Thursday, July 27, 2006

hahahas. wheeee.
im bored. i shud be doing my map for maths.... sigh. later. eeks tmr match against rg... nervous. hahas. bek n me were discussing sum random n suddenly she just went bye n disappeared! thats so MEAN! waaaa. hahas
lets see... sabbats haf been boring so far. i didnt realised that time passed so fast. its thurs liaos. n my grp hasnt started on science sia! argh. stuuuupid science sia. so busy how to do? and tt ying arh, always dunno doing wad. aiyo. why am i talking so weird? i sound... funny
hahas. im broke! as usual... n still havent gotten that bag. gosh. mayb i shud start coming up wif a chirstmas wish list. hahas. i wish.
chinese portfolio thingy due soon... dun noe how im gonna find 10 chinese related activites to do... die... sigh...
AHHH. exams nxt week! im so doomed o.O buh byes. cya in heaven... or hell...

Sunday, July 23, 2006

yo ppl! i just realised im blogging less and lesser these days... hahas. i wanna buy tt bag! the one at mini toons at TM. i checked the mini toons at pp but dey dun haf it dere. darnnn. ohh ny glitters was so cool. hahas. but everything was so weird... basically alot of dances and songs. i didnt get the performance by the theatre club. dey lik suddenly stopped halfway and den dragged ppl from the audience up to stage.

i think queenie looked weird at the concert. pink and flowery black. hmms. miss teo looked nice. den again, she always dresses weirdly nice. hahas. chelsea looked scary skinny in her black outfit. its freaky! shes so skinnyyyy. sal was in this chao mature dress thingy... hmms. wif funny shoes and a handbag. o.O handbag... hahas. her hair looked freaky too. it was lik covering one eye all the time. scary man! bleahhhs. ying, as usual, wore a mini skirt. tts normal ying so i tink u all pretty much can imagine it. joey was in all black, quite normal too. niclette had this really nice necklace! oooohs the blue was such a nice shade... hahas.

eeks. gotta do hm >.< yeah rite... mayb one day i'll do my hw b4 playing. hahas. i tink i'll maple awhile... the spawn the at the z lupins sux...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

IM BROKE. penniless. poor... :( i just realised that if i hadnt spent 30 bucks buying my own food and fun fair coupons, i cud haf bot tt nice bag i saw at the wallet shop! DAMN IT. argh...

if only the guild was mor co operative. i wanna make a nice desktop wallpaper wif ss-es of every member but tts gonna b hard... dey play at weird times man! ahhh

so sian. im broke and pissed. YING OWES ME 50 DOLLARS!! grrrr.

Monday, July 17, 2006


hahas. im just so HAPPY. jus spent a day taking neoprints and eating swensens at bugis! lalala. neoprints were so fun! we took twice and blew like 6 bucks each hahas. we were like fightin to do the deco and ying is SUCH a over-deco-person. hahas. really!

lols. oooo! i saw this REALLY NICE bag at the wallet shop *hint hint* its $33... but nvm. i'll get it sumday, sumhow! ahhh! hahas. it was damn NICE. so cool. i wanna buy a pencil case too. its like black wif this pink drawing of a gal and deres words. sth along the lines of "girls are like tea bags, you nvr noe how strong dey are until dey are in hot water blah blah blah." haha. i'll get tt wen ive saved enuf. rite now im BROKE. yes! its official! i spent $20 in ONE day. arghhhh. i nid to learn to save!

the ice cream was nice. we ordered lik five scoups but it looked so bare. hmms. we had cookies n cream, orange sherbet, mango, mac nuts and chocolate sth. tts 5 rite? hahas. im gonna get DAMN fat.

sch was BORING. chinese was so lame. science was worst... oooh. we haf our prac test tmr. eeeee. chels kips remindin me bout it... well, i'll just read throu tmr morning. eeks. match against pei cai tmr!

hahas. im talkin on the phone and eating cheese balls! cheeseeeeee! haha. ooo. my keyboard is turning a faint orange. hahas. buh buaizzzzz...

Saturday, July 15, 2006

ahhh-choo! i think im coming down with a flu... hahas. anw, im aching all over! arhhh! ((:

homework homework homework. SO MUCH HOMEWORK. trs are unfair! they are evil!! opps. i havent done my zuo wen... supposed to hand up today. after softball. nvms. joey and sal didnt hand up too. ((:

havent been blogging for a few days. too tired. i dont understand why i do my homework! i rush it out and forget to hand it in the next day. in the end, its still overdue. wads the point? :/

gosh. im in debt! i owe so many ppl money! ahhh! hahas. maple rawks! ((: i spent lik so many hours maplin. but was wasted on lagging.... LAG. this guy came and bugged me during lik, my serious training time whr i dun chat. stupid ass. jus coz i got sum chaos robe thingy he bugged me until i ended giving it to him. and sum weapon and lvl 35 earing too. not lik it means much to me but it was just annoying.

wen i was gonna log off, i met this guy... he was lik lvl 28 sin-wannabe. lik me. and we were lik comparing stats. i wonder wad happened to a few of my missing AP. it seems he had mor den me... how come? did i pump any in hp/mp? cudnt b... i wasnt tt noob to do tt... ohh wells. turns out his sin used to b a storage, lik mine. den he got a bored of his lvl 51 cleric n decided to play his sin. hahas. tad was exactly e same for me. wad a coincidence. really. my cleric is lvl 51 too, if u didnt noe.

i think depression caught up on me. so far, ive been too busy to get depressed but not tt its the wkends, im starting to sink. mayb its better to b busy non stop. but tad wud b crazy. ohh wells. i lurv the dog bek gaf. its sitting nxt to the doggie i bot myself for christmas a few yrs back, together wif the ducky from nat. hahs. ducky.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

sigh. nat didnt turn up. quoting yk "tad's typical nat". sigh. oh wells. got LOTS of hw to do. dun feel lik startin. nyway, i spent my whole of yday after softball reading a nice book! it was so sweet... the girl fell rite into da guy's arms. as if such things actually happen... but tads not the point. it was so romantic =.= hahas.

school was boring today! mrs sandy tan is just so... weird, in a bad way. she did this weird dancing thing that looked so gay and she kept doing it. and she poured water onto the classroom floor just to explain sth about osmosis or sth lik tt. cant she just describe it?! its quite duh tad all of us has seen water spread out over the floor b4... her science lessons are so weird...

chinese speech training was actually fun! it was kinda funny. we were doing weird voice projection practices or sth. boucing on our butts shouting "hey!". hahas. funny. then, she made us come up with sum weird performance thingy for da rao4 kou3 ling4. hahas. is tt the rite han yu ping yin? hu cares. my chinese sux and it noe tt. anw, it was really funny and the actions were so... rediculous. lik spinning ard and wagging ur fingers in and out. but, it was nice!

hahas. lets see... o rite! i finally found my alchemist book! turns out it was wif bea. hehe. must haf left it at her table tt day. the presentation is tmr for the lang arts. im not sure if its a gud or bad thing tad im gonna miss it for softball.

ahhh! im broke. ive spent my entire allowance for this wk alrdy! while waiting for nat, hu in the end disappeared sum whr, i bot lik a curry puff, tad sour sweet thingy and a witch comic! ahhh! i'm so broke now! theres still thurs and fri... how? guess i gotta borrow money again. sigh. sad. i feel so weird wifout money. doesnt tt sound lik inky? hahas.

hope we do well for fps! i really wanna go australia! havent been dere since i was a cute and pudgy lil kid shorter den a dustbin. i really wonder wad wud happen to the lessons and exams we're gonna miss out on. eeks! ((:

gtg. i gotta start hw. been slacking for an hour+ ((:

Monday, July 10, 2006

yo all! its monday! ive got sch and im still awake. hehe. nvm. no biggy. i cant wait! neoprints! cant wait for sch to be over and go j8. ((: hehes. my SHIFT key on the right kips dying. the CTRL doesnt work too. sigh. i guess i shudnt bully my com so much. now its gettin its revenge :(

im so dead! i handed up my chinese portfolio on fri but it was alredi 1 wk late! minus lik... 40marks? ard dere. and maths MAD on sat... tt was bad. i cud see ppl sleeping.

argh. and my new spectacles... left them in library. hope no one takes them. *crosses fingers. i haf to check first thing tmr morning. if i dont find them im so dead . my mom will kill me...

sigh. yk wun tell me his blog add. unfair! grrrr. hehe nvm. im selling my brown bandana on maple for 7m+! i'm so happy! ive nvr had tt much money b4! wheeeee...! lalalala.

bop bop bop, bop to the top! ((:

Sunday, July 09, 2006

wow. i just read on the maple forum. some guy dl a keylogger and lost 150m. its scary. hope i dun ever get into such a thing. 150m... thats lik 50 times wad i haf now. sigh. again i shud be doing hw. jus dun haf the right mood.

my sis is freakin annoying. cant she leave me alone? she nids a life... im so tired this days... not enuf slp? mayb. i tink im eating too much. really! im lik gourging on everything. icecream, chips, oreo os.... sigh. gonna grow fatter! bleah.

hahas. gtg. hw awaits =.= mayb i can maple awhile b4 starting.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

sigh. im feeling damn sian! i cant stand this. i shud b doing hw but im too busy slacking! haha. lalalala. i feel like staying up to maple! i wanna lvl. >.<
yo! eeks. hope joey doesnt come so fast. sigh. mad presentation today... after training. i hope siming can go! i dun wanna present on my own! eeks.

sigh. i wasted another 20k cash on maple. gacha has sth against me. that mean thingy. my cleric still stuck in jumping quest... aiya so sad. dunno if shud bring her out. but so close to completin the quest! Im ONE WEEK behind in training. she cud haf lvled by now. sigh.

hope can get more money sumhow. nid to buy mor cash for gacha. ((:

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

harlos! hahas. finally decided to start a proper blog. gaf up on the last one. ohh wells. plan to add sum stuff here and there when the wkend comes. now gotta do chinese sia! ahhh.

buh buaiz