Sunday, December 09, 2007

havent done hw. going away in 9 days. oh im so dead. one week left to do one holiday's hw.

so dead. dead like the nugget you saw in mcdonalds. just without the crispy fried skin.

more like sashimi. dead, sliced up, and cold.

or frozen in a block of ice on a farway mountain in china.

i think that's more likely than the rest.

i think the only good point of wearing glasses is that when an orange decides to squirt its inner juices at you, it doesnt stab you in the eye.

and the only reason to keep the nail on your thumb long is for peeling oranges. sth im still not very good at.

i'm broke. again. and the holidays are ending. it's sad. almost bitter. but not that bad yet.

maybe later it'll just be catastrophic. hmms. i still cant spell. bummer.

cats make good pillows, if you ignore the furballs that you're gonna be coughing up later.

my posts are getting too random. it rained today. i haven't read a fanfic in ages. this book is nice.

shall go back to reading it. toodles.