Thursday, November 29, 2007

pfft. upset. my sis is trying to make a skin for herself. its purple with picutres of her and her frens. zzz. and she has no idea how to code it. zzz. i was having a sushi fit today. zzz. im on a salmon-low. zzz. but i'll get to eat them when my sis buys them(: she owes me... three packs from the sushi shop at eunos. xD

haven't posted for a long time. and ying's in china. and she's laughing at me. coz im going to freeze when i go. and my nose will fall off, as will my ears. then my toes o.O zzz. like in potc. zzz. so gross. so gross. then u can see all the inner bloody thingums. ewww.

there are sheep in new zealand! i hope joey sees one and takes a pic for me(: hopefully by some strange thing joey will get this sudden impulse to take pics of sheep xD heez.

i wasted the whole of today audi-ing -.- shud i install maple? ive dled the game client... zzz. i hate it when i have ITS reading over my shoulder. go away IT. SHOO! hello. dont breathe on my elbow. gosh. idiot.

right. toodles~