Sunday, October 31, 2010

take time to realise

songs today really just don't compare.
go whip your hair in silence please.

today i am a unicorn

oh wow, that's fast!
it's Halloween folks ;D

Saturday, October 30, 2010

when we break the dawn

gee i slept for about 13 hours; it feels amazing :D should totally do this more often.

and goshhh major experiment fail. it was a lost cause the moment i started. not meant to be, i love my food too much. and oh damn, i suspect i'm heavier than at least half the frisbee team, guys included D:

oh wells, from this point onwards i will think of nothing but pw!
right, another lost cause.

on a random side note, i reaslied that there's a certain pleasure in reading stories from the bad guy's point of view. i mean, enough with the hero saving the day. how about a story where evil prevails and we cheer as the last fighter of the light side is slashed apart with his entrails spilling out? or children playing at soldiers are butchered to make way for a new world order? i wonder if this indicates a certain lack of moral scruples on my part. i mean i know what the character is doing is immoral, but i find it hard to disagree with such actions. i guess that fine line between right and wrong has blurred away to nonexistence :/

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

my age is catching up on me

i think i should buy a really large bag just in case this ever happens :/

Sunday, October 24, 2010

welcome to the family

it's that amazing time of the year again ;)
and no i'm not keeping all of them; the first pair on the right is up for sale, even though all i want to do is hang them from my ceiling and admire them every night before i go to bed.

gorgeous, aren't they?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

i can't do this anymore

terrible. terrible. SO TERRIBLE!!

heh melodrama feels good :)

Friday, October 15, 2010


holybananashit my eyelids are peeling. this is disgusting. (grah okay i've learnt my lesson i'm gonna start using sunblock or something; now annoying sunburn begone)

molting skin aside, FOS was fun, though i'm not sure if i regret playing ultimate frisbee. i mean i love the game but i'll always be able to play it but when will i ever have the chance to wade around swimming pools and launch flying circular projectiles or violently swing sticks about while body slamming every other person.

same thing with the sabbaticals. dance was fun, but hey i should have tried something unsual, like clay target shooting or some useful something for kicking/savingmyown-ass. that more or less sums up the choices i opted for after the dance sabbatical. oh well, opportunities are wasted everyday. moving onnnnn......

and oh man tom cruise is oldddddddddddddd. hahaha my mum thinks he's gotten fat. i guess that's something that happens with growing old :/

oh and heh next two weeks shall be eye-opening with my randomly-decided-upon sorta a-day-in-their-shoes (or more like a-week-at-their-breakfastlunchdinner-tables) experiments. annnnndddd that made no sense. actually no it made a lot of sense.

i wonder what's the melting point of brain matter :/ or does it sublime? zzz spontaneous combustion; how messy.

and my sis has more shopping time than me D: sighhhhhhh the perks of being young T.T nvm, i will go out and spend ridiculous amounts of money on ridiculously useless things once my skin stops hurting like something nasty.

now, i need to lower the temperature of this room to below 31degreescelsius.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

beached whale

ahh i had the most epic dream this morning; harry potter vs draco malfoy in a pokemon battle! HAHAHA. i don't remember what happened exactly, but i know harry won and of the pokemon he used, two were totodile and pinsir.

so random :/ it's probably due to what we did on friday after promos, playing pokemon monopoly at jen's house. and gah don't laugh, we're just domesticated weirdos. oh and yes, extremely boring post ahead consisting mostly of me complaining at being exploited by scheming yings who hide their money and too-smart jens who likes monopolising the board.

me and zinc being especially grateful for landing in jail.

all thanks to jen and her scary empire, ying wasn't so lucky but i ended up being the biggest joke -.-

so much property but couldn't build any thing thanks to jen again T.T

imagine my joy when i stole jen's mr mime to complete my set with kakabra and venomoth only to end up getting sent to my doom where i went spontaneously bankrupt for the... 5th time? i paid like 5k+ to ying and jen for landing in their property and it was terribleeeee.

but it was fun. yes, random post and fond memories. oh and don't mind the weird colouring, i was testing out new apps on my phone :D


oh wells, promos were massively fucked up.

but they're over and that's what matters; until they come back of course but i'll deal with that when it happens.

best thing is, i'm expecting an influx of amazing things to stick my feet into, other than my mouth and other people's business.

i predict a new look for this place, and a new place for all my vulgar and excessive ranting.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

"i'm not afraid... to take exams..."


oh bloody hell.