Saturday, December 23, 2006

okaye since im so bored at the moment [despite the fact i havent touched my hw] i shall post a VERYYYY long post, mainly to rattle on abt harry potter stuff for now. I CANT BELIEVE IT. the new title for the 7th book is HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS. hallows?!!! deathly?!!! what the shite! thats like... argh. GREAT. my effing dad has to go piss me off again. i dont get him. i dont wanna go to bleedy sentosa coz theres no bleedy point in going and he's insisting that we go. at first he's like saying "ok we're going tmr" and then suddenly he's like "get down we're going to sentosa now" ok what kind of crap is that. eff it. its pointless k? my mum doesnt wanna go, my sis doesnt wanna go. he might as well just go himself. ARGH. man my mum and sis are argueing downstairs with my dad i think. god knows. i just hear alot of shouting and this bloody ruins my mood. its been a long time since ive gotten into a "hate the world" mood so might as well do it one more time before i have no time to do so when sch reopens. *colourful curses*

there done. now erhs... before i decided to go off spitting nails, what was i saying when i still had some resemblance to sanity? ohh yeah. harry potter. i really wonder what the title means... hallow... godric hallow? i think harry will maybe go back there and like i dno... find sth very impt? cant wait for the book to be out. HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS! *freaks. yikes. i hope the death thing doesnt mean harry dies. and im a h/hr shipper and i CANT stand the fact that hermione is with ron! garhs. deathly hallows... deathly hallows... SIGH. i think theres going be sth to do with halloween, but that wud be too early in the year... deathly... hallows... [1 : to make holy or set apart for holy use 2 : to respect greatly] gah what on earth does that mean... hallow is a verb... so the only possible noun HAS to be godric's hallow. WAAAA. argh im freaking over two words.

ok enuf with the freaking abt the book. you know, both joey and ying had strange dreams... joey dreamt the 3 gep classes died[-.- great, more death] and ying dreamt that she was reading the 7th book and then popped up in this biggg hall to find voldy reading the 7th book too. then the rest of the 3 gep classes amazingly popped up too and they beat voldy or sth. argh. -.- people and dreams. ohh and i've been shopping! i bot a bag for next year and pencil case and wallet and now, i need to buy school shoes! eeee!

ok now to rant abt gb! AHHHH. im broke on gb. i MUST start saving up for SOMETHING. i plan to get that great devil's head and that sth sth inca body. arghh. broke... and im kinda like too lazy to play and actually try and earn money so yeah. my gb acc is not gettin anywhr.

hmms i feel lik reading ff... eeks. must refrain. (: okaye shall go find sth to do. toodles.