Friday, July 06, 2007

WHAT THE BLOODY HELL LARHS. @!&&($&*(~!#?^&*($#!TURTLE. zzz stupid joey. SHES ASLP. and im up doing the $@^(!#?&! ivp prototype. zzz. I CANT DO THIS. its driving me absolutely nuts. NUTS. NUCKING FUTS. hahas. -.- ive spent like 5 hours on it. and its still DEAD. sigh. i tink we need a new reel. like two. pfft. I HATE IVP. and i havent done dirichlet! BLAHHH. and its funfair tmr! BLAHHH. im gonna be walking ard in a colour that nature so didnt make. zzz. but then again, lime green is a nice colour xD. so no complaints there. heehee. sigh so im out of midnight rambling to splatter all over the place. -.- i have a ivp project to fix. SIGH. so bloody sad. and joey's ASLP and SLEEPING since damn early. pfft. I WANNA SLEEP. or maybe read ff. or maybe read my book. hmmms.