Saturday, September 01, 2012

So you say

This space has been so dead but I'm still here! Sort of :/ I've had too many things to do so far, and there's many more still to do. Too many late nights 2am mornings, too many failed attempts at squeezing onto D2 feeder buses, too many wasted hours of falling asleep in lectures. I need to pull myself together, like seriously. That dreaded day is coming soon and till then, and after that, I'll have to keep kicking my ass to stay busy and not just degenerate into a staring-out-the-window-phantom like a certain vampire-obsessed girl. Especially since the view out of my Angsana room is kind of dreary.

Anyway, my phone semi-bricked itself yesterday (my whatsapp won't work, that's almost as bad as being phone-less!) so I'll probably have to revert it or... something T^T