Thursday, December 28, 2006

argh. i cant believe this. this ff writer is so mean. he liked wrote one very nice story which has a sequel and he also wrote the sequel to that. BUT. the sequel only has one chapter. can you belive that?! its just not right. and you know what the main point of the chapter was? harry died! but the thing is, theres some time travelling happening in the prequel so i know harry somehow comes back to life but i cant figure out how! this is so bleedy annoying. the worst part is, the writer just decided to wrap up the whole thing and stash it away in some ol dusty corner of this miserable planet for 3 whole years! he hasnt updated the story since 2003! and the last time he updated any story he wrote was in 2005! its like he died sometime along the way! or maybe he was abducted by some flesh eating martians but he cud at least have left a note! waaa!

anyway, enough abt mean ff writers. i blew off most of my steam complaining to nat abt it. i was telling her that it feels like someone pushes you off a cliff and then you find out you didnt die. or like jumping into a lake only to morbidly smash your brains on solid ice. argh. maybe i really shud stop reading so much fanfiction... hmms.

besides that, im panicking! school is starting in like... a few days? im not ready for this! i really cant believe sec2 is coming so soon. its like... i dno! ahhh~ im positively freaking out here... theres so many things im worried abt, mainly is my body clock. i dont think i'll actually wake up on the first day of school. for i know, i wont even sleep. and im not kidding, its possible! eeee! -.- i seriously need to calm down.

sleep issues aside, i still have a ton of homework. mainly the cw essay and maths. im not sure what to write for the cw essay honestly. right now, im thinking of pickin the start a story with 'everything suddenly went quiet.' topic but i dont know. i dont really have any idea what to write and its compulsory issit? please say it isnt! and maths. just reading the first few pages of the lesson notes gave me a headache. im not really sure if science or maths was worst. for science, i was reading lik 5pages from the chem txtbk coz the w/s kinda said so and after that 5 (give or take a few) pages, i just fell aslp instantly. for 3 hours at that! how am i going to survive the lessons... either way, at least i managed to struggle through my chem homework. right now, i havent even finished reading the maths lesson notes, how could i even come close to completing the worksheets?

garhs. im almost done complaining now, or at least i think i am. hmms. yeah i am. you know yesterday, i went to play badminton and all and after that, sal came over to my hse. guess what? i actually played maple. and amazingly, alot of other ppl came on too. well technically slightly less than half the guild counts as alot. xD. we, well most of us, were hunting frogs from maladys and it was so fun! there was this once i ran ard hitting random flying things on broomsticks and ended up with 5 after me. it was so funny! i ran ard with this cluster of colours flying around behind me. i laughed so hard i almost fell off my seat. thank gosh i didnt die. >< color="#ff0000">5times or more before i could actually play maple properly. gahs. stupid maple and its dcs. its depressing. im actually quite amazed that after a whole round of instant dcing, i managed to get through the rest of the time without dcing. hmms. its lik for the first 20mins i keep getting kicked out of maple and for like abt 2 hours later i didnt dc again. -.-

i cant belive kat is lvl 70! omgosh can you believe it? i wonder if she lvled again? this is just scary and bek is already lvl 80 sth. im just glad i gave up competing with bek a longgggg time ago coz i can never win against her, looking at how she can train. its freaky.

blah. i was talking to nat just now. yeah complaining abt the ff and harry potter and all. but i was also asking her abt how prof snape does all that sneering and glaring and scowling. its fascinating. im having problems frowning even. snape must have very strong facial muscles to sneer and scowl so much. and how exactly do you narrow your eyes at someone? im realising what a limited vocab of facial expressions i have. man snape has such control of his expressions! blank face... how do you do that? issit sth lik when your stoning? then again, i will never know if i somehow manage to accomplish it naturally. maybe i shud carry mirrors ard more often. then i can check if my sis has sufficiently pissed me off enough for me to actually glare/frown/scowl without me knowing. it just sounds very fun you know? and i do not have a twisted sense of humour. its perfectly normal to find playing ard with facial expressions interesting. how do you keep a emotionalless-blank face thing when you're actually not spacing out. hmms. i cant even keep a straight face when tryin not to laugh.

ok i noe ive been rattling on abt the most boring topic ever but live with me. i really find it damn cool. lets see... uhhh. i lost track of what i was abt to type when my sis burst out in a horrible rendition of that black parade song. gah. she sounds like a howling banshee being torn apart by wolves. i need ear plugs. wonder where you get them from... ohh yeah and sal dumped me with the whole stack of hp books from 1 to 5. yay! stuff to read to keep my mind of fanfic and homework! this time, when i reread it all, im going to see if theres any clues abt R.A.B. or sth. dno. ive decided its more fun to read on your own and find out little clues instead of searching the net and reading the clues ppl have found.

i think my sis is completely bonkers and im not refering to her howling. she spent 50 bucks on neoprints! thats outrageous! its such a complete waste of money. no one spents half of 100dollars at one go on neoprints alone. and the worst is, her neoprints wont even nice. UGH. you know, my sis has been telling me that most of her frens say i look extremely ugly and strange, i dont seem to care. on another thought, i think kids are getting smaller and smaller! its so freaky to walk into a primary school and see little small things scurrying abt. and since im so short myself, thats saying alot. the worst thing is, my sis appears to like hanging out, if i cud put it that way, with ppl half her size. its like comparing hagrid to flitwick! she looks lik a full grown killer whale next to her friends.

blah. lol! im making funny faces at the com. (x this post seems extremely long-winded. ugh. and again, im broke! hahas. i just realised i havent complained abt that so there, ive mentioned it. -.- yeah im lame i know, no need to tell me. xD. eeee! ok im back to freaking out again. a few more days and school's gonna start. sigh. this is so not helping my nervous system. and since i dont really have much to do, do you think i shud sleep early today? it seems like a good idea compared to sleeping at 4am or sth. dno. shall go bathe now.


Sunday, December 24, 2006

ugh. a headache just before CHRISTMAS.

this is so bleedy unfair and its all thx to ONE maths ws. stupid histograms... wow. only a few more minutes to midnight. thx for planting a few wild elephants to stampede ard my head. arghh. since im too pissed off to do maths now, lets count down to midnight! -.- argh this is lame and now my neck is aching too. bloody brilliant. ok lets count! 300 bloody histograms... 299 bloody histograms... 298 bloody histograms... 297 bloody histograms...

ok im not typing that out. anw im just being lame and we all know it so lets just ignore that part completely. i wonder if i can find a particularly nice ff to read to get rid of my headache. im actually mad at gb too coz you know the lucky draw thing? i actually missed! arghs.

toodles. and im not elevating teen angst to shakespearen proportions. its just me and a crappy mood.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

ok ive officially decided to revive my blog. dont know why. gahs... i still have alot of stuff to fix... my links have officially rotted. xD. ahh and how exactly do you get to yk's blog? that prompt window just pops up and after that i somehow get redirected somewhr... nvm. I HAVE HOMEWORK AND IM NOT AFRAID TO NOT DO IT. -.- ok im hopeless. my homework will most probably be all last minute again or sth but its not alot considering ive given up on the portfolio thing. its so ex... lets see. i still have so much time before i usually start to feel sleepy. for the record, i've actually read most of to kill a mocking bird. all thx to sal yday. made us take some bus that made a biggggg loop to goodness knows where before it goes into bedok interchange. BLAH. i spent like an hour+ just on the bus coz sal said the mrt wud be verryyyyyy crowded. hmph. and here am i, with my sis next to me. argh. the bane of my existence. is that how existence is spelt? or is it existense? hmms. i think its the c. nvm.

im not exactly looking forward to school reopening... AHHHH. school... seems like such a long time ago. i really dont know how im going to cope with sec 2. and i still want to try out writing a fanfic. hmms. dno. DEATHLY HALLOWS! harry potter and the deathly hallows! ahhhh. *freaks out for the moment. tick tock tick tock *tightens all the lose screws.

ok good im done freaking. sigh. but honestly, i cant wait for the 7th book to come out. and the 5th movie too. and the 6th movie is coming out when? 2008? argh. so longgg. i was abt to type sth... now i cant rmbr....

ohh right. all american rejects are nice... i was actually considering putting a christmas skin instead of this. but i think this is nice. erhs... next year is 2007... wow. umm guess i have nth to say for now. seeya~!
okaye since im so bored at the moment [despite the fact i havent touched my hw] i shall post a VERYYYY long post, mainly to rattle on abt harry potter stuff for now. I CANT BELIEVE IT. the new title for the 7th book is HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS. hallows?!!! deathly?!!! what the shite! thats like... argh. GREAT. my effing dad has to go piss me off again. i dont get him. i dont wanna go to bleedy sentosa coz theres no bleedy point in going and he's insisting that we go. at first he's like saying "ok we're going tmr" and then suddenly he's like "get down we're going to sentosa now" ok what kind of crap is that. eff it. its pointless k? my mum doesnt wanna go, my sis doesnt wanna go. he might as well just go himself. ARGH. man my mum and sis are argueing downstairs with my dad i think. god knows. i just hear alot of shouting and this bloody ruins my mood. its been a long time since ive gotten into a "hate the world" mood so might as well do it one more time before i have no time to do so when sch reopens. *colourful curses*

there done. now erhs... before i decided to go off spitting nails, what was i saying when i still had some resemblance to sanity? ohh yeah. harry potter. i really wonder what the title means... hallow... godric hallow? i think harry will maybe go back there and like i dno... find sth very impt? cant wait for the book to be out. HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS! *freaks. yikes. i hope the death thing doesnt mean harry dies. and im a h/hr shipper and i CANT stand the fact that hermione is with ron! garhs. deathly hallows... deathly hallows... SIGH. i think theres going be sth to do with halloween, but that wud be too early in the year... deathly... hallows... [1 : to make holy or set apart for holy use 2 : to respect greatly] gah what on earth does that mean... hallow is a verb... so the only possible noun HAS to be godric's hallow. WAAAA. argh im freaking over two words.

ok enuf with the freaking abt the book. you know, both joey and ying had strange dreams... joey dreamt the 3 gep classes died[-.- great, more death] and ying dreamt that she was reading the 7th book and then popped up in this biggg hall to find voldy reading the 7th book too. then the rest of the 3 gep classes amazingly popped up too and they beat voldy or sth. argh. -.- people and dreams. ohh and i've been shopping! i bot a bag for next year and pencil case and wallet and now, i need to buy school shoes! eeee!

ok now to rant abt gb! AHHHH. im broke on gb. i MUST start saving up for SOMETHING. i plan to get that great devil's head and that sth sth inca body. arghh. broke... and im kinda like too lazy to play and actually try and earn money so yeah. my gb acc is not gettin anywhr.

hmms i feel lik reading ff... eeks. must refrain. (: okaye shall go find sth to do. toodles.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

tra la la. im actually posting o.O wow. harhars. im actually waiting for sal to finish reading the starting of my compo and so i shall wait. dum dee dum dee dum. -.- well since im posting might as well make use of this to ramble. hmms. well im DEFINITELY falling behind on homework, thats for sure. i havent done anything and the science looks too hard to try. i don't know what to write for the NSW compo so im gonna leave that for later. you noe, i REALLY need to go shopping. i need a new wallet and bag for next year. i got a nice pencil case already so tts settled. and as usual, shall rattle on abt being broke etc etc. I HATE CHEM. lol. violent outburst xD. thank the bleedy chem textbook next to me. no way am i doing my science hw! WAAAA. lol. im being VERY random here k? eeks. im going on holiday this sat and i havent even started packing. im DEAD. o.O heck. i need to lose weight man. IM HEAVY. waaaaa~ lol. ohh and im thinking of writing this poem for the compo i asked sal to read, but ive nvr really do well with poems that actually have a point. i wanna write sth deep, but i think thats beyond me. im not a very deep person. aiya i think im addicted to hp. stupid ffs. now everything i write is similar to hp. argh ok shall end here. toodles(x