Thursday, November 29, 2007

pfft. upset. my sis is trying to make a skin for herself. its purple with picutres of her and her frens. zzz. and she has no idea how to code it. zzz. i was having a sushi fit today. zzz. im on a salmon-low. zzz. but i'll get to eat them when my sis buys them(: she owes me... three packs from the sushi shop at eunos. xD

haven't posted for a long time. and ying's in china. and she's laughing at me. coz im going to freeze when i go. and my nose will fall off, as will my ears. then my toes o.O zzz. like in potc. zzz. so gross. so gross. then u can see all the inner bloody thingums. ewww.

there are sheep in new zealand! i hope joey sees one and takes a pic for me(: hopefully by some strange thing joey will get this sudden impulse to take pics of sheep xD heez.

i wasted the whole of today audi-ing -.- shud i install maple? ive dled the game client... zzz. i hate it when i have ITS reading over my shoulder. go away IT. SHOO! hello. dont breathe on my elbow. gosh. idiot.

right. toodles~

Saturday, November 24, 2007

boo! went bowling today. score sucked. zzz. ah wells. its really cool. coz the score board was all animated like that with this rulpdoph, santa and frosty. zzz. vaguely recalls the one where santa skips by and pulls off frosty's nose. hahas. and santa was conducting a grp of singing christmas trees o.O oh and this is the bowling at the kallan leisure centre or sth. it's open again but not really. as in there are still empty shops and all. but the ice skating is open. the skates are nice but its damn ex. damn damn ex. zzz.

they have a koufu there too and it has this strange sports theme i think. must be the fact that they're gonna dump a sports thingum at kallang. back to the point. the koufu has like, strange cardboard-or-sth people who are like swimming on the ceiling. zzz. sounds retarded and actually is quite but not as bad as it sounds. just hard to explain. and they have cool soccer ball chairs. hahas. and nice lights.

zzz. its like basketball hoops and the ball's the bright thingy that's uhh, quite obviously the light -.- hahas.

oh they hve a cold storage there too. zzz. cold. but not as bad as ntuc i tink. i have no idea. but supermarkets are still cold. oh and they were selling stuff toys. i tink they're like hallmark toys. so cute. look! SHEEP! SHEEP! SHEEP! SHEEP!

SHEEEEEEEP! SHEEEEEEEEP! hahas. its so cuteee. my dad claims it looks mutated. but it's still CUTE! hahas. I LOVE SHEEP! BAAAA~! oh and thats my sis holding the sheep. zzz. she fell in love with this monkey stuffed toy. but who cares about monkeys. THE SHEEP IS SO PERFECTLY PERFECT. hahahas. but its 31 bucks -.- sigh. byebye sheep.

*sniffles. ah wells, we don't always get what we want. and i DID ask my mum why we can have 5 dogs and 1 cat but not have a pet sheep and she just told me sheep eat alot. zzz. but they eat grassssss. and grass is like... everywhere. and if we get a sheep, our dogs can be SHEEPDOGS. or we can get another dog. hahas. collies would be lovely sheepdogs. my neighbour a few houses down the road has a german shepherd. but why are they called german shepherds! i mean are they german? and were they once sheep dogs or sth? zzz. ok ive gone off topic.

SHEEP RULE! MWAHAHAHA. ok. that felt good. hahas. and if you're wondering why im so strangely high, it's coz i was fiddling with my com's bluetooth and ive managed to connect it to my com! all hail bluetooth! and my com! and my phone! mwahahaha. zzz. i uploaded a few random pics.

here's another one.
hahas. that's my cuzzies wabbit. the thing was friggin out on me and kept darting ard the cage. wouldnt let anyone touch it. zzz. then it just sat there and huffed at me. HMPH. my uncle told me if i just left the cage open it'll give up huffing after awhile and come out to be patted. but it didnt. but it did finally settle down by the opening in the cage and let me pat it. heehee. but then it freaked out again -.- and started darting about again. so i sorta gave up trying to get the bunny to chill and stuck my dean koontz book into the cage. the rabbit sort of uhh... started chewing on it. its a library book. oops. but the bite marks were really tiny so let's forget it ever happened ok? xD
tra la la. i'm being random. im rambling. heehee. and dom, sheep are cuter than bek! bek's just hot(: right beky? heehee. but don't starting having bad ideas about her. she's my boyfren! mwahahahaha. zzz. and ying's my wife but u can have her if you want. xD heehee. don't kill me ying. you were easyyyyy. mwahahaha. *sniggers. it took me a few years(?) to court bek before she became my bf(: actually, im not sure how that happened. zzz. and im not sure how i ended up being married to ying too. zzz. but bek came first! ying you di san zhe. hahaha xD zzz -.- i'm high. wonder why.
i have bananas downstairs! and i wonder why we have polka dotted bananas but not striped bananas. zzz. i mean we have striped animals and polka dotted animals but why are fruits a different case? and if anyone is even reading this, i suggest you stop soon. im going to drive you mad. COZ IM RAMBLINGGGGG.
"are you thinking what i'm thinking B1?"
"i think i am B2."
"it's RAMBLINGGGG time!"
hahahahas. i have banana issues. and bananas sound funny. nananana. babababa. -.- and bananas in pyjamas is cool. they're theme song is nice. hahahas. i rmbr watching them a long time ago. tra la la. blogger tells me the connection is questionable. and that posting may fail. zzz. no diff. IM RAMBLING. rrr -rrr -rrrr- ramblinggg! hahas.
wow this post is long. omi says thats coz im long winded. winky just gives me this -.-" look. mean winky. then again, i think omi just insulted me. zzz. bad omi. then again, omi has always been bad. and im glad omi and winky are both figments of my imagination(: or else, i tink i'd just have been whacked on the head. heehee.
hell im mad. mad like uhhh uhhhh like uhhh. actually i have no idea. zzz. the energizer bunny from hell just isnt suitable coz that one is just scary. it freaks out and PINGS (the act of violently boinging) about. ah wells. nvm. shall test out my questionable connection now.
and if you see this, it obviously means the post worked -.- zzz. omi! don't point your fingie at silas! it's not his fault! zzz. my imagination is seriously cranked up.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

quek ying hui if you make me play any more badminton i will kill you. there. got that out of my system(:

i'm rather amused right now. i've revived my blog. fixed the links -though their BOUND to die soon- and got a nice new shiny tagboard (ok not shiny, but stillll). I'm being lame at the moment so decided to do some random quizes.

Your Famous Last Words Will Be:

"So, you're a cannibal."

heehee. we'll find out if its true in a few decades.

You Are a Powdered Devil's Food Donut
A total sweetheart on the outside, you love to fool people with your innocent image.On the inside you're a little darker, richer, and more complex.You're a hedonist who demands more than one pleasure at a time.Decadent and daring, you test the limits of human indulgence.

i have no idea what that is. *shrugs*

You Are Jean Grey
Although your fate is often unknown, you always seem to survive (even after death).Your mind is your greatest weapon, literally!
Powers: telepathy and telekinesis, the ability to project thoughts into the mind of others, communication with animals

hmmms. the telekinesis will be VERY helpful. so will the projecting thoughts thing. if only i can convince my mum that the little voice in her head is her conscience and she shud give me a holiday allowance(:

eeks. time to go. will be back soon with more lame quizes. nvr realised that they're so fun. but better late than never. toodles(:

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

zzz. i'm back again. IT just went into the bathroom. -.- ahh wells. it's as good a time as any to test how my skin handles two posts thats on one day. i hope it works. zzz. if it screws off i'll kill someone. ok so nth to rant abt much at the moment. cept ying is having pretty bad luck with electronic stuffies. uh in her words,


♥ ying just sent you a nudge.

oh and have i mentioned i hate nudges? zzz. and i hate ITS. IT IS STILL IN THE BATHROOM. oh shit. IT is BATHING. WHYYY! *sulks. and poor ying. i'll die if i uh, have an E.D. aura. i cant live without my laptop. i'm a self proclaimed geek. and my laptop's called Silas. He's a lenovo y400. I LOVE YOU SILAS. and its pronounced sigh-lus. or see-las if you want to. WAAAA. IT is TALKING in the shower. it'll be tomorrow before it's my turn! *FUMES. *STILL FUMING.

stupid IT. you lucky ppl out there who don't have any ITS who's mission in life is to ruin urs. sigh. then again, im sure not ALL younger sisters - *chokes. *coughs. *splutters. - are as evil and vexatious as mine.
is this skin plain? i wonder if it is. zzz. oh and if ur wondering why the random theme, it was based on my msn nick. and dont ask me why my msn nick was this random phrase. zzz. life is being horrendously mean at the moment. i wonder if ying has forgotten that i havent agreed to going tmr yet. zzz. maybe i'll remind her but make sure she treats me to sth as well(:

IT, DON'T TOWEL YOURSELF WITH THE DOOR OPEN. it's not decent. it's obscene. it's rude. it's bad for my eyes~! -.-

man this blog is so boring. i'm just purely ranting. i seriously hav nth to do... hmms. time to test my skin again. SHALL UPLOAD PICS.
tra la la. let's see how my skin shows that. oh and i did that during CSP at fengshan. was playing with the little letters which were for spelling things. (: zzz. strangely, it's the only pic i have from 30hours of csp. imagine what the tr wud say if she found out. zzz. im starting to feel sth now. wonder if it's guilt. nahs. not worth being guilty over.
ok IT has evacuated the bathroom for a safe period of time. TIME TO BATHE. toodles again(:

ah wells. I'm going to post since I'm already here. and you can thank/blame my stupidity for that. i tested a skin i was trying to code on my own blog -.- and then i clicked save template. and hence, i lost my links - it's still a loss even though they were all dead in the first place - and my tagboard - which was also dead, but still. my sis is repeating over and over that she's very sad and im tempted to tell her i'm very annoyed. zzz. why am i posting in the first place? oh because i don't want to bathe. -.- zzz. let's see. i have alot to update on. 5 months of death. longest period so far for my blog to die.

ok um so nth happened since the last time i posted on some really nice ff. but i did read a very nice ff a few days ago. its SLASH. *smirks. oh and there were EOYS which were plain scary. history was horrendous. chinese too. and me jo hui yi are trying for SMP but got rejected by MOE, those idiots, but approved by school. AKA we need to find out own mentor and write a report. wonder how we can do that when jo is miles away in new zealand. zzz.

i'm feeling very pissed right now coz i have an IDIOT next to me who wont leave me alone. IT is being stupid and needs a life as IT is such a busybody and wants to read my msn convs. SEE THAT IT? now SHOO!

-.- its a lost cause. and i've forgotten what i wanted to rant about. -.- LOOK WHAT YOU DID YOU IDIOT IT. and you're still not gone. SHOO IT. BUGGER OFF. anw, bek's and ying's so called bday party thingum was yday and we bowledbadmintoned. and we got bek this pretty lava lamp. YAY! IT'S GONE. zzz. fyi, IT goes by the name kaiqin and the world tells me that IT'S my sister. the world must be mad.

and i cant put off bathing any longer so toodles.