Saturday, March 12, 2011

my heart is like the open highway

hellos me homeys~ it's been awhile again and this week was generally kinda awesome till i had some really unintended flipout yesterday but oh wells, what has happened has happened. i'm kinda freaked out by how i have to start figuring out my future and then working to make the future i want happen but that's for another day. need more action and less procrastinating/regretting.

but main point is, VISIT PROJECT-ODD.COM yeah~!
(and i present to you, the xinlin shrine lollll @@)

yepyeps, all profits are donated to charity, meaning Club Rainbow (Singapore) in this case. They help children (and their families) who are suffering from chronic/life-threatening illnesses and oh gosh i have typed that out so many times i feel like such a doofus. i hate that i have to try and add emotional hooks just to get some people to purchase stuff. like cmon, we're not even asking for donations or anything and people have to give so much crap then backout/deadbuyer and all that rubbish. ok nvm. and oh the collection actually launched monday 7th march and i'm only posting now because i am the ultimate lagger tyvm.

gee, what a random post :/ and listening to acoustic bon jovi songs in the car was really kinda surreal *.*