Friday, January 01, 2010

yes i've been meowing

i guess it's kinda odd to spend the first day of the year visiting the zoo, but that's exactly what i did with my family today. it's been years since i last went, though zoos are mostly the same anyway. they have more or less the same animals and you just spend a long time walking and walking and walking. i guess the best part of it was that i got to carry kitty around :D no, she's not a stuffed toy; she's a bag! so cool right ;D

and yeah, i really bought a lot of useless shit in korea lol. which reminds me that i still haven't posted for korea. but shan't post that now, since i'm posting lots of pics of monkey butts and... well you see for yourself.

my auntie says that if their butts are particularly big, it means that they're ready to mate. check out the one at the top left lol.

that guy was impossibly cute. he clapped at us and i'm sure at one point in time he showed us the finger. (i'm not sure which one though :/)

he's damn tiny and freakin cute.

and... she's not so tiny. this was some elephant show actually, but we didn't watch more than the first few minutes cause it was damn crowded. and yours truly being so short, i couldn't see anything about everyone's heads. thank god for swivel cams though, i could stick them up and watch through the screen. yeah yeah, me nub.

tarzan's distant cousin i'm sure.

it occurred to me that pine looks nothing like a real porcupine.

meowwwww~! (heh finally i get to do it and not get killed by y & j :D)

it was insane watching these guys rush around like potheads on... caffeine.

took me a long time to get that shot. i see great possibilities for it :D

i dno; he had a cool expression. *shrug*

i'll have you know that its not easy to take pictures while chasing after elusive lemurs

i would like to be as tall as you... actually no i won't. but somewhere there would be good.

my dad saw one of them vibrating on the spot and he thought the zebra got cramps or sth. then my mum told him that it was to chase off flies and promptly went "you so stupid". i lol at my family.

it's a rhinooooo! (yes i enjoy stating the obvious :D)

i am polar bear. hear me roar! and turn off all your unused electronic devices to help stop polar ice caps from melting or i'll drown even though i'm an excellent swimmer. you have the moral obligation to save me cause i'm big fat and fluffy! really, i am. and really, you should.

*shrug* i'm a little high. it's new year. i have the right to be. adios ;D