Tuesday, December 25, 2012

trying so hard

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope your's is turning out better than mine. A new year is coming soon but I'm not ready for it. It's so hard to let go and move on from all that happened this year. 2012 held some of the happiest times of my life and some of the worst. It hurts so much; if I didn't have so much to do and so many books to read I'd just lie in bed all day and disappear piece by piece.


But sometimes I long for the eternal sunshine.

Monday, December 24, 2012


"Belief isn't simply a thing for fair times and bright days, I think. What is belief - what is faith - if you don't continue in it after failure?"
- Mistborn trilogy


Stories are an amazing thing. Fantasy stories, especially. I've been reading every chance I got this past week ever since I went to the library on last Sunday (finally!). Quick recap before I end up in one of those pointless moods!

17 dec: Went for a HC training but mostly stood around collecting mud. It's embarrasing how I've forgotten how to play zone offence hahas. Open House meeting at Angsana in the evening, slept over. KFC dinner, yumz.

18 dec: Dragged myself up really really early in the morning to go to ACRES, was so envious of Sh and CC who were happily snoozing away hahas. Helped out for a full day shift although I had intended to leave after the morning shift, I guess it's not like I had anything else to do :/ Went back to Angsana to pick up my stuff before going home, sis bought Macs dinner for us (I see a really bad trend starting)

19 dec: Hardcore reading day hahas

20 dec: Volunteered for NUS CSC's christmas event at a hospice, it was eye-opening and fun. The horse betting game brought back memories :/ Went to town, had Carl's Junior for dinner (and the trend continues!), watched Life of Pi. Conquered... something that day. Let's just say I made myself do something I've always wanted to be capable of doing but was too afraid to; I hope that mean's I'm moving forward.

21 dec: Watched Rise of the Guardians with J at Tampines, we were both late and missed the first 30 minutes of the movie hahaha. It was a nice heart-warming movie, and Jack Frost made excellent eye candy hahas. Such big eyes and those shaggy bangs of his... *fangirls* hahaha. Went back home and Jo tried to take photos of the dogs; there's this really cute one of Amber, will upload my favourites after I've sorted through them. Oh and sis got a bunny! It's so cute *aww*

22 dec: Indoor Christmas Hat at HC, woke up with a terrible headache (perhaps I shouldn't have read so much the day before, oops) and almost didn't go for Hat. Going back to HC was harder than I'd thought it would be but Hat was still awesome fun; had Macs lunch with the rest of the 4th batch who went. Wanted to crash when I got home but I started reading and just couldn't stop.

23 dec: Mum literally had to drag me out of bed this morning. Visited grandma, haven't been going much since I spent quite a number of weekends at Angsana or just staying at home. Spent even more time reading hahas, I'm on the 3rd book in the Mistborn trilogy and it's amazing. I'm probably going to stay up late reading it again even though I have to be up early to go to Angsana.

About reading... it's good. It's a really effective distraction that occupies any spare time I have. It stops my mind from wandering into places better left forgotten and gives me something to do instead of lying in bed at night trying to fall asleep.

As a side thought, I've recently changed in more ways that I initially realised and I can't say it's all for the better. Trust plays a big part in the story in the Mistborn trilogy. Coincidentally, it also happens to be something I've been thinking about. Life's full of lessons and I guess I've gotten mine on trust.

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Just realised my first post was when finals started hahas. I'm just glad they're over, not much to say about them. As for the holiday break... it's is turning out to be more packed than I expected; it's a pleasant surprise.

3 dec: Finished my last paper. Actually, "finished" is misleading, more like I flipped frantically between pages trying to find something I knew how to do but I ended up leaving lots and lots of blanks. Urgh, bad memory. I was just relieved finals were over. Played my first game of Citadels that night, pretty cool and I kinda like it.

4 dec: Spent most of the day packing up my room and parents came over at night to have dinner with me. We then moved most of my junk in my Angsana room home. I'm not sure how I managed to fit so much into that small room, but next sem I'm definitely going to bring less over.

5 dec: Went back to Angsana in the afternoon for my room inspection and Welogs meeting in the evening. Can't remember what we did at night but we were up late... doing something.

6 dec: Went swimming at QW's place with her and dawn! Super duper fun, especially since we did more chatting than swimming hahas. We went to town after that and wandered around; ate ice cream and bought new books to read hahas! Bought a large packet of Garretts too for our movie night; we watched "Three Idiots" hahahaha. Such a good movie ^^

7 dec: Catch up on sleep day? I can't remember what happened again :/ (OH I REMEMBER NOW! It was Black neighbourhood's BBQ dinner day. We surprised J, JY and CC for their birthday too, gave them their birthday wishes in a jar each with folded stars and Hersheys kisses inside. Got them a piñata too to destroy, JY's turn was epic. He broke the stick we used to hold the piñata hahaha. After that he used said broken stick to maim the poor gingerbread man piñata hahas)

8 dec: Angsana's Inter-neighbourhood games! Played Ultimate (we got 2nd, may have been a little too relaxed playing it hahas) and Captain's Ball (got 3rd I think), had lots of fun and got to watch other people play their sports too. Floorball was really scary and intense! Went to Clementi to have a Black neighbourhood dinner then a bunch of us went to the arcade (Super fun!). Had a semi-HTHT when we got back to Angsana.

9 dec: Packed up the rest of my stuff and checked out of Angsana! Parents came over to have dinner again to help me clear my dinner credits and move stuff home.

10 dec: Ran errands, went to get new spectacles made... sounds about it hahas

11 dec: ... can't recall anything at all hahas

12 dec: Carried the huge box of jo's and her friends' threadless stuff + elsa's stuff to Angsana, my arms were burning T^T Did some sourcing for Open House and then went off to NUS Law campus for a night scrim! I was kinda bummed about missing the OG outing but oh wells, playing ultimate is always fun. It was raining and the fields were super muddy, raced back to Angsana after the scrim for an online meeting at 11.30pm. Was a little late and google hangout was being weird; had BestFriesForever for a late dinner (yumz!) during the meeting hahas. Washing up my muddy jersey and cleats was a pain, ended up crawling into a cradle (two long sofas pushed together to form a little bed-like thing hahas) in the lounge around 3am. Slept at maybe 6am? Too occupied with  thoughts and random talking :/

13 dec: Overslepttttt (sorry Jo ><) and woke up around 1pm, passed Joey her stuff. Collapsed back into cradle in the lounge and bummed about. It was a lazy day (i.e. rainy), just didn't feel like getting up at all hahas. Eventually dragged myself out to have lunch and head down to the Angsana management office to find out some stuff for Open House, got the floor plan for the hall and flying seed and realised I don't quite know how to read it hahaha. Went home for dinner and finished rereading Wise Man's Fear after 5 days of obsessing with it hahas. Needless to say, it was awesome. Can't wait for the next book to come out :]

14 + 15 dec: Woke up sometime in the afternoon, did more sourcing for Open House before heading off to NUS for Disc to Dawn. Started first game around 8+ / 9pm, played all the way till the finals at 5am. It's not quite possible to explain how I managed to stay awake all the way but it was awesome. Played handler for all the games; I think I'm no longer nervous about it (either that or I was just too sleepy and tired hahas). Dex, CK and Sam made some freaking amazing catches, Siu did a crazy layout and got a full applause from everyone hahaha. Finished 2nd and it stings a little to have lost on the universal but oh wells, I think I learnt a lot that day strangely. Siu and I trudged back to Angsana to shower and clean up; we spent more than an hour just scrubbing mud off ourselves hahas. Took a long bus ride home and slept through most of it, when I got home at 10+am my auntie freaked out at the amount of mud on my jersey and shorts hahahaha. Sleptttttt.

15 dec continued: Woke up around 2+pm and realised I was going to be late. Rushed to town, WY found out Rise of the Guardians was sold out (we both missed the OG outing when they watched it) so we watched Hotel Transylvania instead. It was quite a hilarious movie, the kind you watch to brighten up your day or wake yourself up when you've only had 3 hours of sleep in the past 24 hours hahas. We met B at dhoby where we wandered around Cathay, wrote on one of those white floating balls for New Year's Eve Countdown. That was a funny moment hahaha, someone had written "get over the b..." and I added "me too" and B added "all the best" hahahaha. Went over to Timbre Substation to find out they had an event going on so rerouted to Switch instead. Ordered the usual duck pizza and the salmon pizza too hahas, yumz good food. WY and B got their drinks and after my tummy was nicely full after I let them order one for me since Timbre's rule was everyone has to order at least one drink and I don't drink enough to have a preference. CC came along soon enough and S arrived later on. Got more food food, (fries, buffalo wings and a duck and green curry halfandhalf pizza. Talked for really long before the live band started and all the Chinese songs came out. B and I were a little lost while the other 3 happily sang along. Eventually left and ended up walking to the helix bridge, didn't cross it but went back to City Hall via marina square when we realised how late it was. Caught a pretty late train and got back just before midnight. Mum thankfully forgot to chase me home earlier hahahaha. Slept.

16 dec / today: More sleeping hahahas. Woke up around 4pm and had lunch. Gonna head over to bedok later to collect my specs and borrow some books from the library. Busy week ahead!