Sunday, July 01, 2007

zzz. huo dongs. pfft. so much to do and i so dont wanna do. and ivp -.- garhs we spent so long on the poster yday and it doesnt even look very good. actually, it looks bad. and bimb. pfft. PFFTTT. zzz. its very plain and weird coz we stuck little punch-outs of bears and dogs and lil girls -.- zzz. ok so we're damn lame. SIGH. this is SAD. and now, THE IVP PROTOTYPE DOESNT BLOODY WORK. zzz. so peeved. the damn thing keep tangling. blahhh. sigh.

anw, i read a freakin brilliant ff yday. pam's recommendation again. hahas. raspberry jam! heehee. its so cool. and its harry/draco and SORT of snape mentorish, cept that he's draco's godfather and not harry's. but still, the BEST, REALLY the best harry/draco fic i read has been the one by lightning on the wave. the WHOLE SERIES man. 4 MILL WORDS. whoo~ hahas. its damn nice. bloody freakin brilliant. 7 stories, 4 million words. it was like perfect! took my wad, 3 months to finish i tink. started somewhere btwn jan/dec and only finished in march or sth. and it was dumbledore bashing! hahas! and then there was mentor snape, which was brilliant too. man that fic got me all hyped abt hpdm pairings. whee! im a slash shipper! hahas!

ok so violent mood changes -.- pfft. LIT CIRCLES are CRAP. i HATE r & j, i swear i do. pfft. i need to do the bloody illustration soon. one day. another day. some other day. zzz. and then, still need to read the next few scenes for the meeting with miss teo. blah blah blah. -.-

i cant seem to decide what to do, coz now, winky insists on me doing my huo dong (oh go to hell winky) but omi is ranting abt reading my book or ff (oh i love you omi!) . zzz. heehees. then again, i feel tempted to just stone awhile. spacing out. day dreaming. wadeva u call it, yada yada. sigh. this is probably bad and ying has most probably already finished all her huo dongs. sigh. SO DAMN SADDDD. but hell, they're chionging il? dno. maybe. at least im done chionging my dirichlet. wait. OH SHIT. im not -.- theres still the last question due this fri. oh hell, its due fri. i'll chiong it some other time xD anw, if i dont prograstinate, then i wudnt be me. heehee. since when have i ever done work early anw?

oh right. me and ying and her mum went to that ntu thing yday for huo dong. zzz. so... weird. i wonder if ying has sent the pics. hmms. *checks sharing folder* hmms. apparently not. note to self: bug ying abt them later. zzz. OH FREAK.
theres ART. damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn. wait. do i actually plan on doing it? maybe. later. nahs. forget it. heehee. art = thrown out the window. zzz. or maybe my dogs ate it xD heehee.

gahhhs. ok so im just trying to put off doing SOMETHING by ranting like a raving lunatic. but still, im feeling lazy. sigh. ok shall go do sth now, probably reading. heehee! adios.