Wednesday, July 12, 2006

sigh. nat didnt turn up. quoting yk "tad's typical nat". sigh. oh wells. got LOTS of hw to do. dun feel lik startin. nyway, i spent my whole of yday after softball reading a nice book! it was so sweet... the girl fell rite into da guy's arms. as if such things actually happen... but tads not the point. it was so romantic =.= hahas.

school was boring today! mrs sandy tan is just so... weird, in a bad way. she did this weird dancing thing that looked so gay and she kept doing it. and she poured water onto the classroom floor just to explain sth about osmosis or sth lik tt. cant she just describe it?! its quite duh tad all of us has seen water spread out over the floor b4... her science lessons are so weird...

chinese speech training was actually fun! it was kinda funny. we were doing weird voice projection practices or sth. boucing on our butts shouting "hey!". hahas. funny. then, she made us come up with sum weird performance thingy for da rao4 kou3 ling4. hahas. is tt the rite han yu ping yin? hu cares. my chinese sux and it noe tt. anw, it was really funny and the actions were so... rediculous. lik spinning ard and wagging ur fingers in and out. but, it was nice!

hahas. lets see... o rite! i finally found my alchemist book! turns out it was wif bea. hehe. must haf left it at her table tt day. the presentation is tmr for the lang arts. im not sure if its a gud or bad thing tad im gonna miss it for softball.

ahhh! im broke. ive spent my entire allowance for this wk alrdy! while waiting for nat, hu in the end disappeared sum whr, i bot lik a curry puff, tad sour sweet thingy and a witch comic! ahhh! i'm so broke now! theres still thurs and fri... how? guess i gotta borrow money again. sigh. sad. i feel so weird wifout money. doesnt tt sound lik inky? hahas.

hope we do well for fps! i really wanna go australia! havent been dere since i was a cute and pudgy lil kid shorter den a dustbin. i really wonder wad wud happen to the lessons and exams we're gonna miss out on. eeks! ((:

gtg. i gotta start hw. been slacking for an hour+ ((: