Thursday, July 31, 2008


disclaimer: ok so if you're not interested in reading a whole load of random stuff, i advise you dont bother to read this :D

anw, that aside, i went for library cip today and it was so boring i ended up pondering the mysteries of life and the universe. hehs.

ok so wtv, i've come to realise there have been like, important turning points in my life.

firstly, was moving to central grove. like before i moved, i studied at park view, which was a co ed school. so if i hadnt moved and transferred out, i'd probably be well... different. probably a lot more boyish. and more sporty :X i recall my best friend was this guy who lived next door at that time. zzz.

so yeah... so when we moved house i went to canossa convent primary school. ( oh dear i cant spell the school name even :X shame on me. ) and it was like a catholic (uh i think?) girls school so we had to say prayers and sing hyms every once in awhile. yeps so even though i don't rmbr much, i'd say it was a good cultural thing, what with most of my family and relatives being buddists (i think thats misspelt too).

then along came like this major turning point, like the kind in the movies where the heroine's gonna die and suddenly this really hot hero (like severus snape) comes along and saves the day. yay sev! hahas. ok told you this is random. so yes, major turning point = getting into gep. i mean if i hadn't, i'd still be in canossa and i probably wouldn't be in nanyang and i'd probably never learnt how to skin. and i'd pobably also not know all the people i know now. like my friends will be so damn different. and i'd probably have never started wearing glasses though. that would definitely be a good thing.

so yeahs, then next would have been joining i-club in tao nan. at first, before i found out i like got into gep (which i still can't believe actually happened), i was accepted in canossa's badminton cca. and in tao nan, at first i signed up for badminton there, but then i still remember one day when mrs prakash came down to the class to get kat cause she signed up for i-club. then she was like "-sth about stuff we would learn in iclub- and anyone else interest?" so it was like a spur of the moment thing for me and i was *shrug* why not. so thus, began my life as a geek :D (more or less, but hey i enjoy being melodramatic)

and just for the record, if you dont count kindergarden, i spent 1 year in my first school, 2 in my second, 3 in my third, and now i am in my 3rd out of four years (that's if i dont fail myself out of nanyang) of my fourth school.

lub dub. and hence ends my really boring life story...

and its quite obvious how bored i was shelving books at the library if i actually managed to think about my whole life in that 3 hours.

i need a more exciting life :(

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

damn ie6

waaaa. this skin isnt compatible in ie6! but what the heck, i'm not gonna change it cause yeahhhhhhhhh. i have no idea how.

and omgosh, my other photobucket account exceeded its bandwidth too! and i only have images from one skin on that account! like hello, host your own images! zzz.

anw, lao shi gave us back our chinese tests today. and gah i failed. again. it's so depressing :(

and i think i'm going to fail maths too, considering that i didn't finish so many questions. and then all the sciences stuff. like wts.

hahas. guys with dark shoulder-length hair turn me on :D

so that was random but yeahh, i was delirious last night and somehow ended up telling dom that but *shrug* its true :D

severus snape has dark hair thats more or less shoulder length :P

oh and cross country was horrible. like stupid larhs, all the upslopes and downslopes and what? and the ground was like so slippery and trip-able. zzz. i'm so not running next year. next year... jo can go run :D and i shall walk the 3.2km and laugh sadistically :D

gahs oh and chinese lecture! i don't want my paper back. like there are supposedly some with single digit marks. it's out of 100 lehs! my gosh. oh and we had a special guest for chinese lecture today :D goes by the surname zhang and the name lang. hahas. a lot of the ppl started screaming and it was so darn amusing. but it was nearing the end of lecture already so the teacher just let us off early. hehs.

Monday, July 28, 2008

oh jolly

hahahas. i just realised my bandwidth for my moon-sonata photobucket account exceeded. zeesh. this is the reason why i dont use image layouts anymore :D

so those with the ugly stuff pasted across your skin, go to, save the images there and host them on your own.

la dee do dee dah.


my gosh. this skin took me like... 8 hours to do. EIGHT EFFING GOOD HOURS! *breaks down* oh but thank heavens it works in both ie and firefox now. sigh. i am so not going to check whether this is safari and opera compatible. no way in hell.

ok let me rant about why this took forever. for one, its COMPLETELY css coded. which means the code for this skin is so freakin long. and then i couldn't get the footer to work so i resorted to using z-index but then somehow the preview and actual blog looked different. like totally cheat my feelings larh! in the preview, the navigations worked fine at the bottom, but then when i saved template and viewed blog, the thing flew up to the damn top. waaaaa! then i couldn't bring it back down so i gave up and left it at the top. but now theres this grey strip there that won't go away and i have no idea where it came from.

damn i'm gonna cry man. then there was the problem of getting that stupid black line to appear below the bars. like for some reason it wanted to be above the bars even though it was a border-top for the words. bleargh. then after that i checked in firefox, and to my utter horror, the alignment was completely off for the stupid reason that the two browsers render paddings differently. AHHH. so in the end i resorted to margins and crossed my fingers that it would work. now the coding is all bad and broken but at least it works.

WAAAAAAAAA! i don't think i'll submit this skin. ever. i'm not sharing this! it took me eight hours! * skips off laughing like an utter maniac*

sigh. i think i'm in one those "you either laugh or cry" situations again. sigh. hopefully i wont be awake when my body decides which it wants to do.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


i have no idea what the title means but it sounds interesting so *shrug* anw, haven't updated for awhile. the block tests have been extremely disappointing. SIGH. the class's average for chinese is failing mark! i'm so DEADDDDD. and then everything else was equally disastrous. i'm taking solace from the fact that i can't remember what i wrote for all my exams.

but away with block tests! i finished making a new skin yesterday and it has a earthly tones that i find extremely calming. but that skin aint for my blog, nor am i gonna submit it. you'll find out what it's for in due time ;D

oh but i am gonna change my skin soon. and it's gonna be... a little naughty :D ok not really, depends on personal opinions i guess. but yeahhhh. new skin coming and it's gonna be something with a dark base. probably dark greyyyy.

i suddenly have the urge to cut my nails... urgh i lack a nail clipper :(


phew. it's gone now. oh speaking of weird creatures, i watched Ni'm Island today. the storyline is a little unrealistic, but ok i guess. basically this girl and her daddy live on this island, but no one know where it is. then theres this author who writes about this hero who goes on great adventures but she herself in afraid of leaving her house and is obsessive about cleanliness. zzz so stuff happen which i shan't tell you in case you wanna watch it :D oh but i find the flying lizards extremely amusing.

blah. CROSS COUNTRY on monday! *faints* it's like 3.2km larhs... what am i gonna do?

so yeahhhhhh. i have to do my 2 du shu bao gaos. how depressing. and i dont get to enjoy my after-exams cause there's still school! i think theres a reason why exams are normally just before holidays. blearugh!

Don't tell me you're sorry,
Cause you're not,
And baby when I know,
You're only sorry you got caught

But you put on quite a show.
Really had me goin'
But now it's time to go,
Curtain's finally closin'.
That was quite a show.
Very entertainin'.
But it's over now.
Go on and take a bow.

Monday, July 21, 2008


kapeesh. the IH paper was relatively ok today, but i think i missed out all those key points/words things. ah wells. i cant remember a single thing of IH now :X but i'm just really glad they tested something i studied. *phew*

the lang arts... was sad. i was totally expecting some really really emo poem, seeing as all the practises we've had were for emo poems. but gosh. the poem was so weirdddd. personally, i don't really like it. it felt rather... lousy. amateurish. etc.

and then physics. ah that one was like o.O AHHH. ok so that makes no sense. basically, physics was baddddddd. and i made some really stupid mistakes but what the heck. f that balloon. *sulks*

anw, three down, and many more to go :(

i seriously can't wait for block tests to end. i wanna skin! like i've been dyinggggg to do a severus skin. bleahs. and i'm feeling vaguely stoned now. like x.x kind of thing. but by the end of the week it'd probably be T.T or ~.~

heh. chinese tomorrow. that one is a gurantee fail. how sad.... nahs.

The rain fell in fat droplets, each one bursting with a tiny insignificant "splat" as it hit the concrete skin of the road. "splat. splat. splat." It was raining, so what? It was cold, and so? The people hurried about, with somewhere to be and something to do. They went about their daily business, feeling important, needed. She watched all these impassively from afar. The rain was coming down harder, the people rushing to get to to where ever they had to be with a renewed sense of urgency. "splat. splat. splat." She watched, and then she left, for she too was in a hurry -- a hurry to get away.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


ok i'm breaking out into hysterics. i just realised we have an IH textbook. omgosh i'm so going to fail IH tomorrow. oh dear oh dear oh dearrrrrr. AHHHH.

and i've no idea why i'm blogging now. probably something to do with the fact that i've gone mad. like i'm either gonna laugh or cry soon and this is so not good.


if i die, bury/cremate me with lots of fanfic!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

stupid bee

gah. some stupid bee is humping my lights. *sulks*

ok that sounds wrong. but what the heck. ITS SATURDAY. and ALMOST sunday. omgosh. revision! i am soooooo dead. sigh. i always end up like this. sucks sucks sucks.

anw, cool car :D freaky, but cool.

Friday, July 18, 2008

skirting sanity

block tests are next week. havent started revision... sigh i'm so gonna die. and... *shrug* feeling very strange right now.

Skin change!

egads. this skin took me an insanely long time to code. the css was KILLING ME. but its DONE!

yay! and it's named tears on the balcony for no reason at all except maybe cause ying just sprouted that name and ye~ahhh. and i suppose i'm making it a habit of naming skins after fanfic.

tra la la. ok gonna go read ff now. toodles.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


sigh. i need to sleep earlier. and i just finished what i hope will get me a pass for my word+arts assignment. seriously, i hope i pass. but i haven't read a proper book in like so long and gahhh. fanfiction aint exactly good for building up your writing skills. and well, my personal recount doesnt recount anything! oh i'm doomed. :(

on another equally depressing note, sheeppigg is broke. our stocks arent doing well and we keep getting send score errors. which really sucks.

but on a happier note, theres no school on friday so i might finally get the chance to make a skin. which i'm thinking of submitting for that css based skin competition. zzz.

sigh. i wanna take part in the bidol competition. to like, make a skin of severus snape. i just looked at the sev one i submitted for the heropetition and i realised i actually like it lols. but yeahs... i wanna skin.

but exams are next week! and i havent started studying. i'm so gonna die die die die. bleargh. and then after exams we have that 3.2km cross-country. if the exams don't kill me, that will.

oh and now that i'm done ranting, today jo dragged me to go and meet two possible suppliers for the cca jacket. and we always ended up at the wrong place. hence causing us to take forever to find the shop. which sucks. got home rather late cause of that and yeahhhh. i wonder what other homework i havent done.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Mad ramblings

live and let live,
but it's a dog-eat-dog thing.
someone's gotta go.

Friday, July 11, 2008


HAHAHAHA. me and ying made a neopets account today. hehs. reliving childhood memories. hahaha! :D

so yeahs. sheeppigg! sheep, pig, with a g. hehs. and the pet we chose looks really weird cause we were aiming for something that looked like a cross btwn a sheep and a pig. but yeahhhhh. and it's called king yai :D k -ing, y -ai. ok we're damn lame but what the heck.

and having a tablet is AMAZINGGG. i played that weird buzzer game that has a thing that looks like a gecko and i made it to like... lvl 6 or 7 or something. for the first time. like omgosh, a tablet makes so much difference. using a mouse i cudnt even pass lvl 1.

oh and yes. apparently the rest of the class is making neopets accounts too! like bea sal chels. hahahas. but i think sal is using her old one. my old neopets account is damn noob. :(

and next week school is going to be damn retarded. today we had half the class missing (well almost) and next week half our teachers wont be around (probably more). it's just so... gahs.

and i hope ms khoo lets us watch the wind that blows the rice the wind that shakes the barley. HAHAHAHA.

tra la la. i wanna change my skin :( but i wanna read fanfic. so i guess skinning will just have to wait.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

going nuts

AHHH. i hate strongly dislike math. AMES is driving me crazy. its so darn HARD. hahahahahahahaha. ok ignore the double innuedo. though it disturbs me that whining about math can end up sounding vaguely erotic. *shrug* the stress has gotten to me.

and i want to skin so badly. but omgosh fanfic. and CHRISTY IS STILL MISSING. why isnt anyone calling in to say they've seen her :( WAAAAAA~! T.T *sniffles* christyyyyy where are you!


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

i need you.

Christy, please come home.

zzz zzz

i wanna be a koALA.
they sleep 19 hours a day!

Monday, July 07, 2008


i'm missing christy :( and i'm posting again cause i'm still awake thanks to ying talking with a funny chinese accent and jo doing whatever jo does.

so yeahs, did this on... uh saturday i think :D

it's like... really weird but yeahs. im not some pro or whatever so yeahs. oh and its done with paint, as in paper and brush kind of paint.

Superhero movie!

hahas :D watched superhero movie today (sunday) and it rocks. like its freakin funny cause its basically a spoof of all the movies with a superhero. and the lead guy, who is a spoof of spiderman, is drake bell *gasp* was so surprised to see him in any role other than drake in like disney's drake and josh. but he looked REALLY WEIRD as DRAGONFLY MAN. like god, its a skin tight suit and he doesn't even have a good bod :X

ok yeahs, great movie, shant spoil it for anyone who wants to watch :D oh and theres no sex or nudity or whatnot so its safe for lil kiddos. but theres like... language so yeahs. :D

with great power, comes great bitches responsibility :D

hahas. love the movie.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

i'm obivously being random again

you know what?


well it's recessive in guinea pigs but not the point. like omgosh. its dominant and yet so few ppl have it. i mean i can count the number of people i know with natural curly hair on my hands!

hahas. yeps random fact and now back to fanfic :D and for the record, i'm reading the MPD one again and it rocks. i expect to make a skin named after it soon :P

Friday, July 04, 2008

three hundred and eighty eight

:D funfair today was fun! and our class earned $388! ok so that ain't a lot but still.... considering the fact that i thought we were gonna die... yeah it's quite good. did a lot of painting today, and painted a masquerade mask on ying. which doesnt look very good but uh yeahs. it's not too bad for a first time thing k!

then yeahs did random hand painting. played around with some freehand stuff. random stuff yeahs. sadly, no pics cause joey refuses to send me. she insists i make a facebook account and get the pics from her fb but blah! i suppose it doesnt really make a diff.

oh and lao shi, mr ang, mrs lai, ms hanim and some tr i don't know came to get hand painting from our stall :D lao shi got this really pretty sun thingy and mr ang got this macho looking tattoo like painting. hahahahaha. can't rmbr which hand painting design mrs lai took, but i just know they were really mean to her and sprayed her with lots of hairspray. ms hanim got a rose design and i did a random free hand thing for that tr i don't know. hehs.

so sad no one would let me paint their face freehand :(

but thank god for joey's stencils man. without them we wudnt have been able to paint anything, i swear. and sal's hairspraying was freaky. oh and i ate half a shepherd's pie, one baked rice and two ice cream floats :D for some reason that doesnt add up to 10 bucks. wonder where my coupons went. zzz.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


hahahaha. went to ying's house after school today to come up with designs for funfair tmr :X i think we're gonna die. but what the heck, painting was fun :D

the ones on me were painted by ying and the ones on ying were painted by me. i'm so pro right :D *grins* and the black and white striped one was a nightmare to remove. da dee do dee dah. i think i'll post a longer post tomorrow, but for now, i'm gonna go look for chocolate.


bandwidth went boom

hahas. my bandwidth exceeded again. *hops around and sticks out tongue at those people with "bandwidth exceeded" images splattered across like blogs*

who ask you don't upload the images to your own photobucket/imageshack/whatever accs. heh heh heh.

then again, i shouldnt be so happy cause i'ts 2 in the morning and i'm still awake. but what the heck. i bet i'm slowly taking years off my life by sleeping so little but hell. that might actually be a good thing, considering how the world seems to have been predestined for doom in the near future. i just hope i get to read a good ff before i die.

or the world ends.

or something.

sigh. i should be doing my lang arts reflections... but it's so... irritating in that i have no idea what to write. and i find it really weird that they make us write reflections and then grade them. for one, reflections are personal, what gives anyone the right to read them. for two, they're my reflections, what gives anyone the right to say how good it is. heh. they want me to reflect on what i've learnt, well this is what i learnt from my lang arts sia.

but sigh, since when have we been given a choice. we're made to do reflections so often and i suppose thats the reason why everything has become so standard in most reflections. i mean, you can't exactly expect a student to bare their hearts on some piece of paper and then hand it on a silver platter to the teacher to either praise or rip to shreds.

i think the whole idea of reflections is a really twisted one.

oh and yes, i've change my blogskin. took me a long time to code. any comments?

and i reallyyyy like this song. if it hasn't started playing, either turn up your volume or wait for it to load. it's worth a listen.