Saturday, November 29, 2008

Guitar Hero ! Woots !

i am soooooo not a morning person. anyway, my mum brought me and my sis to cut our hair today. and i just wanted a trim, like a little bit, and the guy said he'd cut 1 inch. but you know what? HE LIED. he just hacked off like what, three bloody inches and now my hair is so bloody short. it still can tie, duh, or i'd have killed someone by now, but it's as short as at the start of the year. i can't believe it. a WHOLE YEAR of letting my hair grow, and it's all gone in a matter of minutes. my goddddd.

right, now that i've climbed out of the spiralling depths of depression, i shall pull an extended analogy from legally blonde. "there is one important thing that everyone should care about... my hair. this hairstylist gave me an awful haircut, but it was my fault. i didn't get involved in the process, i just let it happen. i didn't stop him, i just let him hack away at my hair. so everyone, make a stand, have a voice."

ok i don't think anyone who hasn't watched the movie would understand that, cause i seriously reworded it and messed it up and all. but the point is, speak your mind and be heard. oh and do remember to leave a tag :D

so random crap aside, i played my first game of guitar hero today ! and it was really cool. well i kinda suck, but hey, first-timer, cut me a little slack here. i can't seem to coordinate my fingers for the guitar thing, so me and sis ended up messing with the drums while my dad figured out the guitar. and us being a non-musical family, ah the poor neighbours. sorry dom! :D (though i don't think you would have heard us, seeing as my mum was shushing us nonstop) but who knew a little white box called Wii could be so fun. and for some reason, that almost sounds like a sexual innuedo. heehee.

oh and there was this really nice christmas song playing in some shop, but i have no idea what it was! it was a male singer, and the lyrics had something about christmas (duh) being special and something about children and old folks. gah. let's hope i hear it again somewhere.

that's just how life is,
but we live it anyway.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


so, it's another ordinary wasted day. sigh, i need to do something with myself. and ying flew to hong kong today. let's hope she does a lot of shopping and buys some stuff for her friends :D but i think like 3 of my friends are going to hong kong this holiday, and i've never even been there. grrrrr. ah well, shopping in singapore is still ok.

but in the meantime, i've started reading yet another snarry fanfic ;) this one has a depressed harry and mysterious snape and so far, it's ok. though i don't think i should talk about gay fanfic, cause according to jen, it's disturbing :(

oh and the water pipe in the front yard broke today, so water was spurting everywhere and my maid had to turn off the maid water supply. then after she turned it back on, slightly muddy water was coming out of the taps. my maid wanted to just let the water run but it made me kinda guilty to waste water like that. so i took a cup and made several trips back and forth to water the plants. but being the easily distracted person i am, i almost watered the christmas tree :X

whoopsie. but all's fine, except for the fact that i'm still coughing, and i shall go back to reading fanfic. ciao :D

When one door of happiness closes,
another opens.
but often we look so long at the closed door
that we do not see the one
which has just opened for us.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


gods, it took forever to make this skin. like i started in late september , then silas crashed, then i had exams, then i had after exams stuff, then i had that 3weeks shanghai trip and now... finally. and you know what? THE SKIN'S SO DAMN GROSS. gah, i can't stand it that it's black base. but still... i couldn't stand the other skin either so bah! at least this one features relatively hot guys ;)

sigh. i think when my stupid cold recovers, i will make a better one for myself. and speaking of my cold, it sucks! i woke up and had freakin conjunctivitis or something like that and it was so creepy cause my eye was all red o.O gahhh. and now that it's night, my cough decided that it was bored and im going about spasming. bah!

ok, not really in the mood to blog so... kapeesh. oh and i decided to bestow my blog with an auto play song, so... don't get irritated to death too fast ;)

Age is just a measurement
of how long we've existed in the world.
That means you can still be immature
when you're 160 years old.


arghhh. IT HURTS !!! it doesnt hurt. it doesnt hurt. it doesnt hurt. it doesnt hurtttt !!!

hell, its hard to lie to yourself when you cant even say it outloud (cause if you do, you end up honking your nose into a tissue or coughing your tonsils out). sigh, life is unfair.

but anyway, bodily trauma aside, i've found an amazing treasure trove with a shit load of amazing snarrys. yay for good fanfiction ! :D and of course, i spent my entire day (or what was left of it after i woke up so late) reading this brilliiiiaaantttt snarry. it was really good, especially since someone did fanart for it and the fanart was drop dead perfect. so adios skinningggg, and helloooooo fanfiction. oh yeah ;)

but of course, since this skin is getting under my skin (ignore the poor pun in crutches), i'm gonna have to change it. somehow. actually, i have this simple plan skin lined up, but it just doesnt feel right. the image so far... is passable, but the css is driving me nuts cause i just can't get it right. urghhh. the codes look downright ugly. sigh, im having nooblet depression.

ah well, i'll finish it up, sooner or later, and i'm gonna retire from skinning. maybe i should take up another hobby... like sleeping :D (and maybe i'll grow taller !)

oh and i'm not gonna talk about shanghai, unless anyone is actually interested. cause if i'll bore myself to death retelling the whole thing, i'll probably bore whoever actually reads my rants to infinity and beyond (does that retarded buzz light year thing).

urgh. toothache. you're outstaying my hospitality. away with you! begone! vamoose! disappear! vanish! (O2, lol) -.-

oh yeah. why on silas' extremely dirty keyboard earth does the disk space on my c drive flunctuate like mad? it's been going up and down and i spent a hell lot of time fiddling with the command prompt and system restore stuff. well, ok so the difference is not a lot, and if it were a wave the amplitude would be kinda small, but when you only have a two digit amount of free space (in megabytes), 300MB is a lot of difference. gah, silas you're having mood swings.

and now that my stupid frizzing hair is almost dry, i can end this infernal trabble and go to sleep. hmms, i really should bathe earlier.

(eeps, last year in nanyang next year :X)

expecting the world to treat you fairly
because you are a good person
is like expecting the bull not to attack you
because you are a vegetarian.

Friday, November 21, 2008


yay! i'm BACCCCKKKK :D and mygosh, it's so HOT WARM. but at least it's not cold, so yeah. anyway, i'm feeling a little lazy to post so... i'll rant about the trip tomorrow. and you have no idea how HAPPY i am to finally see silas again. like after 21 days...


and i've got new chairs, heh heh. i think my parents figured that what with my record of breaking chairs, they should get more than one. so now, i have this big reddish one and a less... obnoxious black one.

oh and now that the air isn't trying to freeze my tonsils out, i'm hoping my sore throat and flu will go away fast. and i need to soak my feet. i have this vague feeling that they stink, but what with my blocked nose, i can't actually smell them to check. ackk, i need to stop ranting and go bathe.

so, ta ta for now.

stupid, i know
but some part of me still hoped you'd come back
if only just to welcome me home
for one last time