Friday, October 06, 2006

happy mid autumn festival! hahas. the lanterns are so pretty. i saw one house right, they hung the traditional paper lanterns thingy on the trees and then lit them up. looked so pretty... sigh... im in a state of happy-depressiveness. sigh is that even possible? i dunno what to say. science was a big flop today. im really sure i failed. didnt noe how to do so much... the virus stuff and the vernier calipus too.. EEKS. hahas... sigh. im kinda bored... and sad. and yet happy. ive suddenly decided that i want to write more poems... as in meaningful poems and not just those moody ones... i think im gonna try for the lang arts camp that one... i shud start thinking up ideas. hahas. wheeeee. maths paper on wed... no sch on mon and tues... woohoo! i better start studyin... and practising... hahas. i havent even finished my prac papers.... SIGH. im such a shi bai person.... and here i am rather clueless at wad else to type abt.... jabber jabber. joey my cat is NOT a rabbit! rawr. its a CAT. okay? it meows and doesnt like carrots! hahas. hee hee. my smses have long exceeded the limit already. current count is 1274... and i stil have like... 16 days more to go? SIGH. its unfair.... i shud cut down on my smses. i shud jus turn off my phone in sch... im pretty sure that once the exams are over my smses will go sky high.

ying! u fell aslp on the phone! hahas. sigh... lanterns are pretty. ohh and i managed to get away wifout eating a single piece of mooncake. hahaha. all the calories... >< im not gonna risk it. im putting on enough weight already. and im broke! i need MONEY! money money money~ hahas. have to save up i guess.... hahas okayes im done rambling