Saturday, December 23, 2006

ok ive officially decided to revive my blog. dont know why. gahs... i still have alot of stuff to fix... my links have officially rotted. xD. ahh and how exactly do you get to yk's blog? that prompt window just pops up and after that i somehow get redirected somewhr... nvm. I HAVE HOMEWORK AND IM NOT AFRAID TO NOT DO IT. -.- ok im hopeless. my homework will most probably be all last minute again or sth but its not alot considering ive given up on the portfolio thing. its so ex... lets see. i still have so much time before i usually start to feel sleepy. for the record, i've actually read most of to kill a mocking bird. all thx to sal yday. made us take some bus that made a biggggg loop to goodness knows where before it goes into bedok interchange. BLAH. i spent like an hour+ just on the bus coz sal said the mrt wud be verryyyyyy crowded. hmph. and here am i, with my sis next to me. argh. the bane of my existence. is that how existence is spelt? or is it existense? hmms. i think its the c. nvm.

im not exactly looking forward to school reopening... AHHHH. school... seems like such a long time ago. i really dont know how im going to cope with sec 2. and i still want to try out writing a fanfic. hmms. dno. DEATHLY HALLOWS! harry potter and the deathly hallows! ahhhh. *freaks out for the moment. tick tock tick tock *tightens all the lose screws.

ok good im done freaking. sigh. but honestly, i cant wait for the 7th book to come out. and the 5th movie too. and the 6th movie is coming out when? 2008? argh. so longgg. i was abt to type sth... now i cant rmbr....

ohh right. all american rejects are nice... i was actually considering putting a christmas skin instead of this. but i think this is nice. erhs... next year is 2007... wow. umm guess i have nth to say for now. seeya~!