do hm >.< yeah rite... mayb one day i'll do my hw b4 playing. hahas. i tink i'll maple awhile... the spawn the at the z lupins sux...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

IM BROKE. penniless. poor... :( i just realised that if i hadnt spent 30 bucks buying my own food and fun fair coupons, i cud haf bot tt nice bag i saw at the wallet shop! DAMN IT. argh...

if only the guild was mor co operative. i wanna make a nice desktop wallpaper wif ss-es of every member but tts gonna b hard... dey play at weird times man! ahhh

so sian. im broke and pissed. YING OWES ME 50 DOLLARS!! grrrr.

Monday, July 17, 2006


hahas. im just so HAPPY. jus spent a day taking neoprints and eating swensens at bugis! lalala. neoprints were so fun! we took twice and blew like 6 bucks each hahas. we were like fightin to do the deco and ying is SUCH a over-deco-person. hahas. really!

lols. oooo! i saw this REALLY NICE bag at the wallet shop *hint hint* its $33... but nvm. i'll get it sumday, sumhow! ahhh! hahas. it was damn NICE. so cool. i wanna buy a pencil case too. its like black wif this pink drawing of a gal and deres words. sth along the lines of "girls are like tea bags, you nvr noe how strong dey are until dey are in hot water blah blah blah." haha. i'll get tt wen ive saved enuf. rite now im BROKE. yes! its official! i spent $20 in ONE day. arghhhh. i nid to learn to save!

the ice cream was nice. we ordered lik five scoups but it looked so bare. hmms. we had cookies n cream, orange sherbet, mango, mac nuts and chocolate sth. tts 5 rite? hahas. im gonna get DAMN fat.

sch was BORING. chinese was so lame. science was worst... oooh. we haf our prac test tmr. eeeee. chels kips remindin me bout it... well, i'll just read throu tmr morning. eeks. match against pei cai tmr!

hahas. im talkin on the phone and eating cheese balls! cheeseeeeee! haha. ooo. my keyboard is turning a faint orange. hahas. buh buaizzzzz...

Saturday, July 15, 2006

ahhh-choo! i think im coming down with a flu... hahas. anw, im aching all over! arhhh! ((:

homework homework homework. SO MUCH HOMEWORK. trs are unfair! they are evil!! opps. i havent done my zuo wen... supposed to hand up today. after softball. nvms. joey and sal didnt hand up too. ((:

havent been blogging for a few days. too tired. i dont understand why i do my homework! i rush it out and forget to hand it in the next day. in the end, its still overdue. wads the point? :/

gosh. im in debt! i owe so many ppl money! ahhh! hahas. maple rawks! ((: i spent lik so many hours maplin. but was wasted on lagging.... LAG. this guy came and bugged me during lik, my serious training time whr i dun chat. stupid ass. jus coz i got sum chaos robe thingy he bugged me until i ended giving it to him. and sum weapon and lvl 35 earing too. not lik it means much to me but it was just annoying.

wen i was gonna log off, i met this guy... he was lik lvl 28 sin-wannabe. lik me. and we were lik comparing stats. i wonder wad happened to a few of my missing AP. it seems he had mor den me... how come? did i pump any in hp/mp? cudnt b... i wasnt tt noob to do tt... ohh wells. turns out his sin used to b a storage, lik mine. den he got a bored of his lvl 51 cleric n decided to play his sin. hahas. tad was exactly e same for me. wad a coincidence. really. my cleric is lvl 51 too, if u didnt noe.

i think depression caught up on me. so far, ive been too busy to get depressed but not tt its the wkends, im starting to sink. mayb its better to b busy non stop. but tad wud b crazy. ohh wells. i lurv the dog bek gaf. its sitting nxt to the doggie i bot myself for christmas a few yrs back, together wif the ducky from nat. hahs. ducky.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

sigh. nat didnt turn up. quoting yk "tad's typical nat". sigh. oh wells. got LOTS of hw to do. dun feel lik startin. nyway, i spent my whole of yday after softball reading a nice book! it was so sweet... the girl fell rite into da guy's arms. as if such things actually happen... but tads not the point. it was so romantic =.= hahas.

school was boring today! mrs sandy tan is just so... weird, in a bad way. she did this weird dancing thing that looked so gay and she kept doing it. and she poured water onto the classroom floor just to explain sth about osmosis or sth lik tt. cant she just describe it?! its quite duh tad all of us has seen water spread out over the floor b4... her science lessons are so weird...

chinese speech training was actually fun! it was kinda funny. we were doing weird voice projection practices or sth. boucing on our butts shouting "hey!". hahas. funny. then, she made us come up with sum weird performance thingy for da rao4 kou3 ling4. hahas. is tt the rite han yu ping yin? hu cares. my chinese sux and it noe tt. anw, it was really funny and the actions were so... rediculous. lik spinning ard and wagging ur fingers in and out. but, it was nice!

hahas. lets see... o rite! i finally found my alchemist book! turns out it was wif bea. hehe. must haf left it at her table tt day. the presentation is tmr for the lang arts. im not sure if its a gud or bad thing tad im gonna miss it for softball.

ahhh! im broke. ive spent my entire allowance for this wk alrdy! while waiting for nat, hu in the end disappeared sum whr, i bot lik a curry puff, tad sour sweet thingy and a witch comic! ahhh! i'm so broke now! theres still thurs and fri... how? guess i gotta borrow money again. sigh. sad. i feel so weird wifout money. doesnt tt sound lik inky? hahas.

hope we do well for fps! i really wanna go australia! havent been dere since i was a cute and pudgy lil kid shorter den a dustbin. i really wonder wad wud happen to the lessons and exams we're gonna miss out on. eeks! ((:

gtg. i gotta start hw. been slacking for an hour+ ((:

Monday, July 10, 2006

yo all! its monday! ive got sch and im still awake. hehe. nvm. no biggy. i cant wait! neoprints! cant wait for sch to be over and go j8. ((: hehes. my SHIFT key on the right kips dying. the CTRL doesnt work too. sigh. i guess i shudnt bully my com so much. now its gettin its revenge :(

im so dead! i handed up my chinese portfolio on fri but it was alredi 1 wk late! minus lik... 40marks? ard dere. and maths MAD on sat... tt was bad. i cud see ppl sleeping.

argh. and my new spectacles... left them in library. hope no one takes them. *crosses fingers. i haf to check first thing tmr morning. if i dont find them im so dead . my mom will kill me...

sigh. yk wun tell me his blog add. unfair! grrrr. hehe nvm. im selling my brown bandana on maple for 7m+! i'm so happy! ive nvr had tt much money b4! wheeeee...! lalalala.

bop bop bop, bop to the top! ((:

Sunday, July 09, 2006

wow. i just read on the maple forum. some guy dl a keylogger and lost 150m. its scary. hope i dun ever get into such a thing. 150m... thats lik 50 times wad i haf now. sigh. again i shud be doing hw. jus dun haf the right mood.

my sis is freakin annoying. cant she leave me alone? she nids a life... im so tired this days... not enuf slp? mayb. i tink im eating too much. really! im lik gourging on everything. icecream, chips, oreo os.... sigh. gonna grow fatter! bleah.

hahas. gtg. hw awaits =.= mayb i can maple awhile b4 starting.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

sigh. im feeling damn sian! i cant stand this. i shud b doing hw but im too busy slacking! haha. lalalala. i feel like staying up to maple! i wanna lvl. >.<
yo! eeks. hope joey doesnt come so fast. sigh. mad presentation today... after training. i hope siming can go! i dun wanna present on my own! eeks.

sigh. i wasted another 20k cash on maple. gacha has sth against me. that mean thingy. my cleric still stuck in jumping quest... aiya so sad. dunno if shud bring her out. but so close to completin the quest! Im ONE WEEK behind in training. she cud haf lvled by now. sigh.

hope can get more money sumhow. nid to buy mor cash for gacha. ((:

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

harlos! hahas. finally decided to start a proper blog. gaf up on the last one. ohh wells. plan to add sum stuff here and there when the wkend comes. now gotta do chinese sia! ahhh.

buh buaiz