Monday, February 25, 2013


Would you do something you don't believe in? But what if you think it would be the right thing to do?

The topic of religion has been on my mind this past few days at my uncle's wake. There are certain essential practices of a funeral and yet it's visible how that religious belief has faded through the generations. This isn't my religion -- not that I had any to start with -- but I still feel strange witnessing the tradition die out. We don't mind helping out with certain things, but the family doesn't wish to do it and so we step back and let them do it the way they prefer. Somehow that makes me feel guilty; why.

What's going to happen when our time comes? I call myself a "free-thinker" but that's a rose-tinted label for someone who simply has no faith. I wonder what faith my children, if I do end up having any, will believe in? For someone with no religion, how would they send me off? Perhaps it'll just mean that they can skip ahead to a quick trip to the crematorium. Such depressing thoughts. Then again, why should I mind? I don't actually believe in anything after all. But yet, I don't disbelieve. So where does that leave me?