Thursday, January 22, 2009


finally, the long holiday for chinese new year has arrived. thank heavens. what with all the homework and projects... god, i stayed up to 3am this morning just to do my humanities report

and fyi, it's not finished yet -.-

anyway, i've finally installed the software for my phone, aka the forever-loved zaniel, on silas. heehee, sounds like i mated them or something. how cool would it be, if my laptop and handphone were gay together .

so yes, back to the topic at hand. I HAVE PICTURES NOW!

but i guess won't really post much, except some random shots. and of course, i must not forget to showcase our class's awesome hamper wrapping submission. presenting.....


and not to forget the really pro people behind the work of art... jen, pam, ruio and nicole!

THE Cow won 3rd place (but it should soooo have been 1st) and it's the first time the class has won any school stuff so AWESOMEEEE. thank you for bringing honour and glory to the name of fourthirteen!!!!

heehee ok so i'm being extremely lame and weird but... whattheheck. i had less than 3 hours of sleep today so i'm entitled to it. and here's a little tribute to cookie (monster), who's chomping away on dear mr. nano

heehee, he's so cute... but not as cute as severus :D and with that, i'm gonna return to reading fanfic so ciaoooo~

PS. yes i'm obsessed with severus snape and i can't help it. he's an amazing person who has done amazing things because of his amazing ability to love even after all that has happened to him. i can't believe jkrowling killed him but i dont care because he has been forever immortalised in fanfiction, and will live on forever in the hearts of all his fans.

Lost love is still love, it just takes a different form, that's all.
You can't hold their hand, you can't tousle their hair.
But when those senses weaken another one comes to life...
Memory becomes your partner.
You hold it, you dance with it.
Life has to end.
Love doesn't.
-The Five People You Meet In Heaven

Monday, January 19, 2009


can't stand all the homework. all the projects. i think it's stress, or it could be a chemical imbalance. then again, i could just be having a phase.

i feel like going goth.

and for once, eyeliner isn't even scaring me. in fact, i'd like to try it. to do that whole black thing, and see whether it makes anything feel different, with all the chains and buckles and black-white-red combinations. i wanna be a vampire, a proper one, not like that thing called edward cullen. it wouldn't be too hard, seeing as i hardly get much sleep anyway.

It's like a secret wanting.
Like a song I can't stop humming.
Or loving someone you can never have.
-White Oleander

Friday, January 09, 2009

your time is now

happy birthday severus snape
you beautiful, beautiful man

Thursday, January 08, 2009

fingers doubly crossed

gah, the first week of school is coming to an end, and i cant believe that time has passed so fast. everything seems to be rushing by, and i can't keep up and i'm just falling behind because i haven't done my holiday assignments. so while everyone tackles the new homework, i'm still trying to finish stuff that i was supposed to have done last month.

i'm back to surviving on 4+hours of sleep a day and spending a total of two hours travelling to school and back. i really miss the holidays but i guess i've got no choice but to try not to drown now that school has started.

so... i don't think i'll write much about the past week cause it's mainly been just lessons and more lessons. the time table has been all messed up and now the subject periods are all weird timings. our classroom is on the third floor now, so it's a lot easier to do last minute printing of homework at the com labs. and i'll definitely be doing a lot of that, seeing as my printer has decided to bail on me.

and today was the selection interview for cca and the sec 1s looked so scared. not much to say, except that i realised how lucky i was that i got to learn so much IT stuff in primary school. so, 2009's officially here and i'll just have to hope for the best. (and look for lots of good fanfic to keep me going)

and now, i shall continue to put off doing my homework. at the rate i'm going, i'm pretty sure i could procrastinate for the olympics. so yes, time to do a little self plugging. i really need people to help me complete surveys for my projects.

if you are a female student
click here

if you are a secondary school student of any gender
click here

thank you to those who have done the surveys.

it's better to die on one's feet
than to live an eternity on one's knees

Thursday, January 01, 2009


shit shit shit shit shit :ayokona: i'm having a fit right now cause i have to wake up in 5hours+ for school AND I'M NOT ASLEEP. (despite ying badgering me to). but not the point. OMG IT'S SCHOOL TMR :takot: and i haven't even accepted the fact that it's the holidays.

well, at least now i don't have to.

but WHAT THE SHIT I HAVENT DONE MY HOMEWORK AND PROBABLY WONT. and instead of chionging it out, i'm looking through my sis's yearbook. and it's so unfair k! when my batch graduated from tao nan we didn't get one! :sobrakana:

but the pictures are kinda funny, as in they look... warped. like stretched then flattened and stuff like that. still... I WANT ONE. i dont even know what happened to all the class photos they made us pay one dollar for. (it's just ONE piece of film, how could it cost so much? how could they cheat innocent little kids of their money like that!) lols.

anyway, school in 6 hours. so... i'll update when i come back, if my teachers havent killed me for not doing my homework. eeps.

laughter is an orgasm triggered by the intercourse of sense and nonsense.