Monday, December 17, 2007



Thursday, December 13, 2007

waaa~! ying did you see the shooting star? i forgot about it and went to bathe!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

havent done hw. going away in 9 days. oh im so dead. one week left to do one holiday's hw.

so dead. dead like the nugget you saw in mcdonalds. just without the crispy fried skin.

more like sashimi. dead, sliced up, and cold.

or frozen in a block of ice on a farway mountain in china.

i think that's more likely than the rest.

i think the only good point of wearing glasses is that when an orange decides to squirt its inner juices at you, it doesnt stab you in the eye.

and the only reason to keep the nail on your thumb long is for peeling oranges. sth im still not very good at.

i'm broke. again. and the holidays are ending. it's sad. almost bitter. but not that bad yet.

maybe later it'll just be catastrophic. hmms. i still cant spell. bummer.

cats make good pillows, if you ignore the furballs that you're gonna be coughing up later.

my posts are getting too random. it rained today. i haven't read a fanfic in ages. this book is nice.

shall go back to reading it. toodles.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

zzz. IM VERY UPSET. and i shant say why(: HAHAHA. amused. im trying to decide if i shud bother using colours in my post. considering that the text is on white, i shant. ohhh. in my old old old old posts i coloured some words white. HAHAHA. -.- i've gone mad. zzz.

why am i posting?

i don't really know.

i have to get up at 6.30 tmr/today. in other words, 5hours time. i should be aslp.

winky is going to kill me.

i knocked her out with sleeping gas. or rather, omi did.

it's the 5th. oh dears. IM GOING ON HOLIDAY SOON. and i might not live to come back. oh dear. and i havent packed. havent done my homework. oh life is a sad thing. so sad. so very sad.

joey sleeps too early. and the chinese version of audi is small. and strange. and i hate story mode. (:

i shall never install maple. silas will be very upset if i do. hence, i love silas and shall not make him upset. and yeahs, my laptop is male(:

i love severus too. my favourite tall dark and loathsome imaginary character. sigh. he's so friggin sexy. sigh. im not a fangirl. i wan a snapey hug. zzz. they're the nicest.

frogs are cute. i lost my squishy frog. it's green. i'm going mad.

this post is so random. with so many enters. i love pressing my enter key.

it's the biggest key cept for the space bar and my left shift. my right shift is so small. i don't like it. and audi killed my right arrow key. it squeaks and wiggles now.

heehee. another enter. i love enters. do you? yes you do. i think i ate too many chocolate chips today. im vaguely delirious. or maybe it's the time.

but i was up till 5 that day. and nth happened.


i have to wake up at 6.30. THAT SUCKS. zzz. oh.

i've been typing for so long.

ok. toodles(:

Saturday, December 01, 2007

oh dear. it's december already. oh dear. oh dear. im leaving on the 18th. i have slightly more than two weeks to pack AND do my homework. oh dear oh dear. im so dead. dead. fishsticks.

zzz. this is bad. and i refuse to start on my chinese book review. upset. IT'S DECEMBER. OMG OMG OMG. sigh -.- i wasted another day. i feel so... i refuse to say unproductive coz some twisted ppl will just see a freakin double entendre in it and go nutters. zzz.

sigh. "life is like riding a bicycle, once you learn how to do it, you never forget." zzz. but it is worth learning how? i mean, all you get are scraped knees from learning how to cycle [unless you're my sis and banged into a wall. you don't want to know what happened. just know that it wasnt good]. and if i were to use some cliche quote right now, it'll probably be the one that says "i don't want to grow up. scraped knees are so much easier to fix than broken hearts." but then again, its not just about broken hearts. more like you only get one chance at life. zzz. if you mess up, you can't turn back time and do it again. but when ur learning to cycle, falling down once doesn't mean you can never get up and try again.

gahs. i sound emo don't i?

but i'm not. or at least i think im not. zzz. -.-

i need to bathe. wakeboarding looks cool. toodles.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

pfft. upset. my sis is trying to make a skin for herself. its purple with picutres of her and her frens. zzz. and she has no idea how to code it. zzz. i was having a sushi fit today. zzz. im on a salmon-low. zzz. but i'll get to eat them when my sis buys them(: she owes me... three packs from the sushi shop at eunos. xD

haven't posted for a long time. and ying's in china. and she's laughing at me. coz im going to freeze when i go. and my nose will fall off, as will my ears. then my toes o.O zzz. like in potc. zzz. so gross. so gross. then u can see all the inner bloody thingums. ewww.

there are sheep in new zealand! i hope joey sees one and takes a pic for me(: hopefully by some strange thing joey will get this sudden impulse to take pics of sheep xD heez.

i wasted the whole of today audi-ing -.- shud i install maple? ive dled the game client... zzz. i hate it when i have ITS reading over my shoulder. go away IT. SHOO! hello. dont breathe on my elbow. gosh. idiot.

right. toodles~

Saturday, November 24, 2007

boo! went bowling today. score sucked. zzz. ah wells. its really cool. coz the score board was all animated like that with this rulpdoph, santa and frosty. zzz. vaguely recalls the one where santa skips by and pulls off frosty's nose. hahas. and santa was conducting a grp of singing christmas trees o.O oh and this is the bowling at the kallan leisure centre or sth. it's open again but not really. as in there are still empty shops and all. but the ice skating is open. the skates are nice but its damn ex. damn damn ex. zzz.

they have a koufu there too and it has this strange sports theme i think. must be the fact that they're gonna dump a sports thingum at kallang. back to the point. the koufu has like, strange cardboard-or-sth people who are like swimming on the ceiling. zzz. sounds retarded and actually is quite but not as bad as it sounds. just hard to explain. and they have cool soccer ball chairs. hahas. and nice lights.

zzz. its like basketball hoops and the ball's the bright thingy that's uhh, quite obviously the light -.- hahas.

oh they hve a cold storage there too. zzz. cold. but not as bad as ntuc i tink. i have no idea. but supermarkets are still cold. oh and they were selling stuff toys. i tink they're like hallmark toys. so cute. look! SHEEP! SHEEP! SHEEP! SHEEP!

SHEEEEEEEP! SHEEEEEEEEP! hahas. its so cuteee. my dad claims it looks mutated. but it's still CUTE! hahas. I LOVE SHEEP! BAAAA~! oh and thats my sis holding the sheep. zzz. she fell in love with this monkey stuffed toy. but who cares about monkeys. THE SHEEP IS SO PERFECTLY PERFECT. hahahas. but its 31 bucks -.- sigh. byebye sheep.

*sniffles. ah wells, we don't always get what we want. and i DID ask my mum why we can have 5 dogs and 1 cat but not have a pet sheep and she just told me sheep eat alot. zzz. but they eat grassssss. and grass is like... everywhere. and if we get a sheep, our dogs can be SHEEPDOGS. or we can get another dog. hahas. collies would be lovely sheepdogs. my neighbour a few houses down the road has a german shepherd. but why are they called german shepherds! i mean are they german? and were they once sheep dogs or sth? zzz. ok ive gone off topic.

SHEEP RULE! MWAHAHAHA. ok. that felt good. hahas. and if you're wondering why im so strangely high, it's coz i was fiddling with my com's bluetooth and ive managed to connect it to my com! all hail bluetooth! and my com! and my phone! mwahahaha. zzz. i uploaded a few random pics.

here's another one.
hahas. that's my cuzzies wabbit. the thing was friggin out on me and kept darting ard the cage. wouldnt let anyone touch it. zzz. then it just sat there and huffed at me. HMPH. my uncle told me if i just left the cage open it'll give up huffing after awhile and come out to be patted. but it didnt. but it did finally settle down by the opening in the cage and let me pat it. heehee. but then it freaked out again -.- and started darting about again. so i sorta gave up trying to get the bunny to chill and stuck my dean koontz book into the cage. the rabbit sort of uhh... started chewing on it. its a library book. oops. but the bite marks were really tiny so let's forget it ever happened ok? xD
tra la la. i'm being random. im rambling. heehee. and dom, sheep are cuter than bek! bek's just hot(: right beky? heehee. but don't starting having bad ideas about her. she's my boyfren! mwahahahaha. zzz. and ying's my wife but u can have her if you want. xD heehee. don't kill me ying. you were easyyyyy. mwahahaha. *sniggers. it took me a few years(?) to court bek before she became my bf(: actually, im not sure how that happened. zzz. and im not sure how i ended up being married to ying too. zzz. but bek came first! ying you di san zhe. hahaha xD zzz -.- i'm high. wonder why.
i have bananas downstairs! and i wonder why we have polka dotted bananas but not striped bananas. zzz. i mean we have striped animals and polka dotted animals but why are fruits a different case? and if anyone is even reading this, i suggest you stop soon. im going to drive you mad. COZ IM RAMBLINGGGGG.
"are you thinking what i'm thinking B1?"
"i think i am B2."
"it's RAMBLINGGGG time!"
hahahahas. i have banana issues. and bananas sound funny. nananana. babababa. -.- and bananas in pyjamas is cool. they're theme song is nice. hahahas. i rmbr watching them a long time ago. tra la la. blogger tells me the connection is questionable. and that posting may fail. zzz. no diff. IM RAMBLING. rrr -rrr -rrrr- ramblinggg! hahas.
wow this post is long. omi says thats coz im long winded. winky just gives me this -.-" look. mean winky. then again, i think omi just insulted me. zzz. bad omi. then again, omi has always been bad. and im glad omi and winky are both figments of my imagination(: or else, i tink i'd just have been whacked on the head. heehee.
hell im mad. mad like uhhh uhhhh like uhhh. actually i have no idea. zzz. the energizer bunny from hell just isnt suitable coz that one is just scary. it freaks out and PINGS (the act of violently boinging) about. ah wells. nvm. shall test out my questionable connection now.
and if you see this, it obviously means the post worked -.- zzz. omi! don't point your fingie at silas! it's not his fault! zzz. my imagination is seriously cranked up.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

quek ying hui if you make me play any more badminton i will kill you. there. got that out of my system(:

i'm rather amused right now. i've revived my blog. fixed the links -though their BOUND to die soon- and got a nice new shiny tagboard (ok not shiny, but stillll). I'm being lame at the moment so decided to do some random quizes.

Your Famous Last Words Will Be:

"So, you're a cannibal."

heehee. we'll find out if its true in a few decades.

You Are a Powdered Devil's Food Donut
A total sweetheart on the outside, you love to fool people with your innocent image.On the inside you're a little darker, richer, and more complex.You're a hedonist who demands more than one pleasure at a time.Decadent and daring, you test the limits of human indulgence.

i have no idea what that is. *shrugs*

You Are Jean Grey
Although your fate is often unknown, you always seem to survive (even after death).Your mind is your greatest weapon, literally!
Powers: telepathy and telekinesis, the ability to project thoughts into the mind of others, communication with animals

hmmms. the telekinesis will be VERY helpful. so will the projecting thoughts thing. if only i can convince my mum that the little voice in her head is her conscience and she shud give me a holiday allowance(:

eeks. time to go. will be back soon with more lame quizes. nvr realised that they're so fun. but better late than never. toodles(:

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

zzz. i'm back again. IT just went into the bathroom. -.- ahh wells. it's as good a time as any to test how my skin handles two posts thats on one day. i hope it works. zzz. if it screws off i'll kill someone. ok so nth to rant abt much at the moment. cept ying is having pretty bad luck with electronic stuffies. uh in her words,


♥ ying just sent you a nudge.

oh and have i mentioned i hate nudges? zzz. and i hate ITS. IT IS STILL IN THE BATHROOM. oh shit. IT is BATHING. WHYYY! *sulks. and poor ying. i'll die if i uh, have an E.D. aura. i cant live without my laptop. i'm a self proclaimed geek. and my laptop's called Silas. He's a lenovo y400. I LOVE YOU SILAS. and its pronounced sigh-lus. or see-las if you want to. WAAAA. IT is TALKING in the shower. it'll be tomorrow before it's my turn! *FUMES. *STILL FUMING.

stupid IT. you lucky ppl out there who don't have any ITS who's mission in life is to ruin urs. sigh. then again, im sure not ALL younger sisters - *chokes. *coughs. *splutters. - are as evil and vexatious as mine.
is this skin plain? i wonder if it is. zzz. oh and if ur wondering why the random theme, it was based on my msn nick. and dont ask me why my msn nick was this random phrase. zzz. life is being horrendously mean at the moment. i wonder if ying has forgotten that i havent agreed to going tmr yet. zzz. maybe i'll remind her but make sure she treats me to sth as well(:

IT, DON'T TOWEL YOURSELF WITH THE DOOR OPEN. it's not decent. it's obscene. it's rude. it's bad for my eyes~! -.-

man this blog is so boring. i'm just purely ranting. i seriously hav nth to do... hmms. time to test my skin again. SHALL UPLOAD PICS.
tra la la. let's see how my skin shows that. oh and i did that during CSP at fengshan. was playing with the little letters which were for spelling things. (: zzz. strangely, it's the only pic i have from 30hours of csp. imagine what the tr wud say if she found out. zzz. im starting to feel sth now. wonder if it's guilt. nahs. not worth being guilty over.
ok IT has evacuated the bathroom for a safe period of time. TIME TO BATHE. toodles again(:

ah wells. I'm going to post since I'm already here. and you can thank/blame my stupidity for that. i tested a skin i was trying to code on my own blog -.- and then i clicked save template. and hence, i lost my links - it's still a loss even though they were all dead in the first place - and my tagboard - which was also dead, but still. my sis is repeating over and over that she's very sad and im tempted to tell her i'm very annoyed. zzz. why am i posting in the first place? oh because i don't want to bathe. -.- zzz. let's see. i have alot to update on. 5 months of death. longest period so far for my blog to die.

ok um so nth happened since the last time i posted on some really nice ff. but i did read a very nice ff a few days ago. its SLASH. *smirks. oh and there were EOYS which were plain scary. history was horrendous. chinese too. and me jo hui yi are trying for SMP but got rejected by MOE, those idiots, but approved by school. AKA we need to find out own mentor and write a report. wonder how we can do that when jo is miles away in new zealand. zzz.

i'm feeling very pissed right now coz i have an IDIOT next to me who wont leave me alone. IT is being stupid and needs a life as IT is such a busybody and wants to read my msn convs. SEE THAT IT? now SHOO!

-.- its a lost cause. and i've forgotten what i wanted to rant about. -.- LOOK WHAT YOU DID YOU IDIOT IT. and you're still not gone. SHOO IT. BUGGER OFF. anw, bek's and ying's so called bday party thingum was yday and we bowledbadmintoned. and we got bek this pretty lava lamp. YAY! IT'S GONE. zzz. fyi, IT goes by the name kaiqin and the world tells me that IT'S my sister. the world must be mad.

and i cant put off bathing any longer so toodles.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

whee~ ive been wanting to post but too busy reading ff. anw, i just finished reading one and it was damn nice. *sigh. anw, OotP was BAD. it was so rushed. they like crammed it all in. i dont tink i wud have understood the story if i hadnt read the book. and the thing is, i dont rmbr ANYTHING except the young snape appearing for 5secs. oh and the patronus scenes too from DA coz that was so pretty. but thats all. and they bleedy cut off so much of severus's memory. sigh. i wanted to see more of alec hopkins. zzz. ah wells. i shudnt be posting since exam week is like next week and theres an english compre test tmr but hell.

HP&tDH comes out this SATURDAY. WHEEE. sadly, i dont have the book, which means I CANT READ IT! waaa. sigh. i'll just have to wait for someone to finish so i can borrow. blah. ITS SAD. zzz. oh and i tink im gonna fail maths this term. I DONT GET A SINGLE THING. pfft. sigh. zzz. i wan bean ice cream. blah. hahas xD oh and for the comp skills nsw, i bloody missed high d by ONE point. sigh. ONE. and the worst thing is, i lost that coz of a BLOODY EASY QUESTION. sigh. damn sad. ah wells. life is a sad thing. hmms. i want chocolate. xD

heehee. i rmbr wanting to ramble abt sth when i signed in, but now i cant rmbr what... OH YES. tmr, theres the ivp show full dress rehearsal tmr and im going to have to wear shoes with HEELS. oh god. ohhh god. im so going to walk ard as if i was wearing jelly shoes. ive nvr won heels in my sad miserable life, or at least not in the portion that i can rmbr. OH GOD. i cant do this. zzz. its so gonna kill me. KILL ME. blahs. stupid ivp. at first they actually told us dont need to wear, but then now they come and say must wear. PFFT. so peeved. pissed. put off. -.-

oh and geog test was on monday. i tink i screwed it up. dno how to do most of the questions so i randomly crammed in whatever i cud rmbr, which wasnt alot. blah! ahh wells, on the good side, IM DONE WITH DIRICHLET! woohoo~! *dances a jig. hahas. isnt it great. no more freakin recurring decimals and lamp posts for me! MWAHAHA! so long, you evil blue book! heehee.

oh and theres IT tmr but i havent finished my IT vid. ah wells. i'll probably not finish it even at the end of the month. zzz. ok gtg. adios!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

blah. jurong entertainment centre the shaw cinema was showing hp ootp TODAY. as in 11 JULY. isnt it supposed to b out like tmr? blah. AND IT WAS AT SUCH A CONVINIENT TIME, if one was to ignore the fact that if i reached home at 10 my parents wud kill me(: sigh. BUT STILL. the movie thats been driving me nuts since i read hp. sigh. i hope its good and not disappointing. zzz.

oh and abt why i was at jurong in the first place? was there for ice skating. me jo ying elaine nicole huimay. just assume there are comas in btwn the names coz im too lazy to go add them. sigh. IM BROKE. and its only wednesday. -.- oh and ive decided that my hw is REALLY doomed. like DOOMED. sigh. im feeling sad. coz the 5th movie is out and i havent watched it and the 7th book is coming out and i cant buy it. sigh. SIGH. its a pity. i wanna watch HARRY POTTER. sigh and he isnt even hot but not the point. I WANNA SEE WHAT HAPPENS IN THE MOVIE. i wonder whter they'll do that brain scene where the brains cling to ron or sth. heehee. and the veil. *sniggers. oh and the thestrals! heehee. i tink im hp obsessed but its hard not to be. i love fantasy stories and magic is so bloody cool. sigh. and quiditch too. oh and i wanna see the twins do that spectacular leaving scene thing. i hope its included in the movie. and im not talking abt the wrong book right? no dont tink so. sigh. and i cant wait for the book. i wonder how it all ends. for some strange reason, im guessing harry's gonna have help from the dead. somehow or the other, dead ppl/things come back to help him but i tink rowling's gonna kill everyone. heehee.

blah. harry potter. sigh. fanfic. sigh. homework. sigh. HOW? pfft.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

WAAA. stupid WAAA. they send this update alert thing that said the fic was updated. but its not appearing coz it bloody takes 15mins for a new chapter to appear! WAA! i wanna read! I WANT! its not appearing! its been 17mins! waaa! stupid ff. THE FF IS SO NICE. and here i am freakin abt it when my hw is sooo not done. someone thump me. my priorities are so screwed. sigh. im gonna be missing alot of cca this term. STUPID IVP. im gonna be missing another 3(?) more times. zzz. i tink 3 not sure. SIGH. so damn sad. ARGH ff hurry! appear! i wanna read! ITS NOT COMING. ITS LAGGING. damn it. damn it. ok so this is damn lame. oh and my dog vicky, her bday was yesterday! 7.07.2007 and shes 7 years old! heeheee. isnt it wonderful? heeeheee. oh and the hp 7th book was so bloody supposed to b out yday. sigh. lucky ppl who live on the other side of the world already get it! WAAA! I WANT! SINGAPORE LAGS! pfft. the chapter is STILL not up. sigh. WHYYYY. stupid ff. stupid harry potter. sigh. AND STUPID DIRICHLET. i havent done it and im SO dead. sigh. FANFIC. not loading! WHY! PIFFLE. WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY. ppft. so peeved. so very very peeved. lets see... oh right. funfair was fun. we sold satays! heehee. and we sold out REALLLL soon. like in the first shift already sold out. then we started selling the sausages 2 for $1 and in the end, we had one left so someone ate it in the end-.- heehee. oh and yday right, at the IT quiz, RG WON. zzz. the points were like DAMN far apart. bloody sad. oh and tao nan didnt even take part. WHYYYY. i really wanna noe WHY. sigh. its not appearing! stupid ff. its been 24mins. WAAA. zzz so peeved. pissed. IM BLABBERING. BLABBER. i wanna throttle sth. sigh. SIGH. i wan chocolate... WHY ISSIT NOT OUT WHY. pfft. im gonna go hunt for chocolate. BYEBYE. this ff better appear soon. IT BETTER!

Friday, July 06, 2007

WHAT THE BLOODY HELL LARHS. @!&&($&*(~!#?^&*($#!TURTLE. zzz stupid joey. SHES ASLP. and im up doing the $@^(!#?&! ivp prototype. zzz. I CANT DO THIS. its driving me absolutely nuts. NUTS. NUCKING FUTS. hahas. -.- ive spent like 5 hours on it. and its still DEAD. sigh. i tink we need a new reel. like two. pfft. I HATE IVP. and i havent done dirichlet! BLAHHH. and its funfair tmr! BLAHHH. im gonna be walking ard in a colour that nature so didnt make. zzz. but then again, lime green is a nice colour xD. so no complaints there. heehee. sigh so im out of midnight rambling to splatter all over the place. -.- i have a ivp project to fix. SIGH. so bloody sad. and joey's ASLP and SLEEPING since damn early. pfft. I WANNA SLEEP. or maybe read ff. or maybe read my book. hmmms.

Monday, July 02, 2007

zzz. jo just gave me this weird miniclip game. its nuts! but fun, sorta... but the music gets damn irritating after awhile -.- zzz. anw, ive got a pile of dead huo dongs to revive and a long dead art to drown in the sea. im sooo not doing art. -.- anw, i love this book im reading! heehee. the ff i was reading yday is half read. probably will read later. after dinner or sth. i wanna read my book now but i have 9.5 huo dongs more to do... shud i do? nahhhh. heehee. you know, its very strange that jo and ying's coms die at the same time but then again, ying's com is back among the living.

you know, i was damned pissed off last night. coz my dad was being bloody unfair. sth abt if my sis doesnt do well, regardless of how i do, im still in trouble. thats not fair k! damn my sis. ive told her she shud really stop playing audi so much but u tink she'll listen? and then right, she suddenly decided tht she doesnt like her room, and wants to move to the spare room. so yeah she moves over there, and then shes intruding on my toilet! pfft. basically, we have our own ones, but then mine is connected to the spare room, and now that shes moved over, shes hogging my toilet! and leaving the other one to rot! i refuse to share it with her! pfft! BLAHHH. irritating prat. i cant stand it damn it, and now, she keeps popping up through the toilet to bother me! blah! and coz my dad confiscated her com, coz she played too much audi, now i have to let her use mine once in awhile so she can do her "work". OHH BLOODY HELL.

this sux. THIS BLOODY SUX. and shes bringing ants into my room. zzz. stupid idiot. keeps leaving stuff in my room. garhs. ok so my room aint neat in the first place, but still, i KNOW where i put my stuff but after she came along and messed things up, blah. who knows wheres what! zzz. grrr. im attempting not to curse too much since thats uhhh not good? heehee -.-

Sunday, July 01, 2007

zzz. huo dongs. pfft. so much to do and i so dont wanna do. and ivp -.- garhs we spent so long on the poster yday and it doesnt even look very good. actually, it looks bad. and bimb. pfft. PFFTTT. zzz. its very plain and weird coz we stuck little punch-outs of bears and dogs and lil girls -.- zzz. ok so we're damn lame. SIGH. this is SAD. and now, THE IVP PROTOTYPE DOESNT BLOODY WORK. zzz. so peeved. the damn thing keep tangling. blahhh. sigh.

anw, i read a freakin brilliant ff yday. pam's recommendation again. hahas. raspberry jam! heehee. its so cool. and its harry/draco and SORT of snape mentorish, cept that he's draco's godfather and not harry's. but still, the BEST, REALLY the best harry/draco fic i read has been the one by lightning on the wave. the WHOLE SERIES man. 4 MILL WORDS. whoo~ hahas. its damn nice. bloody freakin brilliant. 7 stories, 4 million words. it was like perfect! took my wad, 3 months to finish i tink. started somewhere btwn jan/dec and only finished in march or sth. and it was dumbledore bashing! hahas! and then there was mentor snape, which was brilliant too. man that fic got me all hyped abt hpdm pairings. whee! im a slash shipper! hahas!

ok so violent mood changes -.- pfft. LIT CIRCLES are CRAP. i HATE r & j, i swear i do. pfft. i need to do the bloody illustration soon. one day. another day. some other day. zzz. and then, still need to read the next few scenes for the meeting with miss teo. blah blah blah. -.-

i cant seem to decide what to do, coz now, winky insists on me doing my huo dong (oh go to hell winky) but omi is ranting abt reading my book or ff (oh i love you omi!) . zzz. heehees. then again, i feel tempted to just stone awhile. spacing out. day dreaming. wadeva u call it, yada yada. sigh. this is probably bad and ying has most probably already finished all her huo dongs. sigh. SO DAMN SADDDD. but hell, they're chionging il? dno. maybe. at least im done chionging my dirichlet. wait. OH SHIT. im not -.- theres still the last question due this fri. oh hell, its due fri. i'll chiong it some other time xD anw, if i dont prograstinate, then i wudnt be me. heehee. since when have i ever done work early anw?

oh right. me and ying and her mum went to that ntu thing yday for huo dong. zzz. so... weird. i wonder if ying has sent the pics. hmms. *checks sharing folder* hmms. apparently not. note to self: bug ying abt them later. zzz. OH FREAK.
theres ART. damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn. wait. do i actually plan on doing it? maybe. later. nahs. forget it. heehee. art = thrown out the window. zzz. or maybe my dogs ate it xD heehee.

gahhhs. ok so im just trying to put off doing SOMETHING by ranting like a raving lunatic. but still, im feeling lazy. sigh. ok shall go do sth now, probably reading. heehee! adios.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

heehee. so im not doing my xue xi dang an, which is due tmr. heehee. and the maths dirichlet xD. oh this is bad. knowing where this is going, im probably gonna end up readin ff or st. anw, dance is back in the timetables. WAAAAAA. this is SOOO sad. i cant do those freaky bendy thingys and i dont really wish to... its not normal! zzz. and ying just volunteered to be the dance rep today. hahahahs. jy ying! must count louder. no need to get sal to help you. heehees. oh and we lined up in a line again, so chen li li cud arrange us from short to tall. this is so saddd. im in the shorter side of the class. well like duh. im short. SIGH. but im taller than sal xD heehee. and JUSSTTT shorter than jo. hmms. how can that be. thats not right! ah wells. zzz.

oh yeahs and cookie right, he rolled down the stairs some long time ago and had stairs phobia after that. but recently, i managed to coax him up! wheee~ hahas. i sat on each step with a cup of that lovely strawberry yogurt drink thing and kept calling his name xD he probably tot i was nuts. but still, every step he went up i went up another. and after a few times, now he comes up on his own! mwahahaha.

zzz ok my dirichlet is screwed. i just have this WHOLE list of diff ans. its not right

Monday, June 25, 2007

ah wells. so im 14. and im chionging chinese sia -.- what a bother... sigh. anw, at 12, i danced at jig and at 12.01, went back to my homework. sigh. this is sad. and depressing. zzz. my hw is getting nowhere. i probably wont sleep... zzz. so much work to do... sigh. im dead. dead as a dead thing can be. i told chelsea that dying on my birthday sounds cool, and i tink i will... zzz. the trs are so going to murder me. i havent done half of my hw. more like 3/4. ive barely done anything. and ying's aslp. so its just me and jo now, doing some midnight chionging. wonder if sal's awake. maybe. zzz. ah wells. its the first day of sch and it really sux. pfft.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

sigh. its like. in the middle of the night. zzz. im gonna sleep soon. im just so dead. my homework is like undone. all ive done the whole of today, is like one dirichlet problem. zzz. itunes is playing leave out all the rest now(: such a nice song. wonder why jo doesnt like it. heehee. i just realised i used alot of "like" -.- sigh. this is bloody depressing. ah wells. i shall chiong everything in like... 18hours from now. aka sunday night/friday morning. zzz. then theres still the other hw... sigh. im so going to die...

"keep me in your memory, leave out all the rest"

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

hello. im back again. turns out im really gonna revive this... zzz. i need to change the skin, but cant find anything nice... pfft. anw, i am SOOO dead. like DOOMED. all the holiday hw and even now, im not doing it. sigh. so going to have to chiong everything, esp art which i dont think i shall even do. i wanna read my book! they like just got to the exciting part. all those "final battle" scenes. well actually its not at that major climax yet but hell its so bloody exciting. cant wait for the final climax. hehee. i tink i shall give up reading ff. no bloody time if i wanna play audi and read this series at the same time. heehee.

gahs. school's starting! AHHH. hahas. my phone's been dying on a regular basis again. pfft. and jo got a new phone! wonder how it looks like... anw, i seriously think im just trying to put off doing hw by posting this. nvm. i shall do some random topic hopping.

i love linkin park's song Leave Out All The Rest. it bloody ROCKS. its so damn nice k... i think its the best song in the album. WHOO! hahas. my sis doesnt agree with me but who cares. it rocks! heehee. ok next random topic

AUDI SO BLOODY LAGS. actually my entire com lags but hell, every com ive used has been laggy. and joey just sreamed sth abt tom and jerry on msn. oh right. there was one day where 5 baffoons came over to my hse for lit circle right. and jo and sal stayed for dinner. and in the end, we were watching garfield 2, a tale of two kitties, and it was SO FUNNY! hahas. i rmbr the part where the guy's gf was saying garfield cud do with some serious ab work. heehee. or at least i tink it was garfield, or maybe it was prince... hmms dno. but its so funny.

u noe, im tempted to run off and read my book... its so cool k. i once tried explaining the story line to dom, but its so complicated i tink i just made him more confused. heehee. but i tink harry potter had some basis on this. so bleedy similar at some parts. zzz.

oh yes! book 7! and the movie! WHEEE. cant wait. in the movie right, luna is realllyyyyy pretty. and tonks get cool hair, but its looks like sth nature wud never have made. hahas. i tink its purple. heehee. purple is a nice colour(: oh but harry has horrible hair. horrible! when me and ying went to watch gui ah gui ah at bugis right, we were staring at the giant boards and poking at them. anw, we figured that the ugly looking hag peep was umbridge. at first we tot it was like rita skeeter. and its damn sad k. they dont have snape on one of the posters or boards thing. but i bet he'll get like some giant lifesize model or sth like that for the 6th movie. heehee. dumbly dies! hahas.

you know, when i read the 6th book long time ago, i was damn sad at dd's death. but half a year of ff later, im all for dumbledore bashing! hahas. oh but too much ff is bad. i keep getting confused over what happened in the book, and what happened in ff. and the story line in the book aint very good... zzz. ff's have much better storylines. i tink the only reason hp is popular is coz of the universe rowling made. its so cool, with all the magical boarding school and muggle oblivators things. hahas. oh and quidditch rox! but i doubt anyone i noe wud be willing to fly a broom if brooms could fly. its bloody scary. its like... sitting on a stick 5 stories high! and i tink the seekers are even scarier. its faster than free fall i tink... gahs. it's probably like jumping off a building face first! eeee! no wonder hermione doesnt like flying. its probably a muggleborn thing. hahas. but then, its still cool! i wish we had brooms that cud fly... maybe one day they can... all the sci-fi things. then we can play quidditch! heehee. but i'll probably be too hold to even hold a broom by then if im even still alive. zzz.

ah wells. im hungry for chocolate so byebye!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

tra la la. so dead blog! hahas. anw, im rather high from reasons not meant to be said, so thus, i shall update! (: whee! ok anw, i got this email notification thing from imvu, coz someone left a msg at my page. so being the lame peep i am, i went and browsed the photo galleries. man i cam whored -.- zzz. ok not the point. i cant believe i spent so much time on imvu! i had a pet dragon, pet bat and pet mouse! hahas. and all the weird looks i tried... heehee. ok im like reminiscing. going down memory lane. yada yado. hahas.

ok so some pics since i was bored and feeling very lame.

thats my character during my pirate craze with my pet dragon behind(:

then my character during my radioactive craze. check out the eyes xD

and then the cowboy craze... oh and thats my pet bat! it can do tricks, y'know.

the white thing on my shoulder is my pet mouse! hahas and this one is just random.

so is this one. hahas

ok anw, ying probably has more diff looks than my character but these shud be all. gahs. im so bloody lame. anw, i present to you, ying and her inky fashions! hahas. xD

i tink this was her first look. not sure but probably shud be.
and here, ying's white and shiny craze.

and then, another continuation of the white and shiny craze. heehees. i like the hair(:

i tink this came before the white and shiny craze but dno. hahas. too long ago to rmbr.

another one of ying's character in a dress. not sure when this took place. heehees. so im not a very good commentator but hey, its been a LONG time.
and heres another one from her white and shiny craze.

and another one again. ok that shud be the last look she had before we all quit. hahas. ying has a big wardrobe. hahas.

ok so now that we're done here, time to move on to jo. heehee. oh and since jo wasnt as uhhh frivolous as me and ying(: theres less pics to uhh... turn this to a very bimb post.
hahas. thats jo's first look since the starter look i tink. i like the shirt! and the hair is cool. ice blue! hahas.

her next look. i tink the hair is coooool. heehee.

oh and these are jo's shoes. their so nice, right? hahas.

ok and here's nat's most famous look.

the "im supposed to be dead but i dont want to die yet" look. hahas. oh and cool katanas.

oh and i mentioned being very lame right? look! my own torture chamber! mwahahahaha!

ok so thats me executing myself. heehee. SPLAT! hahas. and my head falls into the basket(:

and thats jo's being particularly sadistic. shes tickling my foot with a feather while im strapped down. heehee. doesnt really work considering that the shoe's on but still. hahas.and here, ying's being dangled like a chicken by the foot! hahas!

ok so enough with the torture scenes. this one is one of me and nat doing rooftop dancing. whoo!

and me and ying dancing again at some cafe scene. they named the cafe "buckstar cafe" -.- zzz.

me and ying at the bachelor pad scene i bought. heehee.

and ying talking to some really cool guy with flames. note, i browsed ying's, jo's and nat's galleries too so thats where some of the pics came from.

and jo carrying me. hahas!

SPLAT! hahas. thats jo who uhh... fell out of a ferris wheel and died. hahas!

and of course, some censored les behaviour between me and nat. *sniggers* xD

ok so im done going down memory lane. heehees. thanks for joining us and that's all we have for today. hahas! byebye(:

Monday, January 22, 2007

hellos! first day of CSP today. quite ok actually. ying sal and i reached there early and we were like... wandering into the general office and then at first they didnt know what we were there for. then there was this other teacher, thankfully, who apparently knew about the thing. hahas. okayes im in this LSP thing and then little people come in and learn to read. so i was basically spending most of my time watching the tr read teach the kiddies how to read words and all. and then she read to them this book called "super dan, the fix-it man". it was abit... colourful... in its most literal sense. it had alot of pictures and after watching the tr repeat the same thing for 3 classes, i cud almost memorise the whole story, which wasnt very long... ohh and sal popped by along with the second grp that came in. apparently the tr she was attached to didnt know what to do with her(: hahas~!

ohh and geog presentation turned out ok today, thank merlin murphy's rule didnt come true. ALOT of things cud have gone wrong. phew~ i seriously think me and ying need to un-addict ourselves from fanfic. we were reading late into the night again this morning... i went off at 2. ying was on to later i think... dunno. ohh and sal's portfolio is SCARY. its so THICK. yeah there are drafts and all but its still so pro... waaa. lol. the CAP is a nine months mentorship attachment thing. i dont think i can handle it and i doubt i'll get in, since my portfolio was so last minute.

i feel bad abt having to skip cca tmr... i just transferred and now im missing the first few cca days coz of IVP crap. damn... and gahs. pam wants me to go to the class forum... i didnt even go last year. xD. teehee. ahh wells... might as well go now.

toodles. and to miss teo AND ying, i so do not elevate teen angst to shakespearen proportions. and thats still my line btw. xD. bleahhhs. CHEERS!

Friday, January 19, 2007

hahas. something very funny happened to joey today but im not allowed to say anything... so sad... hahas. anw, ive finally gotten to posting. gahs. i shud be doing work... i've been telling myself that for the past eternity and the only result is me going to read fanfic -.- im a failure...

wadeva. anw, there was this day, i was going home on the bus with ying and sal right, and we were playing with the camera effects on my phone.

we were like using negative or sth and we took a photo of my blue nano! its orange! gahhh... it looks nice... I WANT AN ORANGE NANO! it really does look nice... i think... xD. but the orange and black abit strange... hmms. dunno.
ohh and i finally found someway to transfer pics from my new phone to the com. coz the cd reader in the com is like screwed, it cant read the installation CD so i have to transfer to my old phone first then put in the com... so 麻烦...
blah. anw, im finally posting a picture of my cat! shes very cute k? she looks like... shes winking! -.- yeah i know im lame.... tra la la. i have so much work to do... ohh heck. toodles!

Friday, January 12, 2007

today was... strange. science was just like every other chem lesson ive had so far this year, full of blank looks and irritating headaches. i dont think i'll ever get that subject. sigh. anw, during chinese it was like chiong chiong chiong. i hate having to write the letter things. to be honest, i cudnt rmbr a single thing from last year. blah. ohh and in lang arts we went to the com lab again. and the great depression is just... a rather boring topic to research about. then again, the poems were rather... spiritual? i dno. its just very emotional that kind of thing. the pantoum[is that how you spell it?] was... different. there was completely no rhyme at all, just repeating several specific lines from the verse into the next verse. but yet, it was actually rather... affecting. >< i have no idea how to phrase this.

i finally realised how lacking my vocab was during art today. the class was like giving very chim words abt leadership and teamwork[-.-] and i didnt get a few words. blah the art tr is strange. turns out, we're having art with another class and we missed the last art lesson coz the tr didnt know we were in her class. anw, when she dismissed the class that time, she saw me and was like "hey! i know you!" and for a moment i was like "huh?" and then sal burst out into the whole story of during the sec1 orientation in 2005 and i had to go pull out of that AEP thing my dad somehow signed me up for. gahs. actually right, i dont think that she rmbred me for that time. for goodness sake, i was in tns uniform then i think... and i didnt have a fringe and wasnt even wearing specs! goodness...

ahh wells. anw sal, joey and ying came over to my hse today. we were supposed to be doing work but quite predictably, ended up far far far from the topic of projects. xD. ohh and my cat is not grumpy. she just has her uhhh bad days? xD. anw i tink joey was abit slow today. she was like "the cat just mewed!" and we were all like uhh... -.- its a cat, of course it mews! anw i forgot what ying said in reply to joey's sudden outburst but nvm.

you know right, alex rider fanfics are chao limited. theres only like 200+ and they're all chao short. and most of them are boring. ugh. now im stuck reading hp ff again but im reading my current one very slowly coz its not complete and it'll be a long time b4 the writer updates.

ah, joey's finally come onto msn. shall go let her bug me. ta-ta.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

hellos. gahs. today was weird. they were filming things in the SAC. anw me joey ying and sal were supposed to be discussing the chem project but ended up on a topic far far far away. in the ended, its quite obvious, we didnt really do much. just bot alot of food before we left from the snacks stall. blah. ive finally finished reading the alex rider books. i cant believe it! the next book is only coming out in november... thats even later than harry potter! blah. i cant wait... the 5th hp movie... the 7th book... you know, i wish sal would introduce completed series-es instead of those that have a long way to go before the next book comes out... sigh. shall stick to fanfic then. this waiting thing will kill me.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

zzz. first week of school only and theres already homework. this is depressing. yikes. writing with your left hand is hard. i just decided to try and after lik so long, theres still no improvement -.- i wonder how ppl can write with both hands. dont you have to think to know what to write? how can you write lik uhh science with one hand and do maths with the other? its just doesnt seem possible.

anw, this week's been mighty boring. i sorta went 'shopping' with sal and ying yday. it was rather weird coz ying lost the diary she was gonna buy and coz it was placed front down, which means we only saw the back, we cudnt find it. the back is like black? grey? so we were looking out for the other colour and den in the end sal and ying found it. that reminds me... sal you better bring the alex rider books on mon or i'll kill you! i swear! xD. lol. ohh the book is so nice. i cant believe you let me read abit then i have to wait until mon to continue reading... WAAAA. hmms. i just realised sth. i have to go add sal to the list of links...

ah wells. ta-ta.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

omg omg omg! ahhh! school starts tomorrow. im so deadddd. okaye this shud b the... 43rd time im predicting my unfortunate demise(x im so used to not having skool that i cant rmbr what school was like. how am i going to wake up early in the morning?! ahhh! i seriously hope that miss teo doesnt test us on to kill a mocking bird too soon coz i havent finished reading it yet. and ive been reading it for lik half a month! sadly, theres no motivation to read it, esp when theres ff instead. ohh fanfic is brilliant! i think im really really obsessed. then again, i get addicted to stuff easily. i tink i need to play gb soon. and maple too.

blah. anyway, i think ive got a sore throat. ok i dont think, i know. argh. and just before school starts. ugh.