Saturday, January 30, 2010

busted dusted

all this edward bashing can only be good for the soul

Friday, January 29, 2010

really, men are only hot when they have long hair

i can't figure out what some girls see in robert pattinson.
honestly, i'd much rather fangirl over

and a hell lot more but i think some people will stone me if i continue.
and i obviously left out sev and mj cause i figured that was kinda obvious ;D
(decided to change the list since itunes has reminded me of many hot longhaired musicians)

oh and og games was fun.
i think i'm sunburnt though; definitely freaking tired.
and yongzhi saved ying from have to piggyback me home.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

darling i love you but i just can't make you smile

so hc life has officially started.
and here goes nothin'
OG ELEVEN all the way!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

up down and all around

words cannot describe how pissed i am right now.

i think i'm being irrational, but that being said, i shall now continue swearing to my utter irrational pleasure.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


new collection launched at ODD

Sunday, January 24, 2010

i can still smell the new coat of paint

new skin finally completed.
appears to be the only thing i did this weekend.

it says something when the plates from dinner and lunch are still on your table at 11pm.
and the only reason why breakfast isn't is that you weren't awake yet.

sometimes i wonder if i should beat myself into shape.
i can't make it through jc with this attitude.
but i can't resist fanfic.

i want a snape.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

the burden of choices?

it's nice to know that i'm not the only one
except i can't cook to save my shoes

Thursday, January 21, 2010

party like a rockstar fuck like a pornstar

severus and hermione are together.
i stumbled upon the song those lyrics originated from.
(and i'm surprised it's in my itunes lol)
(randomly chanting it is not good for the general populace)
i have plans to get ayden some protective skins.
my potion wedges are almost within my reach.
(judgement time, eeps)

"mozzie explorer, ME!" - ying

freaking simple skin taking freaking long to do.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

it is unhealthy to have an obsession with phallic objects

it's been so long since i've done any form of physical exertion, 3 years to be exact, that just one day of "training" (it didn't really count since i fooled around a lot) completely killed my ability to move with any semblance of normality. i've been coming down the stairs by leaning against the banister and sliding down while forcing my legs to stumble along to prevent a painful fall to a most likely death. walking is a lot easier since my hands are better able to assist. progress tends to be exponentially slower than my usual snail-like pace. sitting down on the floor was only achieved out of a desperation to get to food.

right now, i'm quite happy in my chair, thank you very much. and since the only thing i usually do while sitting in a chair is use the com, i'm equally happy to continue doing so. i'm not sure why i'm blogging though :/ maybe it was just an avenue for me to let loose the torrent of bombastic prose i've picked up after reading two hundred thousands words of fanfiction involving snape. unfortunately, he has yet to share any exotic phrases/colourful swearing that i would be more interested in learning.

this shall hence be my cue to go look for some belly-dancing jewelery, for no particular reason except that the complex necklaces are all breathtakingly beautiful. and there was absolutely no link in my jump in logic. i've been scarily whimsical recently. my current finances are in a state deserving copious amounts of shock and worry.

sadly, i don't think i'll ever be sastified until my jeffrey campbells arrive. expect bathtubs of tears and wails of utter despair should they not fit my anxious feet. the fact that all i can look forward to tomorrow is yet another english diagnostic test is hardly helping.

most importantly, i am desperately in need of an extremely thick sweater. my bodily enzymes tend to deactivate easily, so pardon me should i fall asleep at a critical point in some academic activity.

Monday, January 18, 2010

be your best friend yeah i'll love you forever

forever & ever;
i do

pretty dresses
fancy heels
untameable hair
amazing decorations
awesome food
great night

congrats pauline jiejie!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

LOL all creds to flb, when i saw the mj one it was hard not to think that you'd be like that woman someday.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

hey!!!!! but its good ok. and i was thirsty -.- blargh. -snatches kais bottle-.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

the eyes of the city are counting the tears falling down

The world is down there out of view
Please don't jump
Don't jump
And if all that can't hold you back
I'll jump for you

i've been absolutely obsessed with tokio hotel recently. i never thought i'd listen to a german band but their songs are just breathtaking.

anyway, odd pictures another day. i'm too busy being enraptured right now ;D

and i can't believe i ate so much today at sakae. *glares at joey for ingesting more water than food*

The walls are coming closer
My senses fade away
I'm haunted by your shadow
I reach to feel your face
You're not here
Are you here?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

wanna wake up in a dream

tns-gep chalet was absolutely amazing. it was awfully crowded when we got there on the first day but when people slowly drifted home, the group was cut down to a nice comfy number. i guess i'm the kind of person who just finds small groups more cozy :]

anyway, there was lots of card-playing, aimless walking and nonsensical conversations and of course very little sleeping. though i'm quite sure i slept the most :D on the first night went to sleep at 2+am after eating too many pizzas and laughing at all the people who had to/were getting shot, shagged or married. oh and twister just looked really wrong, but being the announcer of the spinning arrow was perfectly enjoyable :)

we woke up at 6am to go catch the sunrise but that completely failed since we ended up facing north (and i still wonder how an iphone can have a compass). we ended up getting extremely freaked out by a very strange incident then went back and i slept like a log :D its really quite weird though, to wake up at some point to being poked by zinc and then being poked awake by joey awhile later, but i guess that's not as weird as going to sleep while staring at someone's feet. (people who sleep in chairs scare me) (people who sleep on tables scare me more)

i guess the funniest part was when everyone changed into our uniforms and somehow it just felt so elitist :X we're supposed to be from the top schools and we just walked passed everyone in our almost all-white uniforms and it felt strange. but funny too ;D the guys really all grew taller :( (and pling is taller than me now D; )

the rest after that wasn't very spectacular, other than my lost to joey in speed :/ went home at 9+pm and that's about it :/

oh and i shall post all the extra pictures that we took trying to get a cover shot for ODD post tomorrow :D too tired to go resize and edit now.

Oh, oh.
They’re telling me it’s beautiful.
I believe them, but will I ever know
the world behind my wall.
Oh, oh.
The sun will shine like never before.
One day I will be ready to go,
see the world behind my wall.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

no, i can't stop loving you

happy birthday severus.

Friday, January 08, 2010

it would be cool to be blue

Kaltxì. Ngaru lu fpom srak?
lol. that would be me as an avatar.
(and now joey knows why i was looking for a full frontal shot)
i ended up using a random skewed one but wth it's fun :D
try it here

and now to wait for midnight
(let's all ignore new year resolution #1)


ying's random work of art?

my shoe corner, after much readjustment and before i realised i didn't necessarily have to put all my shoes there.

anyway today i woke up exceptionally early at 9.45am (;D) and went off very drowsy and confused. mailed stuff at paya lebar, accompanied ying to get her topshop loreta shoes at vivo, met zinc and jen at bugis, finally got a school bag at bugis street. it's in brown, and so is the hc uniform, but what the heck.

after that we went to zinc's house and i fooled around like a total nub at the piano while the other three tried to help me sound less befuddled. unfortunately my left hand doesnt seem to like my right so i gave up and went to play wii mario kart :D and equally unfortunate was the fact that i'm a complete failure at it except when i'm using the nunchucks. and even then i'm still falling off the track all the time -.-

after that we amused ourselves with some karoke and i sort of forced upon them my very atrocious off-key wailing. zinc very kindly tried to help me by pointing up and down to help me find the key. honestly, i'm totally tone deaf.


i support vampires who don't sparkle

hahas; that's the true blood series if you're wondering.
(the one with the booby girl)
(eric is so much better and nicer and sexier than bill)

the classic irresistible evil grin
*sighs dreamily*

(and of course the sleep by 11 thing didnt work out D;)

Thursday, January 07, 2010

oh and before i forget

zinc, make sure to flash
at everyone!


lol? and thank goodness eric's not in twilight, or he wouldn't be the sexy viking vampire that he is ;D

oh and ying, i guess that's the picture you were referring to?

and finally, the new year resolutions i've been avoiding.
1. sleep by 11.00pm every night
2. procrastinate less (note i didn't say stop procrastinating cause that's impossible)
(also note that my resolutions seem to be 7 days late)
3. read more classics (english preferably, but maybe chinese? *cringes*)
4. learn a new language/dialect (product of going to korea where i didn't understand a word)
5. learn an instrument maybe? (ha piano lessons with ying haven't progressed pass c major scales -.-)

and that's it for now i guess.
i need to go bathe soon or i wont be able to accomplish #1.

oh and that did you hear about the morgans movie is not bad, though they used up all the funny bits in the trailer.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

oh, i want you so badly it's my biggest wish

now you know why i take so long ;D

and the sherlock holmes movie was amazing. intellectually stimulating too, which is a first for a movie.

i think i'll cook up some new year resolutions soon; i've been avoiding them cause i don't wanna stick to 'em.

Monday, January 04, 2010

“Smooth, but not a criminal.”

I’m just like anyone. I cut and I bleed. And I embarrass easily.
- Michael Jackson


gee, look at the time.


no school.

i feel so liberated.


like the kiss of a star

Saturday, January 02, 2010


hahas. saw that on doughnutcrazy's latest skin and it just amused me greatly (i'm a geek. i'm allowed to find geeky stuff like this funny). anyway, click it please. and ie really sucks. (ying you should totally try mff or something)

and guess what! my aunt gave me this giant bag of... BUBBLEWRAPPPP!!!! it's amazingly awesome and i feel like popping every last bubble but that teeny tiny bit of me that's still sane tells me that that would be very childish. so i shall save it all for ODD :( and did you know bubblewrap comes in colours? i have some green one (yay slytherin!) and apparently they come in yellow too, according to my mum.

and i think i killed a little part of me when i had to turn away from that awesome mango sweater selling at 39 D; if only some mysterious nice person would buy it for me *weeps* unfortunately real money is a lot more precious than neopoints so i guess i wont be getting any surprises like the baabaa.

and it occurs to me that money itself is worthless. its just a piece of paper. you can't eat it (or at least i dont think so), you cant wear it (recalls a dollarnote dress), you cant play with it (unless you're a little wacky up there). all you can do is spend it. money is just a representation of your spending power, and you can't take a number to the grave. so... spend money? ;D

Friday, January 01, 2010

yes i've been meowing

i guess it's kinda odd to spend the first day of the year visiting the zoo, but that's exactly what i did with my family today. it's been years since i last went, though zoos are mostly the same anyway. they have more or less the same animals and you just spend a long time walking and walking and walking. i guess the best part of it was that i got to carry kitty around :D no, she's not a stuffed toy; she's a bag! so cool right ;D

and yeah, i really bought a lot of useless shit in korea lol. which reminds me that i still haven't posted for korea. but shan't post that now, since i'm posting lots of pics of monkey butts and... well you see for yourself.

my auntie says that if their butts are particularly big, it means that they're ready to mate. check out the one at the top left lol.

that guy was impossibly cute. he clapped at us and i'm sure at one point in time he showed us the finger. (i'm not sure which one though :/)

he's damn tiny and freakin cute.

and... she's not so tiny. this was some elephant show actually, but we didn't watch more than the first few minutes cause it was damn crowded. and yours truly being so short, i couldn't see anything about everyone's heads. thank god for swivel cams though, i could stick them up and watch through the screen. yeah yeah, me nub.

tarzan's distant cousin i'm sure.

it occurred to me that pine looks nothing like a real porcupine.

meowwwww~! (heh finally i get to do it and not get killed by y & j :D)

it was insane watching these guys rush around like potheads on... caffeine.

took me a long time to get that shot. i see great possibilities for it :D

i dno; he had a cool expression. *shrug*

i'll have you know that its not easy to take pictures while chasing after elusive lemurs

i would like to be as tall as you... actually no i won't. but somewhere there would be good.

my dad saw one of them vibrating on the spot and he thought the zebra got cramps or sth. then my mum told him that it was to chase off flies and promptly went "you so stupid". i lol at my family.

it's a rhinooooo! (yes i enjoy stating the obvious :D)

i am polar bear. hear me roar! and turn off all your unused electronic devices to help stop polar ice caps from melting or i'll drown even though i'm an excellent swimmer. you have the moral obligation to save me cause i'm big fat and fluffy! really, i am. and really, you should.

*shrug* i'm a little high. it's new year. i have the right to be. adios ;D