Monday, August 21, 2006

its been 10 days since i last posted. wow. long time, and im only posting now coz nat was lik "kai you shud update ur blog" or sth lik tt. bleah havent done any hw again. sumhow time tends to fly when ur stoning. shud i even bother to do it now?

eeks. i jus saw a cockroach... it was lik... crawling over the stuff.. eww.

stupid ying. suppose to call me back in the end nvr. grrrs. RAWR. haha. i jus posted sth on the maple guild blog to nag at ppl hu havent been tagging. hahas. i shall go sort out my sch bag now... apparently its empty... o.O wheee

(__) peace!

Friday, August 11, 2006

i just realised. the previous post was my 13th one, not 6th. it just looked that way coz it was only showing like 5 posts on a page >.< hahas. so blurrr.

RISE concert was ok i guess. i found the conductor's change in coats amusing. the tails were bouncing ard! hahaha! and i feel a little pukish thx to the long taxi ride. wooooo. I JUS BLEW 50 BUCKS TODAY. stupid concert. 12 bucks ticket, 5 bucks dinner, 3 bucks ice cream, 14 bucks taxi ride, and the 20 more is... hmms. i'll most probably spend it some whr later on. sigh

chewing gum makes me sick. esp when u chew for 5 hours non stop. ewwww. hahaha. makes me think of hisoka n his pansy gum nen thingy. ohhhh hisoka is cute. wow. im infatuated wif a joker -- thats wad he looks lik in the anime but i think hes cute. illumi is nice too. his facial features are very... delicate. they look really nice n i think his long black hair is cool. i seem to lik all the characters ppl normally dislike coz dey are the bad guys. ohh wells. im weird. hehe.

i dunno wad i shud do now... maplin doesnt sound that appealing even thou i MUST beat bek's lvl sumhow or the other. by hook or by CROOK. ((: hook basically means non stop chiong-ing. i guess crook is getting ppl to help...

sigh... lalalala. i shall go post on the guild blog now. bye byes

Thursday, August 10, 2006

eeks. this is only my 6th post. im so pathetic. i wonder how i survive in a hse with my maid and sis disscussing timon and pumbaa from lion king... hahas.

well, im still wishing i had photoshop... maybe i will bug sumone to lend em the cd! ((:

I NEED TO TRAIN. hahas. i have to catch up with bek's lvl on maple she is SO far ahead. i dun tink i'll catch up. sigh. either way, i still haf to TRY. ((: currently im side-tracking from my hw. shud be working on my second draft for my lang arts compo. hehe.

shall get back to my work... bah byesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss zzzz

Saturday, August 05, 2006

wow. i havent posted for awhile. i wanna change my skin! HISOKA from hunterxhunter is haht...! woohoo! hahas. darn i cant get the photoshop i copied from the sch com to work... su gi said it wud but it doesnt! arghhh gagaga. and summore its so laggy everytime i try to open. sigh. bleah im bored. hahas. havent done chinese 10 activites... shall do it later. hahs