Friday, March 25, 2011


wahaha i really converted to the new blogger template, though it's not as simple as i thought it was. still needed to do some css styling cause the original template was just so... standardized.

and BLOCKS ARE OVER YOZZZ. okay so they have been for like 1 day and this is kinda late to be celebrating it but wheeeeeeeeeeeeee~ life has been good so far even though today did not go as planned and that was quite :( but ish okayz derre's tmrx and ivp will be fun. i hope earth hour/ultimate mini-outing will be too :D

and omg nydc's oreo cheesecake... @@ tonguegasmic!! i will get to trying all their cakes i dont care screw my resolutions ^^ but okay all things in moderation before i get too fat to fit through mrt gantries D:

and recently i've been thinking about things that make me happy and wow the list just keeps getting longer. maybe i'll post it one day if i can dredge it out from my bottomless pit of muses :D and have you ever wondered where the looney tunes characters who fall into big black holes end up? what could possibly be on the other side of a flat 2D plane :/

Monday, March 21, 2011

when everything but your heart aches

wow. i'm surprisingly calm this time round and i guess i should be off to start revising bio. kudos to all those who had the sense to start earlier, much much earlier. oh wells, tonight i am a vampire.
honestly, i just can't wait for thursday and the last paper to be over; i'm going to curl up and sleep for a few centuries.

Friday, March 18, 2011


the week's ending again :( normally i look forward to fridays and today was a special friday but because of the terrible things that take place next week, today wasn't a very nice friday. i'm just not ready for next week to happen; i completely haven't touched bio and econs and they're the heavy content subjects, which is probably why i've been avoiding them. the other two aren't doing much better either but nvm, not graded so no need to stress out over them that much. *breatheeeee* and ivp tmr, so excited~ i hope we don't get owned too badly :S

anyway, random thought: why do so many people like starbucks' green tea frapp? the other drinks are nice too! oh and random comment: the best thing about using the starbucks tumbler is that you can violently shake your frapp once it starts separating into the ice and coffee layers :D

and even more random comment: i feel like converting to the new blogger template system but it feels as if i'm betraying all my (already dying off) coding roots. no more styling #containers and .headers and just drag boxes around or select options in drop down menus etc etc etc. urgh geek moment.

okay so since this post is so random and trivial, here's a short excerpt from the story book i'm reading (yes i'm still reading them even though blocks are next week whee~)
"It starts out young -- you try not to be different just to survive -- you try to be just like everyone else -- anonymity becomes reflexive -- and then one day you wake up and you've become all those other people -- the others -- the something you aren't. And you wonder if you can ever be what it is you really are. Or you wonder if it's too late to find out." - Microserfs by Douglas Coupland
the amount of food for thought in the book is kinda amazing, especially since everything just sort of flows out in simple everyday conversational words and you don't actually know what it was in the book that strikes you or made an impact but as you read you realise that somehow you weren't the person you were when you were at page 1 and yet somehow you can't pinpoint what's changed. and wow. long sentence. but yeah, the beauty of books ^^

ok i sort of got distracted and i don't remember what other completely unrelated stuff i wanted to add so tata for now~

Thursday, March 17, 2011


this is not a good different.
where did my priorities and self-control go?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

you make my heart have premature ventricular contractions

last words of...
sirius black
albus dumbledore
charity burbage
fred weasley
severus snape
tom riddle
i can't believe how incredibly distracted i am today and i feel like indulging in some harrypotterfanfic goodness but wow, it's been 3months or more since i last read one. i'm amazed how i managed to quit my biggest addiction without any withdrawal symptoms. even my sis noticed :O

and i've taken to looking at photos of amazing food and wondering where i can get them. this is very counterproductive. and even though it's way too early... *hints zinc/ying*

birthday cake maybe? ;D

and gosh it's been going round and round in my head:

so beautiful~~~

Saturday, March 12, 2011

my heart is like the open highway

hellos me homeys~ it's been awhile again and this week was generally kinda awesome till i had some really unintended flipout yesterday but oh wells, what has happened has happened. i'm kinda freaked out by how i have to start figuring out my future and then working to make the future i want happen but that's for another day. need more action and less procrastinating/regretting.

but main point is, VISIT PROJECT-ODD.COM yeah~!
(and i present to you, the xinlin shrine lollll @@)

yepyeps, all profits are donated to charity, meaning Club Rainbow (Singapore) in this case. They help children (and their families) who are suffering from chronic/life-threatening illnesses and oh gosh i have typed that out so many times i feel like such a doofus. i hate that i have to try and add emotional hooks just to get some people to purchase stuff. like cmon, we're not even asking for donations or anything and people have to give so much crap then backout/deadbuyer and all that rubbish. ok nvm. and oh the collection actually launched monday 7th march and i'm only posting now because i am the ultimate lagger tyvm.

gee, what a random post :/ and listening to acoustic bon jovi songs in the car was really kinda surreal *.*