Thursday, February 25, 2010

thirty seconds to take off

awesome silver space boots; photo courtesy of jo.

they'd be my favourite pair of boots (the jcs don't count they wedges) if not for the lovely anne d-inspired that arrived. they just look so bad-ass and totally combat-boots-digested-and-reformed-into-chunky-something's-missing-boots. i'm in love with the insane laceups.

anyway, shall make this post longer since i've mostly been posting random short things here and there. so... okay i'm kinda freaked out (but in a good way ;D) that celeste lives three streets down but nvm maybe we can arrange mugging sessions or something cause i know i'll need them. but it's still kinda freaky. and i still want to buy more shoes. (sorry one-track mind here) i need new school shoes mine are gonna fall apart. i think i'll get a pair of sneakers in red too. not for school of course but yeah. and gah leopard wedges :S and my "things to buy" list is super long. i need to start saving up. completely broke especially since i splurged so much on the anne d's.

and yes frisbee tmr. really looking forward to it cause it's super fun but i need to beat my arm into submission so that it'll throw straight. honestly i think my forehand is a lost cause. will be missing school next next week cause of ssef and i'm damn scared cause considering the pace of our lectures and tutorials, i don't think i can catch up after that D; and the banana suit was so much better than this giant man blazer with supersized shoulder pads. gah i need to borrow court shoes again.

oh and i'm kinda excited about op smile; still can't believe i got in but yay. activities this year sound damn fun and i can't wait. i'm quite glad i didn't chicken out again (almost did eeps) though i'm not sure if i regret missing the MAD auditions. i mean, sure, class at oschool will put me 12bucks in deficit but it's so fun and i can go when i feel like it :D and zinc won't go with me cause she got her ct lunch somewhere in kembangan. i kinda wanna stalk them for certain reasons but nvm i have 2 years to enjoy the view at hwachong. i think i just made no sense.

and how to write letters to him; say what? and how is he gonna reply man. and i wonder how long spaghetti can be kept cause there's still 1/4 of a pot in the fridge from wed night and i want to eat it.

i think i should go do my chem prac now; i've procrastinated long enough but sigh i hate titration and the value i got is like really really inaccurate and i'm doomed for spa and having a teacher watch your every move is scary and thank goodness yuting was at the makeup too or i think i wouldd have died.

and there might just be a monster in my closet cause there was a loud thud sound from the inside. i hope he/she/it didn't eat my bags.