Monday, March 30, 2009


chinese test in about 8 hours...

wish me luck


Saturday, March 28, 2009

sesame street?

i think joey will whack me when she realises i still don't get all that economic hoohaa even though she spent... a long time trying to explain it (it somehow involved eggs and sushi but we were just eating the latter. eggs were the analogy o.O)

anyway the end (bang!) sort of amuses me but where does all the money end up?! i'm guessing they didn't mean it literally that it ends up as shit crap. or they could mean it's wasted, cause... yeah human waste. but i think i'm just psychoanalysing this too much :/

( but blame lang arts! i slept at 6am this morning D: )

( and i realised this is the first time i'm wondering why sesame street is named after sesame. like... why sesame? )

( and i'm surprised that random people actually read my posts : O *waves hello* )

Let people talk behind your back; it just reminds you you’re a step ahead.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

have mercy please

i think i majorly screwed up my language arts essay today. i just completely spaced out and i couldn't think and didn't think. there were so many things i could have added, so many different ways i could have phrased a sentence or two to make the whole thing so much better. a few words here and a little subtle direction there and i'd have enough points. but right now, i think i only have 1 out of the 3 i need. and even my counterpoint was badly written and there was a really good quote that i told myself to use before the exam and then during the paper itself i completely forgot about it!
sigh. mighty depressing. but i guess i can't fix it now so hopefully, the marker will be nice and not be too harsh on my essay. and somehow, reading seems to make it better, since i dont think about it so much. and then there's the quote jen showed me two days ago - fiction gives us a second chance that life denies. How apt.

but still, one down and only everything else left to go. not to forget all the homework i still have not finished, as usual. so many things to do... i think they should just let us have meditation periods during school :/ everything's so hurried and stressful we have no time or space left to think.

i need to wrestle my life into shape. i guess i can officially say i've quit pet society but that doesn't make any difference cause now i'm just using that time to read random storybooks. sigh. i hope i do better for my chinese paper on monday, but since it's chinese... i doubt it.

Imagine how many stories are hidden under just one smile.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


i stand corrected. fangirling snape still brings me the most entertainment :D

look up : snape

1. snape [ah who cares about this]

The guy who kills dumbledore
"Snape kills Dumbledore."


2. Snape [getting better]
A professor at Hogwarts in the Harry Potter books and movies. Notable because of his dubious allegiance to both the good and evil forces in the story. And also because, contrary to what the author's intentions probably were, some fans find him sexually attractive. The actor Alan Rickman being cast as Snape in the movies may have had a bearing on this. [he definitely has the sexiest voice ever ;D]

person 1: Snape is so evil.
person 2: No way. There's clues that show he's good.
person 3: Well I bet Snape's good... in bed.
[hello person 3. i think we have the potential for a lifelong friendship :D]

3. snape [couldn't have said it better myself ;D]

The very sexy head of Slytherin House at Hogwarts. From Harry Potter

Harry Potter has nothing on Snape.
[wise words indeed]

ciao :D

yay twilight bashing!

wahaha, our bio bread is an epic failure apparently, though i have yet to see the finished product lump of unfluffy flour. oh wells, it looked rather sinister when it was sitting alone on a plate with shadows cast around it.
and i was supposed to change this skin a long long long long long [xthenumberofdayssincelastyear] time ago. but garhhhh. holidays never go according to plans. so much work i have yet to do! ahhhhh!!!!
and since i am doing such a wonderful job of avoiding homework, i shall wander around :D and of course, what should provide me more entertainment than twilight bashing ;D (beware of spoilers and naughty words)

look up : sparkly vampire

1. Edward Cullen

Edward Cullen is the hot vampire in Twilight, that fangirls all around the world lust for, and even want him to 'kill' them (meaning to make them vampire)
Kathy - OMG!!! I love edward cullen! he's so sparkly and hot! I want him to suck my blood!!

2. sparkle penis

Edward Cullen's penis in the novel series Twilight. Since he is a vampire who sparkles, it's only logical that his penis sparkles as well.
It is assumed that because Robert Pattison is playing Cullen in the Twilight movie, he will has a sparkle penis as well.
"My, what a sparkly... sparkle penis!"

3. Twilight saga

A freakishly addicting book (stolen from a fan fic site) written by a strange middle aged woman who (has sexual fantacies about this) created this character named ~*~Edward~*~ who *sparkle, sparkle* in the sun light, instead of burting into flame like normal vampires. Then theres his (stupid and patheticly clumbsy) girlfriend, Bella (who's a whore) who falls in love with her BFF Jake then rejects him cause he's (A million times not possesive and dosn't hate himself)not like Edward. And he's a werewolf so Edward hates him. Then she gets knocked up (About 40 billion times (cause she's a necrophiliac whore)by Edward and they make a baby (that wants to kill her). After having Renesmee (a name that was created using a mormon thing where the names of both grandparents are combined) Bella dies and becomes a vampy. Then come to find out Jachob falls madly in love with Renesmee (which makes him a baby fucking pedophile) and Bella gets pissed.
To makes a long, 4 book, story short, the ~*~Cullens~*~ *sparkle, sparkle* have this big war that naver happens against the (old wrinkly leader people) Vertolli (sp?)and they all end up loving (the evil little Mormon critter) and everyone lives happily ever after (forever and ever and ever).

and... there's more but go read it yourself while i go swat a stupid beetle with a 30cm plastic ruler.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

the name of the wind

wheeee. i have chanced upon a really nice read. it's the name of the wind by patrick rothfuss and it's AWESOMEEEE. all fantasy readers should read it.

anyway, i'm glad the robotics competition's over, except now the holidays are coming to an end too and i have not done my homework D: surprising? i think not.

anyway, we didn't actually win anything from the competition (except a gold medal for teamwork but that doesn't count) but since it was our first time and we were using a set with missing parts, i'd say it wasnt too bad. the first mission was extremely frustrating, because we could have gotten the full 25 points, if not for some minor glitches. after the competition we borrowed the playing field for a rerun (without changing anything), and the robot ran fine. pity that.

the second mission... was a goner. there was really no way we were going to even complete half of it. basically the scenario was: a volcano erupted. people ran away screaming. some important governing organisation wants to check if there are any people still in need of rescue and so they want to send robots to check because the terrain is not safe for humans. that was mission 1, which was to programme your robot to navigate the playing field, passing through the check point, then returning to home base. after that, they found that there were no people stranded. they did one last check and sent a plane. the pilot lost control of the plane and ejected himself before the plane went crashing to the earth. so... now we had to rescue that stupid pilot, which made things a lot harder cause we had to drag him back.

in the end, only one team managed to save the pilot, that team being the one from hwachong -.- but screw the stupid lego man with no hat. he deserved all the crushing, rolling over and general torture he received from malfunctioning robots (and our team)

anyway, time for pictures because i'm too lazy to type and i wanna get back to my book.

see that thing in the middle? it's a light bulb, try turning him on ;)

"do i look chio?" - the funny facilitator in the striped polo tee

the poor pilot who had to climb his way out of the (makeshift) volcano after (evil) NY girls threw him in :D

and our robot from hell, which we named murphy (and completely wonked out on us during the second mission, but i guess we were asking for it by naming him that)

all in all, not a bad holiday i guess. back to my book now. (and i've decided to name my ipod kvothe after the main character in the book :D)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

i'm in love with movies

i had a post for yesterday but jen interrupted me mid post by calling and then i fell asleep. so... can't remember what i wanted to say.

anyway... movies, yes. slumdog millionaire is really nice and there's awesome bollywood dancing at the end ;D whoever has not watched it should. and then... the curious case of benjamin button is also good, except it's sad and made me cry. but i shall not give spoilers so even though i really wanna rant about it, i won't. basically, it's a really sad love story and i have now officially joined the ranks of the hopelessly romantic.

and i've also finally watched twilight and even though i'm not a big fan, the movie actually wasn't too bad :/ ( except bella is waaaaaay too pale to be normal. and she needs to enunciate D: i could barely understand what she was saying. )

and watching three movies without subtitles made me realise i might be hearing impaired. i had a hard time catching some of the lines in both twilight and benjamin button. but omgosh it rocks to have a phone that can play movies :D now i shall jump start my ipod classic so that i can play mp4 movies on it, heehee. oh speaking of my ipod, what should i name it? so far there's silas the awesomest laptop, zaniel the sexy handphone and caleb the thumbdrive who is lost somewhere in that giant mold on my table. right now i'm considering liron but it sounds weird :/

and i got my ipod wrappppped! the skin looks... kinda weird actually and i'm having a few regrets... but whattheheck. it would have cost me 50bucks but since i got that voucher thingy i paid 10, thank god. 50 bucks is... the price my sis paid for her handphone, which happens to be exactly the same as mine -.- (and i paid 248 for mine because i got mine last year and gah starhub is a major piss off. but nvm, i love you zaniel :D)

anyway the skin isn't too bad right? i kinda like how it has so many colours :D

The only truly painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said and never explained.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

it's buildin' up for you baby

greetings fellow mortals! i have officially hit post 250!
and i also have a lot of homework to do, but since i have written too many chinese words, i will.... do some fun picture posting again. so... class breakfast on friday, where we also celebrated marshy's birthday ( and we were supposed to celebrate jen's too, but she couldn't make it because of the RG investiture D: )

and so we sang the traditional happy birthday song, with nicole playing the piano because... she could. and there were other classes celebrating birthdays too, but ours was better ;D because the cake was homemade :D

yeps, that's the pretty tiramisu cake ying made.
(and looking at it now is making me extremely hungry)

the birthday girl!
(and i'm tempted to call marshy a woman, but there's still a few more years to go before i can)

and since jen missed out on the class celebration, me ying jo and zinc celebrated for her during the sleepover :D oh but there was a rather amusing NG cause on the first try when ying came charging in with the cake, one of the lamps were still on. so she reversed back out and we did it again lol. oh and in the pic, jen's too busy playing geo challenge to bother about the cake :(

but it wasn't long before she was successfully seduced by the sexy mocha cake :D

and since jen traditionally has someone cut the cake with her (for safety reasons), i have hence gotten a rare shot of ying in her glasses :D

and that more or less sums up friday and saturday... and sunday was spent wasting time yeah ;) and happy birthday, you two 16yearold women.