Monday, July 02, 2007

zzz. jo just gave me this weird miniclip game. its nuts! but fun, sorta... but the music gets damn irritating after awhile -.- zzz. anw, ive got a pile of dead huo dongs to revive and a long dead art to drown in the sea. im sooo not doing art. -.- anw, i love this book im reading! heehee. the ff i was reading yday is half read. probably will read later. after dinner or sth. i wanna read my book now but i have 9.5 huo dongs more to do... shud i do? nahhhh. heehee. you know, its very strange that jo and ying's coms die at the same time but then again, ying's com is back among the living.

you know, i was damned pissed off last night. coz my dad was being bloody unfair. sth abt if my sis doesnt do well, regardless of how i do, im still in trouble. thats not fair k! damn my sis. ive told her she shud really stop playing audi so much but u tink she'll listen? and then right, she suddenly decided tht she doesnt like her room, and wants to move to the spare room. so yeah she moves over there, and then shes intruding on my toilet! pfft. basically, we have our own ones, but then mine is connected to the spare room, and now that shes moved over, shes hogging my toilet! and leaving the other one to rot! i refuse to share it with her! pfft! BLAHHH. irritating prat. i cant stand it damn it, and now, she keeps popping up through the toilet to bother me! blah! and coz my dad confiscated her com, coz she played too much audi, now i have to let her use mine once in awhile so she can do her "work". OHH BLOODY HELL.

this sux. THIS BLOODY SUX. and shes bringing ants into my room. zzz. stupid idiot. keeps leaving stuff in my room. garhs. ok so my room aint neat in the first place, but still, i KNOW where i put my stuff but after she came along and messed things up, blah. who knows wheres what! zzz. grrr. im attempting not to curse too much since thats uhhh not good? heehee -.-