Sunday, October 20, 2013

Every stolen promise

I'm starting to go a little mad trying to understand statistics; too many models with too many properties sighpie. Anyway, I realised something random from having to make multiple calls last week.

What usually happened was
Me: "Hi, good morning."
... pause
Person: "Yes?"

But the rare calls that made me smile went like this
Me: "Hi, good morning."
Person: "Good morning."

Is it that hard to reciprocate a simple greeting? It doesn't hurt to be polite after all.

On other things, I'm getting a little worried about the pace the musical is moving along at. I feel as though we haven't done much for props and sets. Dance is also behind schedule but hopefully we'll be able to finish learning everything.

Also pretty amazed at how I survived having two midterms on one day with really little sleep before that. And considering how recess week went too haha. The marks I lost were either due to not being able to think through the fog in my brain (i.e. careless) or because of working too slowly (which goes back to the foggy problem). So once again, sleep is important :/ And yet I'm still up typing this now hahaha. But yeps, bed time! Tuition lesson tomorrow morning; gosh 3 hours of math... I will not strangle anyone.

But... wow. It's only been three weeks. Somehow it feels like it's been a lot longer. The presence of your absence :/

Friday, October 11, 2013

Good Space

I had an interesting talk with S & S on Monday night about understanding ourselves; learnt stuff I never knew and I ended that day feeling really positive. Then I spent a lot of time this week reading "the virgin suicides" and ended up losing my good vibes. In fact, the book has put me in a really... odd mood. I don't actually know how it affected me. I just read and the more I read the more I started feeling... grey?

Wasn't very productive this week either. Spent time doing a card (which turned out awesome) and decorations; spent more time just getting lost on the internet again. Need to start doing work, deadlines are pouring in. I also realised next semester is going to be a lot more taxing. Need to pull socks up.