Sunday, December 28, 2008

pet society ;)

heehee. yes i've been wasting time on that game called pet society. and somehow only jo gets why i named my pet doppleganger. and yes i know it's misspelled. and yes i spelt it that way cause the right way looked weird. but anyway, I FINALLY GOT AN EVIL DUCKAYYYY. it's so cuteeeeee. :woooh: and the teddy's cute too i guess, but not the point. and don't ask about the pink balloons. they were a bad mistake.

so what's the point? i don't know. but there was this random coin rolling around that wouldn't stop rolling and couldnt be picked up or anything. so... lol? i spent awhile watching it roll from one end of the room to another and then back and yes i'm being extremely lame. i'm just hoping my duckay does that too one day.

RAWRRR|| Joey says:
omg theres so many things in life i wna RAWRR at
--kAiliN---> ---- imminent doom alert --- says:
i agree

i can so totally give lessons on word variations and how to use them :D

no one cares that you're miserable, so you might as well be happy.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

holiday greetings

so it's a little late, but i've been busy ok. celebrated christmas yesterday at my uncle's house with my relatives, and we played guiter hero ! somehow, i find it really hard to imagine my uncle dancing in a disco (he claims he did), but i have problems imagining a lot of things really. one of which would be how i was conceived, but let's not go there.

so i would post some pictures which i took with zaniel (my still much-loved handphone), but i'm kinda lazy so tomorrow!

right. so that was wednesday. what happened on tuesday? oh. yeah, that was supposed to be cycling day, but as it usually happens, cycling didn't happen. man plans, god laughs. myron bolitar is the love. tall funny guys aside, basically me, jo and bea spent tuesday morning at ying's house, doing weird shit and playing with ying's hamsters, lunch and dinner, who are really cute btw. :puppyeyes:

then after that we met jen at marine parade library for lunch and we performed the amazing feat of squeezing five huges plates on one teeny tiny table. and bea drinks coke waayyyyyy too fast. oh, coke can be used to clean blood, you know?
really, go turn yourself into roadkill and test it out .

after that was badminton, which would have been pretty normal, except we ran into nat. and i recall myself gaping a lot... something like :scream: cause it really was too coincidental. and i'm still not convinced the guy with her was yihao. he looks... different.

so yep, after an hour plus of badminton we (jen, ying, jo and i only, bea had to go meet her mum D: ) went back to ying's house and had a torture jen session. :devilishgrin:ying made jen try on her dress and other stuff and heehee. it was fun. and jen, you're too skinny ! but you look nice in dresses, even though you refuse to wear them. but nvm, the bimbo jen project has officially begun!

so after that we lazed about (not doing homework) and randomed about well... random stuff.
ying: queenie's really short.
jen: what's her height?
ying: the same as kai's.
me: *spontaneously bursts into tears*
jo: *snigger*
:argh: rather depressing, yeh. and don't ask how we got to that topic. the pure fact that our conversation included guys and measurements is scary. so that was more or less tuesday. and i think i shall end here, cause this post is really getting long.

For every minute you are angry,
you lose sixty seconds of happiness.

Monday, December 22, 2008

dust bunnies abound

i can't stand this anymore. i'm not packing my room! i've been at it since after lunch and until now, i'm far from done! i'm like drowning in all the files and random loose papers and my god. ::(

so i shall leave the mess on the floor, and read fanfic. i found another snarry and hopefully, this one isn't just an extend lemon like the other one. and there's some pretty amazing snarry fanart out there. sadly, no one will ship snarry with me. but what the heck, severusssss :inlove:

oh and i hope the emoticons are appearing. they're so cuteeee, aren't they? anyway, fanfic time. ciao.


oh. my. money.

right. haven't posted in quite awhile but i've been busy reformatting silas and then helping boost the economy with my totally extravagant spending. so... let's recap. some time ago i went bowling and got thoroughly owned by my family, including my sis. bah, life is sad. i'll post pictures next time if i remember, that is if i've finally figured out how to install my phone's pc suite. and i'm still rather depressed about my really pathetic bowling.

but on the bright side, i've been shoppppping :D so far this month i've spent more than the number of days there are in a year. which is really quite a record for me, but maybe i'm having a phase or something. or it could be the bimbo project taking effect, except that i haven't really been buying girly things. like in the past week, i've acquired four pairs of sneakers. that sums up to about... 120 dollars (not all of which from me, of course :D).

and i've completely forgot what i wanted to write about... oh yeah. I WAS AWAKE FOR 20 HOURS YESTERDAY and i woke up damn cranky cause well, i was woken up. oh and yesterday refers to saturday. i had to wake up real early for an infocomm club meeting, which was supposed to be with the hci icc peeps too, but was cancelled at the time the meeting should have started. urgh piss off. so went to kap with zitian, joey and choon ting, where we promptly hoarded a table without buying anything (except for joey's hashbrown). i really don't like mcdonald's breakfast stuff. though pancakes are an exception, since i havent had them in so long i cant remember how they taste.

all in all, saturday was a really long day and i'm too lazy to write about it. i can't seem to think about anything except THOSE AWESOME CONVERSE SNEAKERS (L). i'm really glad my dad bought those two pairs for me for christmas.

heehee. i'm in love with my shoes. i dont think i even want to wear them. i just wanna stare at them. and maybe... name them? :D

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

oh S H I T

sigh. i can run, but i can't hide. curse you homework! i suppose i'll get cracking tmr, like with my ih survey D: the whole ih project is wholely whorely screwed up. like argh. we want to be aware of how aware they are that they aren't aware? wth -.- but actually, the ih meeting today was kinda ok, as project meetings go. oh and claire's mum is so cute ! like totally sassy. and she's good with the com, which is more than i can say for most moms i know. and it's scary how many dialects she knows. ah, respect yo. oh and she's really funny, especially when she's joking about claire's lil brother and asking nicole to bring him home with her. i wonder what it's like to have a brother o.O

i think if my parents' had a third kid, it'd probably be a boy. seeing as my ring fingers are longer than my index, it means i was exposed to quite a fair bit of testosterone in the womb. and the doctors plus my parents thought my sis would be a boy... which means... getting closer yeah. too bad it's a little too late, seeing as my sis is 12 o.O

oh and yes you'll be seeing pictures soon, once i figure out how to install the pc suite on silas. like hello, it's a mini cd. and hello, silas has a slot load drive. if i stick that tiny disk in, it's just gonna fall in and lose itself in silas' insides. urgh. anywway, if you couldn't understand the geek talk, just get this. silas doesn't have the right holes.

so tata for now.

alcohol inhibits the male libido.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

new phone... finally

so, after two years of using my long-past-retirement nokia 6280, i've finally gotten a new phone. it's the LG renoir KC910, and the functions and all are kinda cool. but all the happiness was kinda killed when the screen protector decided to give me a real hard time. ah you piss off. so after eons are fighting a losing battle, it's still misaligned and has lots of dog fur stuck to it. urgh. 5 dogs = a lot of fur. i just hope i don't kill the touch screen any time soon.

and for some reason, i've been sneezing like shit today. at the rate i'm going, i should have had my first orgasm ever by now, if the myth about each sneeze being 1/8 of an orgasm is true. then again, i'm only 15 and i'd rather have my first one somewhere exotic... like the moon. and so, abstinence is key, and i shall wait until humans have set up a habitable environment on that giant lump of space cheese.

gah. i think the fact that my cold's back has screwed up my head. but that reminds me. apparently someone signed up for this site called which is basically... a virtual red light district. like come on, their slogan is oriental and beautiful and the homepage is splattered with pictures of girls. i suppose they'd rather you come but urgh. and for some reason i find it extremely amusing that the forum is full of guys looking for girls and talk of wands and wanking. so, to whoever signed up as ignitionedge using my email, thanks for the few minutes of entertainment.

oh, and now that i have a phone with an 8 megapixel camera, you just might start seeing pictures on this blog. but till then, i shall leave you with your disturbed thoughts and go finish my stupid panadol cold extra.

Perspective on life according to George Constanza
The most unfair thing about life is the way it ends.
I mean, life is tough. It takes up a lot of your time. What do you get at the end of it? A death. What's that, a bonus?
I think the life cycle is all backwards.
You should die first, get it out of the way. Then you live in an old age home. You get kicked out when you're too young, you get a gold watch, you go to work. You work forty years until you're young enough to enjoy retirement. You drink alcohol, you party, and you get ready for High School. You go to grade school, you become a kid, you play, you have no responsibilities, you become a little baby, you go back into the womb, you spend your last 9 months floating...then you finish off as an orgasm! Amen.

Friday, December 05, 2008

money money personality

hahas. ignore the spastic title. i'm feeling vaguely drunk for some reason, though i swear i haven't touched a drop of alcohol.

anyway, let's do this in chronological order. yesterday, i spent another $70 on clothes D: that would make ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY in just two days. my god. but actually, seeing as it's clothes, that's not too bad. i mean, normally a pair of shorts would be at least $20 yeah? but with that 70, i managed to buy one pair of pants, two berms, two shorts, a small sling bag, a pair of slippers, and one belt. awesome, yeah? and it was a fox warehouse sale, so there weren't any fitting rooms, but the stuff all fit more or less ok, except for a pair of berms that aren't too happy with my thunder thighs. but considering everything, i'm quite happy with it.

and if you're interested, the sale is still on. it's at wing tai building, which is at 105 tampines road. it's damn ulu, have fun getting there ;) the tops are going at $7 each and the bottoms are going at $10 each. the jackets are $13 while the slippers and belts are $3 each. oh but the pants are all kinda large-sized while the shorts are really short so unless you have short legs like me (D:), it'll look damn obscene. actually, i only spent 66, but considering that i took 5 buses and 2 mrt trains, it more or less sums up to 70.

speaking of crazy travelling, yesterday me and jen went from eunos to tampines to ang mo kio to thomson and finally home for dinner. gah. don't ask why. oh but we went to thomson for free starbucks coffee, where we also met pam who was at church. actually i'm not sure what jen and pam went off to do after coffee, but i don't really wanna know. impulsive trips to malaca? man, they scare me.

so that's yesterday. today... i woke up semi early at 10 (hey usually i get up at 2 so that's a miracle already) and lazed about reading fanfiction. initially, i had planned to leave at 2 cause i was supposed to go to TM to buy movie tickets since yk would be rushing over after his cca but... heh heh. i got a bit distracted "diffusing into my chair". anyway, i ended up leaving at around 2.30 and taking the same mrt train as him. we got there... a little late but after the tickets and popcorn, the movie started in a few minutes so i wudnt count that as late. oh and guess what movie we watched.


hahas. if you couldnt guess from the quote, it involves an utterly adorable hamster and a totally sardonic cat. ah... animal love (L). righto, this post is getting too long. so i shall end this off with a random statement.


fine. i'm kidding. actually, not really. i tried out the brain game thingy and it told me i had a male brain but when i went to do a brain sex test on bbc, that one told me my brain was (thankfully) female. that left me doing more other random tests but it's really quite fun. you can try them out here.

it seems guys are less horny during spring
cause of their lower testosterone levels.
but since singapore doesn't have seasons,
does that mean singaporean guys are always horny?

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

eee impulsive spending

yikes. i spent like $70 today... and it's kinda depressing. then again, whattheheck. i've finally got a new wallet and pencil case, as well as some other random things. oh and it's the starbucks christmas open house tomorrow. which means.... free coffee :D yep, each customer gets one free tall-sized drink. you can find out more here.

so hurray for good coffee! ciao.

Logic cannot convince the heart.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Cambiare Podentes: Invocare

WHEEEEEE. i'm super high now, cause fanfiction was amazing. like the story just ended, and it so happened that itunes was playing thank god i found you by Mariah Carey and it was just so... perfect. like in the story, harry and severus were forced to be together but it ended up so beautifully. *swoons like a fangirl*

man, i love itunes. and the song that's playing now would be really nice to play on guitar hero. lots of guitar stuff and drumming. hahas. it's actually quite a nice song, cold hard bitch by Jet.

oh and since this post is extremelyyyyy random, what do you think of this?
i was kinda bored yesterday so decided to do some doodling. and that's done using paper and pencil, my tablet's too lousy to draw with.

anyway, back to fanfic! or at least the sequel :D