Sunday, February 28, 2010

shit it's freakin hot today. again.

yes it's your fault! D;
and red guy, heh, he cool too ;D
and doesn't oschool have that no-chewing-of-gum-in-studios rule?
and omgawd, i just blew 200++++ dollars buying stuff from tb.
i just need to uh, do something about homework that i haven't started.
would you be really nice and share with me the whole complete list of things that need to be done?
(yangcheng's is just hbl stuff only right? there's more issit?)

o_o. chew chew. BAM.

it is NOT my fault!!!

there were like disclaimers everywhere.

+ strong silent type cool what.

... damn strong btw. damn cool.

but strong and silent aint the most awesome combi.

but it does own red guy. :D

come back from your shower already!! D:

the strong silent type


Saturday, February 27, 2010

imma muggle not a mugger

so i got lazy and didn't go for class.
nor am i doing work.
but have i mentioned how awesome ultimate frisbee is?
definitely a good choice (y)
and i seriously hope i get in
frisbee inventor dead at 90, leaves behind joy
"Just seeing the smile on a child's face as he or she catches a soaring disc on a summer afternoon in the park, or a grown-up diving headfirst to grab a falling disc, that is what the spirit of the Frisbee is all about."

"hello, are you lost? cause you've been running around in my head"

i realised how short 2 years can be;
how little time there is left till we're thrown into the big big world.
life's been a bunch of guarantees so far,
easy options and safety nets,
how do you choose now when you've never had to?
i'll think about him everyday for two whole years,
then never see him again for the rest of my life.
i need to treasure every moment; every skip of heart and every catch of breath.
that's all i need.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

thirty seconds to take off

awesome silver space boots; photo courtesy of jo.

they'd be my favourite pair of boots (the jcs don't count they wedges) if not for the lovely anne d-inspired that arrived. they just look so bad-ass and totally combat-boots-digested-and-reformed-into-chunky-something's-missing-boots. i'm in love with the insane laceups.

anyway, shall make this post longer since i've mostly been posting random short things here and there. so... okay i'm kinda freaked out (but in a good way ;D) that celeste lives three streets down but nvm maybe we can arrange mugging sessions or something cause i know i'll need them. but it's still kinda freaky. and i still want to buy more shoes. (sorry one-track mind here) i need new school shoes mine are gonna fall apart. i think i'll get a pair of sneakers in red too. not for school of course but yeah. and gah leopard wedges :S and my "things to buy" list is super long. i need to start saving up. completely broke especially since i splurged so much on the anne d's.

and yes frisbee tmr. really looking forward to it cause it's super fun but i need to beat my arm into submission so that it'll throw straight. honestly i think my forehand is a lost cause. will be missing school next next week cause of ssef and i'm damn scared cause considering the pace of our lectures and tutorials, i don't think i can catch up after that D; and the banana suit was so much better than this giant man blazer with supersized shoulder pads. gah i need to borrow court shoes again.

oh and i'm kinda excited about op smile; still can't believe i got in but yay. activities this year sound damn fun and i can't wait. i'm quite glad i didn't chicken out again (almost did eeps) though i'm not sure if i regret missing the MAD auditions. i mean, sure, class at oschool will put me 12bucks in deficit but it's so fun and i can go when i feel like it :D and zinc won't go with me cause she got her ct lunch somewhere in kembangan. i kinda wanna stalk them for certain reasons but nvm i have 2 years to enjoy the view at hwachong. i think i just made no sense.

and how to write letters to him; say what? and how is he gonna reply man. and i wonder how long spaghetti can be kept cause there's still 1/4 of a pot in the fridge from wed night and i want to eat it.

i think i should go do my chem prac now; i've procrastinated long enough but sigh i hate titration and the value i got is like really really inaccurate and i'm doomed for spa and having a teacher watch your every move is scary and thank goodness yuting was at the makeup too or i think i wouldd have died.

and there might just be a monster in my closet cause there was a loud thud sound from the inside. i hope he/she/it didn't eat my bags.

i shared my secrets with the fishes and they gave me a sliver of the moon

no one should.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i'm talking to myself again

i love the butterflies in my tummy every time you walk by;
but please just continue pass, don't stop,
i'm happy how things are now
don't give up hope; there's still so much time for anything to happen

Saturday, February 20, 2010

pearls, birds, and double Cs

fake tattoos have never looked so good.
USD75 for 55 individual pieces that you put together to get the design you want.
unbelievably ex but breathtakingly stunning.
i want :(

oh and cookie had a tooth extracted today. he has to take medication for a week.
poor thing.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


shit my ulcer hurts like nobody's business. and i haven't done any homework. and my ulcer still hurts. i don't even think it's an ulcer. it's like a cut on the inside of my cheek. i bet some time during the night i had a pizza eating contest in my dreams and gnawed through millions of cheek cells. i suddenly have a craving for pineapples :/ i wish peanuts could taste as good as they look.

i wouldn't mind finding out how he tastes oops; thou shalt not talk about disturbing things ;D

mango madness day tmr :D
why i so random ah?
not enough sleep what.
am i talking to myself?
i think so.
this is freaky 0.0

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

i need some gryffindor courage

wait no don't see.

(how come you seem to be the only one who saw)

cause it's all in my head

this is why procrastinating is bad.
this is why i should stop getting distracted.
this is why i'm gonna fall asleep in my lectures later.

on another note, thank you angel for the kinder surprise chocolate.
the perfect food to prepare for late night chionging.
(the car is so cute.)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

throw caution to the wind

four-inch wedges and self-chained belts.
embellished dresses and windswept hair.

cause it's our time now.

happy cny everyone; eat lots of goodies and collect lots of angbaos.
do crazy things and don't look back.
the world's waiting and we're young tonight.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

this is why we're friends lol

i'm freaking scared, but i'll try anyway;
dance just makes me irrationally happy.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

everybody hurts - REM

If you're on your own in this life,
the days and nights are long.
When you think you've had too much of this life to hang on.
Well, everybody hurts sometimes. Everybody cries.
And everybody hurts sometimes.
So, hold on.
Everybody hurts,
you're not alone.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

you have chemistry, but we have history

super awake now, cause i spent the entire day before napping asleep. completely couldn't focus on anything at all.

anyway, campfire on friday was amazing. jumping around high-ing and and swaying with any random person you see. the campfire looked amazing too, especially with the 4 coloured flames. the performances were also surprisingly good. (haha hui yi so cute) (hahaha pika pika pika~!)

saturday was fac dance prac and i think i'm more or less okay with the dance. it's seriously damnnnnnnnnnnn nice but the practice session was so long i'm still tired. but it was worth it and so are all the other sessions we'll have this coming week.


Saturday, February 06, 2010

trouser tyranny?

being extremely bored, i decided to go google about kilts and such, resulting in me ending up at a site by "an international band of men who enjoy the freedom, comfort, pleasure, and masculine appearance of kilts or other male unbifurcated (skirt-like) garments, and who reject the absurd notion that males must always be confined to trousers."

so some interesting points they made about trousers and why they're bad...
"There - in the crotch - they confine, crowd, bind, chafe, and otherwise cut into the male genitalia. The trousers also chafe against the inner thighs and, depending on their tightness, restrict leg movement. In some cases, the confinement of trousers may cause a rash or even reduce a man's sperm count."

"Trousers are a relatively recent development. In earlier times, men were accustomed to wearing unbifurcated clothing - such as robes, togas, tunics, sarongs, and various kilt-like or skirt-like garments."

"The desire for less constricting trousers is reflected in the trend among young men and boys, which started in the 1990's, to wear oversized trousers and shorts, with sagging crotches. This style, which is reminiscent of the baggy pants worn by old-fashioned slap-stick comedians, has been criticized for its sloppy appearance. While its low crotch allows more room for a man's genitals, it still leaves an annoying convergence of seams rubbing between one's thighs. A man would be more comfortable - and look less sloppy - if the inseams were eliminated altogether."

"Some people have tried to defend the trouser rule on religious grounds, as if trousers had been divinely ordained. They ignore the fact that priests and monks have been wearing unbifurcated robes and cassocks for centuries. They point to a passage in Deuteronomy that is sometimes interpreted as prohibiting cross-dressing. What they seem to forget is that trousers didn't even exist when the Bible was written. All the men in those days wore unbifurcated clothing. When have you ever seen a depiction of Moses or Jesus wearing trousers? If unbifurcated clothing was good enough for them, why not for us?"

"Because, while women can wear almost anything they want nowadays, our society subjects men to a rigid stereotype that confines them to trousers. Few men have the courage to break out of this mold, for fear that their masculinity will be questioned."

"Society puts little value on sissies, wimps, and momma's boys. Therefore, the boy must be physically and psychologically torn away from his mother and all things feminine, in order to achieve a new, masculine identity. He must go through repeated ordeals to strengthen his body and desensitize his feelings. He must become mortally ashamed of anything soft or feminine within him."

and there's much more, but the article is really long so if you're actually interested see here.

as for my opinion, why not? ;D

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

tonight i'mma fight till we see the sunlight

og games are over; gonna be split according to cgs tomorrow. but oh wells, it was fun while it lasted and og dinners were great.


and i just cant get the image of little packets of bite-size cookie snapes out of my head. thanks man -.-