Tuesday, June 30, 2009

just another jane doe

honestly, bio lessons with mrs tan feel like a cross between lousy audio erotica and overly-enthusiastic sexuality education. but whattheheck, it works. and though i may have developed a new fear of high pigtails, i guess i'll remember all that stuff about the rhythmic method and clear stretchy discharge. goodness, i'm not sure if i should be scared or thankful.

on another note, i really want to test zinc's 'kinky luck theory' (as ive so fondly named it, since 'ying and kai are really lucky when they work together' is just too long to keep typing). especially considering that today when i went down with ying to hpb to collect the gv tickets she won voting for the liveitup contest, i discovered that my mum had won a pair too and i am now the proud owner of another pair of free tickets :D (though i think i'll have to give one pair to my sis D:) anyway, once we're old enough to, we are so going to buy 4D ;D

Studies have found that men who had fewer orgasms
were twice as likely to die of any cause
as those having two or more orgasms a week.

Monday, June 29, 2009

so i'm not asleep yet

"You'll experience a religious epiphany and ecstasy as you don your Snape wear and bask in the pride and glory in the rapture that his He - while the general public looks at you aghast, befuddled or bemused. ;) But hey, all Cults are always sooo misunderstood! :-P"

LMAO but yay snape is finally being worshiped as the sex god that he really is :DD

Sunday, June 28, 2009

flight of the prince



apparently the actual scene was in deathly hallows chapter 30, the sacking of severus snape. they were doing something about hogwart's defences when... omg! there's someone in the corridor! oh no, surely that's not...
"It is I," said a low voice.
From behind a suit of armor stepped Severus Snape.
*gasps* anyway sevvie and mcgonagall rendezvous it out (ok bad choice of word and bad images) and when flitwick turns up... snape flies away -.-
With a tingle of horror, Harry saw in the distance a huge, bat-like shape flying through the darkness toward the perimeter wall.

leaving behind a...
Snape-shaped hole in the window.
... ... ... honestly, i don't know why i didn't notice this in my first reading (ok maybe i was too busy being upset that snape dies. damn you nincompoops for the spoilers) but WHAT THE HELL?!

her most suave, sensous and not to forget sexy character finally appears and she uses such retarded imagery?! damn she has no respect for potion masters.

then again, once i got over the indignity of the whole scene, i realised it is kinda funny :/

but really, poor snape. no one appreciates you much these days. (L) and random hp ranting aside, OMG SCHOOL STARTS TMR! (see who said i couldn't state the obvious :D) and so even though i should be asleep already, i'm not. and even though my hw is supposed to be done, it's not. and even though sch holidays were supposed to be extended, it's not. real depressing, no?

Friday, June 26, 2009


just playing around with the software :D

there goes the king of pop

so i'm 16 and i suppose with growing up comes a new level of maturity, which probably explains why i woke up going crap i haven't done any of my homework. but not only is that a very depressing thought to wake up to, its also a very discouraging thought, causing me to simply not bother about getting up at all. so much for a new level of maturity.

anyway, sleepover was beyond brilliant with spaghetti tiramisu cookies (as separate items of course, and not... spaghetti tiramisu cookies) and mahjong and harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban :D so basically slept too little and ate too much, but all is fine in the world except i can't go for the class bbq today for the most stupid of stupid reasons. sigh.

another depressing thought would be that someone died on my birthday D: sigh. rip michael jackson.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

just bloody give half away

found this via a thread at blogskins.com and all i can say is oh fuck.

Friday, June 19, 2009

i have a natural empathy for things with short legs

ying thinks it's cute, i think it looks wrong and unnatural and is completely disadvantageous to the cat cause it'll never be able to succeed as anything other than some girl's snuggle-toy and someone will probably tell me i'm thinking too much -.-

anyway, because me and ying were being lame...
(brought to you by the duo unfortunately known as kinky)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

there ain't no judgement day when you do it every day

so i came back from darwin on tuesday but being stuck in mum-enforced quarantine really makes a girl depressed. not to mention having her cat in hospital. and living with a hypocritical self-proclaimed center of the universe.

oh wells, i guess its one of those lemons and lemonade situations.

anyway, darwin yes. it was more or less... ok, seeing as ive never really had a life changing and unforgettable holiday so yeah, it was ok. flew off on wednesday night, arrived on thursday morning and all 16 of us wandered around like vagrants until macs opened at 6.30 and we could have breakfast. for the record, eating 3 hashbrowns is not a good thing to do. anyway, basically did more vagrant-ing throughout the day and went to the night market. there was this... really large and imposing black man who was swearing like mad and generally spittting kittens to some security guy and it was quite freaky. there was literally this tension in the air and somehow your gut tightens because it senses approaching violence. thankfully nothing serious happened though i lost track of the number of fucks the guy used when i ran out of fingers and toes.

the next three days were spent out in the middle of nowhere at the kakadu national park where we basically drove like mad and ate like mad (hell fast food everyday is not good for my arteries). we visited some tourist sites and got swamped my mosquitoes but mostly came out alive and itchy. there was this incident with petrol not getting along with a diesel engine but bah, i wasn't the poor guy who had to drive the same 50+km several times ferrying stranded people.

we finally returned to civilisation on sunday night and on monday we went to casuarina square which is quite a nice shopping centre. but with only around 2hours of shopping time, i didnt get to buy much and i seriously regret not buying a lot of things. and still being under house arrest, i can't rectify that anytime soon. tuesday we wandered around darwin like vagrants again and then went off to the airport to catch our flight.

it's quite sad when the best thing about the holiday was that i got to read two more dresden files books but oh wells. at least now i know i don't react well to flying bloodsuckers and rugrats who slam into your legs and never let go. (so i'm not a kid person, bite me)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i'm quite sure someone owes me a million dollars

(what? they're funny! :D)

sigh. i can't stand it. everything is so bloody expensive nowadays D: i mean, we're in a freaking recession, make cheap things people!

anyway, since shopping leaves me nothing but depressed and empty-handed, i have this strange urge to venture into diy but that's usually not my thing :/ and ok i need to stop thinking about things i cant have (ying stop thinking too they'll never be ours *breaks down in tears*)

so i walked the dogs with my maid and ying at the park connector yesterday (you can check out the pics at ying's photolog) and my dogs are seriously overweight o.O on the way back they just sort of broke down into huffs and puffs and we had to call my dad to pick them up in the car. and when we finally got home (more than two hours after we left mygod) prince had this wide-eyed omg-are-you-dying look which was downright worrying.

oh and i finally collected the extra tee for liveitup and now i have no idea what to do with it. *shrug* time to go back to doing last minute holiday packing and hopefully i don't fall into a ditch :X

Saturday, June 06, 2009

goals and going nowhere

yikes. 一眨眼一个星期就过去了。我想我应该先给自己设下一些实际的目标,不然我又会浪费我宝贵的假期。and oh my, i almost sound coherent. anyway, yes i need to set some goals for myself, other than to finish the dresden files series by jim butcher. so... short term goals, aka before i fly off.

1. finish my part of the report for smp? oh who am i kidding. but i really am trying :D
2. acquire a pair of ripped jeans, either through skilled handling of sandpaper and razor or through sneaky purchases in the dead of the night afternoon
3. ... somehow goal setting just isn't my thing.

and maybe i should stick to something general, like getting 8 hours of sleep a day or finishing all my homework before the end of the world holidays.

screw it's too cold for me to think straight. oh and prince got sterilised today o.O now he's in the next room rolling around drunkenly. poor guy. oh and he has an ear infection. double owie. but on the bright side, now that he no longer functions on testosterone, he'll probably stop going out and getting in fights which he obviously don't win. and... gah can't be bothered to think. 我的高级华文‘O’水准完蛋了!heh, my chinese :/

anyway, the moth is still there :O

Thursday, June 04, 2009

eau de fried mothy

WHAT THE HELL! bloody moth the size of my palm flew into my room, freaked me out mighty much, and then decided to fall into my lights. now it occasionally struggles and scatters bits of itself into the air, which then get dispersed by the freaking aircon blowing right at it. GAHHHHHHHHH.

someone should totally invent a moth vapourizer. either that i should start keeping vacuums in my room to vacuum up all the random insects that fly in for no damn reason. RARRRRRRRRHHHHH! bloody moth #%$#&*%!@!$%*&!!@!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


i am experiencing a recurring moral dilemma...
--kAiliN---> --- ho ho holidays --- says:
ok now...
another impt decision
as a person of firm moral character
do you think i should turn on my a/c?
zhiting; says:
wads a/c?
talk about ruining a totally serious moment. it's like... asking "what's the difference between a lawful and wedded wife?" at the altar -.-

anyway, yes my great momentous decision, to do or not to do, to on or not to on. i mean, if i turn on my aircon, it'd just be contributing to that big ugly thing known as global warming (no offense but you majorly suck) but if i don't i might just disintegrate into a puddle of... something. but if i on, then it's just gonna get hotter somewhere in the future and i'll just want to on my a/c more and then i will and it'll get hotter and... i think you get it.

sigh. i'm only 15, i shouldnt be forced to make decisions that can impact the world D:

regrets regrets regrets

i hate it that there's another incident where i can use dont show me paradise then burn it down. but i guess it's all freakin part of life so time to deal with it and move on with $850 less than i was aiming for. i mean, i wudn't mind losing if the winning design was actually good, but... as ying has so eloquently put it, god its fugly. the whole voting system is deathly unfair but i guess its my bad for not having enough friends who cared to vote.

but here's a big thank you to those who did. and more thank yous to zinc and jen and sming and chrissy and addie and ruio and her bf for coming down to support. and of course, to ying, THANK YOU FOR MODELING :D

anyway, spent the whole of today wii-ing (wiiing?) with jen and zinc and then later with my sis and dad. guitar hero in hard mode is... hard -.- i couldn't coordinate my fingers enough to get the extra orange button that pops up too often and i think i'm building muscles from playing the drums o.O either way, i'm still tone death and pitchless and i need a fanfic that will make me cry. i miss those... amazingly well written fics that leave me trembling in my seat for more (sounds like drugs :/).

codeextremeapps and see2 training tmr and wed so there goes another 2 days of my holiday and i'll have 24 days left o.O yikes all the homework i need to do.