Saturday, November 14, 2009

i want to see sheep too :(

sigh. they saw sheep. in uk.

WAAAAAAAAA. oh wells, better sheep than snape. if they saw him i'm going to legilimens them and steal their memories for storage in my non-existent pensieve.

anyway, violent thoughts aside... dance today was pretty violent too actually. hh was ok, but mtv was downright scary, what with the turns and crawling. crawling i tell you! oh but on second thought, it was less like "tottling baby" and more like "spiderman scaling wall". but horizontally of course.

and gahhhh. i have a massive pimple on my head between my eyebrows. not a very large expanse of space to begin with, it's like adding insult to injury. stupid dingo eyebrows. stupid pimple. it's massive. my mum called it my third eye. what am i supposed to see with it? the ghosts of popped pimples?

honestly, i'd rather never find out.

i guess my life has been filled with lots of knife twisting recently, though at least i didn't have a total breakdown sending them off yesterday. i don't think i'll ever get to go to uk, pity. but... there are worse things to be upset over. hence i shall stop being materialistic/superficial (not really related actually though my mum has been accusing me of that) and... think deep thoughts? apparently the antonym of materialistic/superficial is spiritual/profound. i'm not really sure if i'm ready to handle spiritual but... profound... "the universe is the illusion that sustains all reality"?

zzz can't believe i'm quoting xiaxue. and i swear, i normally don't read her blog/watch her videos cept my sis seems to have a thing for her. (ok eww bad image). but she's kinda funny, once you get over the fact that it's weird seeing an asian face with blonde hair. it just doesn't work. and since i don't have a problem with swearing, yeahhhh. and i'm not one to critique, so... i don't really know what i'm saying anymore. i should just go sleep.