Sunday, December 24, 2006

ugh. a headache just before CHRISTMAS.

this is so bleedy unfair and its all thx to ONE maths ws. stupid histograms... wow. only a few more minutes to midnight. thx for planting a few wild elephants to stampede ard my head. arghh. since im too pissed off to do maths now, lets count down to midnight! -.- argh this is lame and now my neck is aching too. bloody brilliant. ok lets count! 300 bloody histograms... 299 bloody histograms... 298 bloody histograms... 297 bloody histograms...

ok im not typing that out. anw im just being lame and we all know it so lets just ignore that part completely. i wonder if i can find a particularly nice ff to read to get rid of my headache. im actually mad at gb too coz you know the lucky draw thing? i actually missed! arghs.

toodles. and im not elevating teen angst to shakespearen proportions. its just me and a crappy mood.