Monday, January 22, 2007

hellos! first day of CSP today. quite ok actually. ying sal and i reached there early and we were like... wandering into the general office and then at first they didnt know what we were there for. then there was this other teacher, thankfully, who apparently knew about the thing. hahas. okayes im in this LSP thing and then little people come in and learn to read. so i was basically spending most of my time watching the tr read teach the kiddies how to read words and all. and then she read to them this book called "super dan, the fix-it man". it was abit... colourful... in its most literal sense. it had alot of pictures and after watching the tr repeat the same thing for 3 classes, i cud almost memorise the whole story, which wasnt very long... ohh and sal popped by along with the second grp that came in. apparently the tr she was attached to didnt know what to do with her(: hahas~!

ohh and geog presentation turned out ok today, thank merlin murphy's rule didnt come true. ALOT of things cud have gone wrong. phew~ i seriously think me and ying need to un-addict ourselves from fanfic. we were reading late into the night again this morning... i went off at 2. ying was on to later i think... dunno. ohh and sal's portfolio is SCARY. its so THICK. yeah there are drafts and all but its still so pro... waaa. lol. the CAP is a nine months mentorship attachment thing. i dont think i can handle it and i doubt i'll get in, since my portfolio was so last minute.

i feel bad abt having to skip cca tmr... i just transferred and now im missing the first few cca days coz of IVP crap. damn... and gahs. pam wants me to go to the class forum... i didnt even go last year. xD. teehee. ahh wells... might as well go now.

toodles. and to miss teo AND ying, i so do not elevate teen angst to shakespearen proportions. and thats still my line btw. xD. bleahhhs. CHEERS!

Friday, January 19, 2007

hahas. something very funny happened to joey today but im not allowed to say anything... so sad... hahas. anw, ive finally gotten to posting. gahs. i shud be doing work... i've been telling myself that for the past eternity and the only result is me going to read fanfic -.- im a failure...

wadeva. anw, there was this day, i was going home on the bus with ying and sal right, and we were playing with the camera effects on my phone.

we were like using negative or sth and we took a photo of my blue nano! its orange! gahhh... it looks nice... I WANT AN ORANGE NANO! it really does look nice... i think... xD. but the orange and black abit strange... hmms. dunno.
ohh and i finally found someway to transfer pics from my new phone to the com. coz the cd reader in the com is like screwed, it cant read the installation CD so i have to transfer to my old phone first then put in the com... so 麻烦...
blah. anw, im finally posting a picture of my cat! shes very cute k? she looks like... shes winking! -.- yeah i know im lame.... tra la la. i have so much work to do... ohh heck. toodles!

Friday, January 12, 2007

today was... strange. science was just like every other chem lesson ive had so far this year, full of blank looks and irritating headaches. i dont think i'll ever get that subject. sigh. anw, during chinese it was like chiong chiong chiong. i hate having to write the letter things. to be honest, i cudnt rmbr a single thing from last year. blah. ohh and in lang arts we went to the com lab again. and the great depression is just... a rather boring topic to research about. then again, the poems were rather... spiritual? i dno. its just very emotional that kind of thing. the pantoum[is that how you spell it?] was... different. there was completely no rhyme at all, just repeating several specific lines from the verse into the next verse. but yet, it was actually rather... affecting. >< i have no idea how to phrase this.

i finally realised how lacking my vocab was during art today. the class was like giving very chim words abt leadership and teamwork[-.-] and i didnt get a few words. blah the art tr is strange. turns out, we're having art with another class and we missed the last art lesson coz the tr didnt know we were in her class. anw, when she dismissed the class that time, she saw me and was like "hey! i know you!" and for a moment i was like "huh?" and then sal burst out into the whole story of during the sec1 orientation in 2005 and i had to go pull out of that AEP thing my dad somehow signed me up for. gahs. actually right, i dont think that she rmbred me for that time. for goodness sake, i was in tns uniform then i think... and i didnt have a fringe and wasnt even wearing specs! goodness...

ahh wells. anw sal, joey and ying came over to my hse today. we were supposed to be doing work but quite predictably, ended up far far far from the topic of projects. xD. ohh and my cat is not grumpy. she just has her uhhh bad days? xD. anw i tink joey was abit slow today. she was like "the cat just mewed!" and we were all like uhh... -.- its a cat, of course it mews! anw i forgot what ying said in reply to joey's sudden outburst but nvm.

you know right, alex rider fanfics are chao limited. theres only like 200+ and they're all chao short. and most of them are boring. ugh. now im stuck reading hp ff again but im reading my current one very slowly coz its not complete and it'll be a long time b4 the writer updates.

ah, joey's finally come onto msn. shall go let her bug me. ta-ta.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

hellos. gahs. today was weird. they were filming things in the SAC. anw me joey ying and sal were supposed to be discussing the chem project but ended up on a topic far far far away. in the ended, its quite obvious, we didnt really do much. just bot alot of food before we left from the snacks stall. blah. ive finally finished reading the alex rider books. i cant believe it! the next book is only coming out in november... thats even later than harry potter! blah. i cant wait... the 5th hp movie... the 7th book... you know, i wish sal would introduce completed series-es instead of those that have a long way to go before the next book comes out... sigh. shall stick to fanfic then. this waiting thing will kill me.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

zzz. first week of school only and theres already homework. this is depressing. yikes. writing with your left hand is hard. i just decided to try and after lik so long, theres still no improvement -.- i wonder how ppl can write with both hands. dont you have to think to know what to write? how can you write lik uhh science with one hand and do maths with the other? its just doesnt seem possible.

anw, this week's been mighty boring. i sorta went 'shopping' with sal and ying yday. it was rather weird coz ying lost the diary she was gonna buy and coz it was placed front down, which means we only saw the back, we cudnt find it. the back is like black? grey? so we were looking out for the other colour and den in the end sal and ying found it. that reminds me... sal you better bring the alex rider books on mon or i'll kill you! i swear! xD. lol. ohh the book is so nice. i cant believe you let me read abit then i have to wait until mon to continue reading... WAAAA. hmms. i just realised sth. i have to go add sal to the list of links...

ah wells. ta-ta.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

omg omg omg! ahhh! school starts tomorrow. im so deadddd. okaye this shud b the... 43rd time im predicting my unfortunate demise(x im so used to not having skool that i cant rmbr what school was like. how am i going to wake up early in the morning?! ahhh! i seriously hope that miss teo doesnt test us on to kill a mocking bird too soon coz i havent finished reading it yet. and ive been reading it for lik half a month! sadly, theres no motivation to read it, esp when theres ff instead. ohh fanfic is brilliant! i think im really really obsessed. then again, i get addicted to stuff easily. i tink i need to play gb soon. and maple too.

blah. anyway, i think ive got a sore throat. ok i dont think, i know. argh. and just before school starts. ugh.