Monday, November 30, 2009

a murky response for jo

since i don't think i have the stamina to do long detailed posts like jo's, i shall keep it simple. really, life is a lot easier that way.

so yesterday i found a cup of milk i'd poured but later forgot about. since it's usually not safe to drink milk that's been left out for a long time, i was sad at wasting the milk. then i looked into the cup and realised that i'd already drank about two thirds of it. i was then not as sad when i had to pour the rest of the milk down the sink.

most of the time, wasting it all is really just that - a waste. but forcing it done when it's too late will just make you sick and extremely unhappy. so i live the kind of life where i don't have to go to the extreme, somewhere in between is fine with me. sometimes it's fun to mess up the lines.

then again, as i mentioned to ying, different backgrounds, different views.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

my head's pounding like a drummer on crack

today turned out to be a strangely cultural day, considering how i woke up and spent half of it reading. anyway, visited my paternal grandma, then went to little india where sis and i got henna and then found this really cute shop with all sorts of fun things. we bought reindeer ears for 1.50 only which is awesome. was considering buying this light saber thing which actually lights up when it comes into contact with something. but then we had to go so my parents pulled us away from our mock fight and left this about 6-year-old girl playing on her own. ok, so maybe my mum was justified in calling us childish.

anyway, went to this temple dinner thing and i can still hear the man shouting prices in hokkien. basically there was this bid thing going on and boy, was he loud. and repetitive. on the bright side, now i can count from 1 to 10 in hokkien though i'll probably forget everything by tomorrow.

we left the dinner early cause it was late (hey i used use oxymorons in a sentence :D) and my sis needed to pee but refused to use those portable potties. got home, then ended up having a.. heated discussion with said sis over superficial things, ie looks. honestly, zinc is uncountable times prettier than my sis. and i know this, cause i've had to live with my sis for 13 years and i've seen enough pictures of zinc while working on odd. that, and i used to see her almost everyday when school was still on.

really, i wish my sis would stop insulting my friends. *huffs*

on a side note, i still find androgenous people good-looking, though i'm quite sure i'm not bisexual. why? cause right now, i really really really really hate breasts. there, i've said it. the big bad booby word. i mean they're just two big, or sometimes small, lumps on your chest. like, if they were anywhere else, everyone would have them removed. like tumours or cancers. so what is this thing with breasts. (ha i said it again) they're uncomfortable and heavy and totally un-aerodynamic, so one day if humans ever can fly, women will end up slower not cause of any metabolism shit but because they have breasts. honestly, breasts aren't even beneficial to females, they just mean you could end up with breast cancer. behold, the pink ribbon.

and since i seem to be on a roll (towards an early grave), breast removal surgery is called mastectomy btw. and going for it when you don't need it is as stupid as going for breast implants cause every surgery has its risks and it would totally suck to die from blood loss or some icky infection.

and i seem to have ended up at a completely different point from what i wanted to say. oh screw, my hand thinks on its own so don't blame me. this is also why guns are kill people. and before i stuff even more foots (feet?) in my mouth, i shall just stare at space.

which you could do too; just look to the left/right of your screen :D

for the record, i really love this skin and whooo. long post (y)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thursday, November 26, 2009

head in the stars

finally, a new skin. took me the whole day to do it, what with using tables for about the first time in my life. but floating divs were pissing me off because something kept screwing up. so yes to hell with that. and for the record, i reallyyyyy hate internet explorer. firefox beats it pants down. and i'm going to go back to reading my book about a booby girl. honestly, the author mentions her boobs every 10 pages.

oh and on a side note, ODD is coming along nicely and the pictures are pretty amazing. looking forward to the 1st :)

i want to believe

the creative writing course ended today. i can't say i'll miss it, but it feels a little sad to know that was the last lesson i will ever have in nanyang. and it wasn't too bad, to be honest. sure, getting up shit early every day sucked, but somehow i feel like i've actually learnt something. we read stories, we shared secrets, we went incognito in chinatown... i guess we had fun. so that's not too bad for a gcp; i don't think local cip could have been better. oh and how could i forget the chocolates.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

to keep or not to keep

i seem to be posting more recently :/ *shrug* i guess i'm just too bored what with everyone else being overseas. and me being stuck in a creative writing course that actually has homework *head, table* anyway, i think i'm in love with my marble washed jeans. no idea what thats means, but i feel like i'm wearing a patch of the sky when i prance around in it :)

and of course, the boots came. and my mum freaked. and i freaked. and i fell in love. again. but since i can't keep both pairs, i had to make a painful choice between the two. sigh, why weren't humans created with eight legs? that would totally justify me buying 10 pairs in 2 months. thank goodness i managed to get rid of some impulse buys. and here... oh well i love the buckle ones too much to part with them so i'll miss you, you short studded things.

and my posts seem to be getting more and more frivolous :/ zzz.

Friday, November 20, 2009


and a random photo that i just had to take. please support OHDOUBLEDAMN yeah :D (and i totally didn't draw on the book. i don't vandalise library books; really)

(i mean really, it's photoshop)

anyway went to times with jo today and i suddenly feel vaguely poor. no idea why, though the $100+ receipt would be a good place to start. i hate spending cash when i can avoid doing so; 30bucks of vouchers left to cash out before november 30. *feels vaguely upset over not having brought everything out :(

and i more or less fell into utter panic when i saw the heavy rain. in the end i scurried home under my too-tiny umbrella and the poor boots were completely rained on. i hope they dry right :X

Thursday, November 19, 2009

saying no is hard

but on the bright side, this isn't as hard to turn down as other things i may face in the future. but it's really quite horrible. i have this compulsion to shop and i really really really want to buy things. i need to draw the line somewhere though, and i guess i can't have everything even if it pains me to see such a good opportunity slip away. and i just wish someone would take over some of my impulse buys :(

on another bright side, it's still less than the amount of money i've spent on dance, that is if i only count money spent on shoes. everything else added together... i could probably go on holiday with that same amount of money.

i wish i wasn't so obsessed with shoes. life was easier when all i collected was stickers.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

who would have thought

it's things like this that make me believe all over again.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

i want to see sheep too :(

sigh. they saw sheep. in uk.

WAAAAAAAAA. oh wells, better sheep than snape. if they saw him i'm going to legilimens them and steal their memories for storage in my non-existent pensieve.

anyway, violent thoughts aside... dance today was pretty violent too actually. hh was ok, but mtv was downright scary, what with the turns and crawling. crawling i tell you! oh but on second thought, it was less like "tottling baby" and more like "spiderman scaling wall". but horizontally of course.

and gahhhh. i have a massive pimple on my head between my eyebrows. not a very large expanse of space to begin with, it's like adding insult to injury. stupid dingo eyebrows. stupid pimple. it's massive. my mum called it my third eye. what am i supposed to see with it? the ghosts of popped pimples?

honestly, i'd rather never find out.

i guess my life has been filled with lots of knife twisting recently, though at least i didn't have a total breakdown sending them off yesterday. i don't think i'll ever get to go to uk, pity. but... there are worse things to be upset over. hence i shall stop being materialistic/superficial (not really related actually though my mum has been accusing me of that) and... think deep thoughts? apparently the antonym of materialistic/superficial is spiritual/profound. i'm not really sure if i'm ready to handle spiritual but... profound... "the universe is the illusion that sustains all reality"?

zzz can't believe i'm quoting xiaxue. and i swear, i normally don't read her blog/watch her videos cept my sis seems to have a thing for her. (ok eww bad image). but she's kinda funny, once you get over the fact that it's weird seeing an asian face with blonde hair. it just doesn't work. and since i don't have a problem with swearing, yeahhhh. and i'm not one to critique, so... i don't really know what i'm saying anymore. i should just go sleep.

Friday, November 13, 2009

shitxzx i need a growth potion


Thursday, November 12, 2009

"shoes make me happy. i'm superficial. whatever."

at last count it was 19 pairs of shoes. with 2 more coming. ohhhh i'm so dead the moment my mum finds out. then again, i still have the first pair of sneakers i ever bought, and that was almost 7 years ago. (bah i'm sentimental like that) so if i can't let go of the old, will i ever be able to bring in the new without feeling bone wrecking guilt? i guess it's a good thing i'm trying to sell the pairs that i've yet to have worn, meaning that there's still no emotional dependency on them yet.
on another note, me and ying spent an insane 150bucks at topshop yesterday. it hasn't really sunk in yet, but oh. my. god. and i don't regret it one bit. cause after lusting over it for months on end, i finally managed to buy the aztec boots. a little loose, but fits fine with an insole. and it was only 60bucks, compared to the original 180+. and since everything we got was on sale, we saved 260bucks so yes it was worth it.

but of course, now i'm completely broke. which is depressing. cause there was an amazing pair of jeans at f21 today. sigh, this is a sign that i'm going shopping too much. i'd like to blame ying. if she didn't lose her ezlink nor did she need to get her eyes checked (which she didn't do in the end -.-), i would be about 100 dollars less poor right now. but... honestly i'm quite happy that she dragged me out of my bed at insane hours (really, it's not normal to wake up before 1pm during the school hols). so thanks, even though you're not a rich friend but hey you're a nice friend so i guess that's enough.

and don't you dare sell your babies away. (sounds... wrong)

and buy me nice things in uk. or at least take pictures of hot long haired guys. and since you've reminded me, i shall promote ODD! please click the image below to be directed to the best thing you'll ever see in... awhile? i can't actually say in your life, since our next collection may be better :D anyway, yes, do support ying, zinc and i at our soon-to-be-opened blogshop. you can check out the preview now and sign up for our mailing list.

thank you!

Monday, November 09, 2009


random stress reliever.

and somehow i can't believe it's the day before O's and i still haven't started studying.
i'm so doomed.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

i worked my ass off for 4 years and all i got was an empty tube

lots and lots of things to be happy about right now. yesterday was completely awesome doing all sorts of random things during class time and taking pictures and signing in grad mags. graduation ceremony was ok, being exciting but really hot and a little boring and sal was hyperventilating next to me (though that sort of contradicts boring. actually it was kinda scary. ok very scary. poor zinc). anyway the after was awesome. lots of food + donuts + ice cream + taboo. and tanny seems to have lost more hair :/ and i can't believe we got home so late. like we reached eunos at 11.20pm and it would have been midnight or something if we hadn't taken a cab.

i guess it's no surprise i completely couldn't stay awake during chinese supplementary today cause it was so damn early and i was so freaking tired. being sleep deprived should be illegal. they should lock me up and make me sleep. not that that would take a lot of effort from them, whoever them is. and it wouldn't hurt if they gave me a snape doll to hug :)

anyway, came home after chinese and slept all the way till dinner when i got rudely woken up to be informed that my sis has decided to name her hamsters ham and bacon. when i was properly awake, about 2hours later, i told her to rename them to bacon and cheese, which really sounds and tastes much better. and dinner was great because we bbq-ed lots of meat and marshmallows. the meat was good. really good. marshmallows were nice too. yum.

and the ohdoubledamn site is done so if you're bored, check it out and sign up for our mailing list or give me some comments about the layout. preview shots will be uploaded soon. can't wait for our launch :D

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

self torture so isnt right


now to edit shit loads of pictures

Sunday, November 01, 2009

time to show some house pride

on a rare stroke of luck, i managed to find that elusive snake ring at diva at t1. so my little piece of slytherin now brings the final count to 13 rings costing a total of $92. which happens to be the price i can get a shit gorgeous pair of wedges for. or feed a man for half a month. but it's also a lot less than a trip to uk, so technically i've spent less than i could have...

ok i feel less guilty now. and considering that i got my ring and my book (the one in the background), i actually feel quite good in fact. pity the weekend's ending. back to school tomorrow to face more chinese and more guilt when i can't finish lao shi's zuo wens.