Wednesday, November 15, 2006

hello... rah rah rah. im bored. didnt really maple today, seeing no one wanted me on -.- anw, THERES SO MUCH HOLIDAY HOMEWORK~! this is so unfair... eeee... i shudnt post now. im feeling rather... depressed. shant post much -.- i tink i wont even bother to try to write anything. ciao.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

mwahahaha~ i havent updated for so long... my blog has been collecting dust... like me... gah its the holidays and we still have holiday hw... havent started... YIKES. hahas. just watched that wendy wu homecoming warrior show, so NICE. i tink shen is HOT. wahahaha. he is... lol... from monk to hunk. hahahas. i still LOVE that movie... lol. but he really looked weird at first... wif the medalion and all. hahas. i tink brenda song looks wrong fighting in that dress... looks so PLASTIC. hahas. and the fake im-the-big-baddy voice is just wrong... hahas. the funny hand movements were weird and i collasped onto the floor laughing when she was doing the "ummmmm" thing all over the place. i tink cartwheeling up a lamp post is cool. xD shin koyamada is cuteeee.... waaaaa~ *drools (ha. you wish.)

tra la la. i feel very dusty... lik i havent been doing much lately... other than eating choc, playing maple, eating some more and maybe a bit of tv and the phone... notice i left out sleeping? yeahs ive been on maple till early in the morning... xD this is so not gd. its lik chocolate (and me too! xD) ... you cant resist it even though you noe its bad. hahas. yada yada yes joey im a bad influence, i know... -.-

hahas. okayes the reason behind death(of yours truly's blog): MAPLE. hahas. yeah heavy mapling going on. alot of catching up to do... but i train lik a snail(quote from bek) xD anw i keep dying for fun so wad do you expect? hahas. anw the guild is in an even worst state than me. theres only so few members... its miserable... bek~ you gotta help recruit. i cant get anyone. >< lol and the forum is pissing me off. no one wans to offer for all tt trash i need to clear... darn...

hahas. eee why are there so many quizes to do... nvm shant bother to flood my blog wif stuff ppl are already stuffing they're own blogs wif. ohh. i haf a low IQ xD. 113. thats the result i got frm the super IQ test thing. quite expected xD tee hee hee. and the irs exhibition was an utter waste of time... i tot it was compulsory... it isnt, rite? ><

anw, got new handphone and nano. xD hahahaha. im not showing off k? the phone looks so... ADULT. my dad doesnt get tt the phone's for a 13 year old and picked such a... mature colour. BLAHS. and the nano... no complaints. xD ive decided tt the blue is ok and yeah quite pretty in a sense. the only prob now is tt my phone, wallet and nano cant fit into the sch skirt pocket all at once. darn... lol.

gahs joey. ease up on the nudges. my com is SUFFERING. bleahhhh. you're the one who told me to update and here i am, updating and there you are, nudging. bleahhhh. eeee. im back to being broke and i have so many prezzies to get ppl. shall end here. im eager to see what my tagboard looks lik after not looking at it for so long. xD