Thursday, June 28, 2007

heehee. so im not doing my xue xi dang an, which is due tmr. heehee. and the maths dirichlet xD. oh this is bad. knowing where this is going, im probably gonna end up readin ff or st. anw, dance is back in the timetables. WAAAAAA. this is SOOO sad. i cant do those freaky bendy thingys and i dont really wish to... its not normal! zzz. and ying just volunteered to be the dance rep today. hahahahs. jy ying! must count louder. no need to get sal to help you. heehees. oh and we lined up in a line again, so chen li li cud arrange us from short to tall. this is so saddd. im in the shorter side of the class. well like duh. im short. SIGH. but im taller than sal xD heehee. and JUSSTTT shorter than jo. hmms. how can that be. thats not right! ah wells. zzz.

oh yeahs and cookie right, he rolled down the stairs some long time ago and had stairs phobia after that. but recently, i managed to coax him up! wheee~ hahas. i sat on each step with a cup of that lovely strawberry yogurt drink thing and kept calling his name xD he probably tot i was nuts. but still, every step he went up i went up another. and after a few times, now he comes up on his own! mwahahaha.

zzz ok my dirichlet is screwed. i just have this WHOLE list of diff ans. its not right