Tuesday, January 02, 2007

omg omg omg! ahhh! school starts tomorrow. im so deadddd. okaye this shud b the... 43rd time im predicting my unfortunate demise(x im so used to not having skool that i cant rmbr what school was like. how am i going to wake up early in the morning?! ahhh! i seriously hope that miss teo doesnt test us on to kill a mocking bird too soon coz i havent finished reading it yet. and ive been reading it for lik half a month! sadly, theres no motivation to read it, esp when theres ff instead. ohh fanfic is brilliant! i think im really really obsessed. then again, i get addicted to stuff easily. i tink i need to play gb soon. and maple too.

blah. anyway, i think ive got a sore throat. ok i dont think, i know. argh. and just before school starts. ugh.