Monday, February 23, 2009


ho ho ho ! i am back to resurrect my blog~! and since i recently synced the photos in my phone to my com... here's some random stuff while i try to remember what i wanted to say :/

lol, random toilet humour

and that's cookie and angel looking like they're out on a date

random shot from the singapore flyer... my phone's camera seems to be in pretty bad shape these days...

and of course, zinc's and jen's beloved investiture 09. they were so neat and organised and in sync that it was scaryyyyyy.

heehee. we were doing some lab duties for smp (feeling filling tips, which basically means wearing tight latex gloves and liberally spraying everything with ethanol then opening up bags of pipette tips and sticking them into containers. rather brainless, which is how we ended up doing such frivolous things)

and now... oh yes. I'M SPENDING WAY TOO MUCH MONEY ON THE GRACES CAMP! my total expenditure as of now is TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN DOLLARS. which is... way more than i had planned to spend. and i havent even gotten the accessories yet. and i always end up buying things because the salesperson was nice...


anyway, i'm done procrastinating (eeks chinese zuowen) and so... shall find something else to do other than homework. ciao!