Monday, December 17, 2007



Thursday, December 13, 2007

waaa~! ying did you see the shooting star? i forgot about it and went to bathe!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

havent done hw. going away in 9 days. oh im so dead. one week left to do one holiday's hw.

so dead. dead like the nugget you saw in mcdonalds. just without the crispy fried skin.

more like sashimi. dead, sliced up, and cold.

or frozen in a block of ice on a farway mountain in china.

i think that's more likely than the rest.

i think the only good point of wearing glasses is that when an orange decides to squirt its inner juices at you, it doesnt stab you in the eye.

and the only reason to keep the nail on your thumb long is for peeling oranges. sth im still not very good at.

i'm broke. again. and the holidays are ending. it's sad. almost bitter. but not that bad yet.

maybe later it'll just be catastrophic. hmms. i still cant spell. bummer.

cats make good pillows, if you ignore the furballs that you're gonna be coughing up later.

my posts are getting too random. it rained today. i haven't read a fanfic in ages. this book is nice.

shall go back to reading it. toodles.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

zzz. IM VERY UPSET. and i shant say why(: HAHAHA. amused. im trying to decide if i shud bother using colours in my post. considering that the text is on white, i shant. ohhh. in my old old old old posts i coloured some words white. HAHAHA. -.- i've gone mad. zzz.

why am i posting?

i don't really know.

i have to get up at 6.30 tmr/today. in other words, 5hours time. i should be aslp.

winky is going to kill me.

i knocked her out with sleeping gas. or rather, omi did.

it's the 5th. oh dears. IM GOING ON HOLIDAY SOON. and i might not live to come back. oh dear. and i havent packed. havent done my homework. oh life is a sad thing. so sad. so very sad.

joey sleeps too early. and the chinese version of audi is small. and strange. and i hate story mode. (:

i shall never install maple. silas will be very upset if i do. hence, i love silas and shall not make him upset. and yeahs, my laptop is male(:

i love severus too. my favourite tall dark and loathsome imaginary character. sigh. he's so friggin sexy. sigh. im not a fangirl. i wan a snapey hug. zzz. they're the nicest.

frogs are cute. i lost my squishy frog. it's green. i'm going mad.

this post is so random. with so many enters. i love pressing my enter key.

it's the biggest key cept for the space bar and my left shift. my right shift is so small. i don't like it. and audi killed my right arrow key. it squeaks and wiggles now.

heehee. another enter. i love enters. do you? yes you do. i think i ate too many chocolate chips today. im vaguely delirious. or maybe it's the time.

but i was up till 5 that day. and nth happened.


i have to wake up at 6.30. THAT SUCKS. zzz. oh.

i've been typing for so long.

ok. toodles(:

Saturday, December 01, 2007

oh dear. it's december already. oh dear. oh dear. im leaving on the 18th. i have slightly more than two weeks to pack AND do my homework. oh dear oh dear. im so dead. dead. fishsticks.

zzz. this is bad. and i refuse to start on my chinese book review. upset. IT'S DECEMBER. OMG OMG OMG. sigh -.- i wasted another day. i feel so... i refuse to say unproductive coz some twisted ppl will just see a freakin double entendre in it and go nutters. zzz.

sigh. "life is like riding a bicycle, once you learn how to do it, you never forget." zzz. but it is worth learning how? i mean, all you get are scraped knees from learning how to cycle [unless you're my sis and banged into a wall. you don't want to know what happened. just know that it wasnt good]. and if i were to use some cliche quote right now, it'll probably be the one that says "i don't want to grow up. scraped knees are so much easier to fix than broken hearts." but then again, its not just about broken hearts. more like you only get one chance at life. zzz. if you mess up, you can't turn back time and do it again. but when ur learning to cycle, falling down once doesn't mean you can never get up and try again.

gahs. i sound emo don't i?

but i'm not. or at least i think im not. zzz. -.-

i need to bathe. wakeboarding looks cool. toodles.