Saturday, May 30, 2009

withrawal symptoms

oh beloved one, where have you gone?

Please don't leave me
Please don't leave me
I always say how I don't need you
But it's always gonna come right back to this
Please, don't leave me

greetings from never never land!

according to some personality quiz jen showed me...

"You are endeavouring to break away from this situation by withdrawing into a state of 'Never Never Land' - an illusory substitute world in which things could be as you would like them to be."

that does sound like a pleasant place indeed.

anyway, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE VOTE FOR MY SUBMISSION in the live it up without lighting up tshirt design competition. you can do so by smsing "A1 [yourname]" to 81550433 between 5 and 7pm on sunday, 31st may which so happens to be TOMORROW :D

thank you so much and should you decide to start your own never never land, do let me know so i can visit :D

Friday, May 29, 2009

oh yeah almost there

one last night to rush out language arts portfolio and then i can finally relax. oh wait. i forgot about my sabbatical stuff... shucks. i need to write cover letters and resumes and other crap for that. but they cant chase me for it, so hopefully they forget :D


5.45 pm models and designers to arrive at Plaza Singapura
6.40 pm actual contest finals begin
7.15 pm announcement of tshirt contest results and prize presentation

so cool. i = designer and ying = model. teehee :D

Monday, May 25, 2009

i eyebrow you

i've decided that i like my new eyebrows. they make me look evil :D *bursts out into maniacal laughter* anyway, now that i no longer look like i have a pair of dingos growing on my forehead, i shall learn to raise my left eyebrow before proceeding to learning the wave. hopefull i don't develop muscles above my eyes or i'll end up looking like... the incredible hulk (just minus the green, unless i fall into sungei buloh on thursday)

and omgeeee i preserved a frozen cricket today ! so proud of myself :D ... right. anyway, back to eyebrow exercises. i need to perfect the mad scientist look (jen seems to think i was meant to be one) for tomorrow when we visit this museum full of preserved animals. (reminds me of some horror movie, though i cant recall the name right now :/)

time to drop dead

BAHHHH. went swimming today yesterday and damn it's past 12 again. too much work to do and not doing it. this is just bad for me but... screw. i need to sleep.

or i could get awesome glasses like those :/
and oh yeah went swimming at my dad's fren's condo and they had this mini maltese who unfortunately went through something like that in the picture. ( ahhh cute tiny dogs~ )
i'm waiting for ying to have a fit over these, considering crocs drive her nuts :D (somehow that entire sentence doesn't tell you if it's in a positive or negative way. man i've been reading too many snape fics)
I wonder how prince will look in one of those :/

anyway, random bout of nonsense over. i shall... do something unproductive

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

complete slacker moment (CSM?)

csm today, spent the whole time reading because i mostly couldn't see anything from where our class was seated (and couldn't be bothered to move since our class wasn't participating in any particular events that i knew of)

after that went to cine to watch... angels and demons :D which is really bloody brilliant and absolutely cool. the half-angel-demon statue is just so disturbing its... beautiful :O and the movie is really very good, what with the whole rollercoaster of emotions and all. and i'm quite glad i read the book quite some time ago because that way i wouldn't be utterly confused but i didn't remember enough to ruin the suspense with subconscious-spoilers. and though rather irrelevant, i kept asking ying how vittoria managed to run and do all sorts of complex maneuvers in heels.

after movie was shopping and spent too much money on too little things. zinc sming addie xeo spent a really long time at the ice lemon tee sale because it was so cheap and i'm not sure if i regret not buying anything from there. but in the end ended up spending a lot more money because of the belt and ring D: sigh; penny wise, pound foolish. (for the record i still don't know how much a penny/pound is worth :/)

oh and poor jen was feeling a lot like a guy because she didnt actually feel like buying anything. gah and it took a whole bunch of people to coerce her into buying earrings (did she buy them in the end?) D: jen you must have defective genes or something because shopping should be like... instinctive to all females :O or you could just be a lot smarter than the rest of us and realised that shopping is actually this big evil thing that sucks up money non-stop -.-

and that's about it and omgomgomgomg twopointfour tomorrow and i'm totally not prepared. shucks.

note to self: stick that joey kangaroo plaster on the blister tomorrow morning.

Monday, May 18, 2009

two worms at an orgy

gah finally finished my submission for the first task for graphics challenge. now to anxiously await the results :X

and due to some really bad judgment today, i now have this bunch of... lines on my left forearm that look like worms/seaweed/sperms. gah, it's not my fault that dark marks are so hard to draw D: (actually im not even sure what one looks like) and since it's drawn in henna... well i'm just glad i regularly wear my jacket so out of sight, out of mind :D

and omg joey is going to US ahhhhhh. *looks intently at joey* you are so going to buy lots of ripped denim for me *grins*

right back to reading this really interesting book. *flaps arms and flies away*

Sunday, May 17, 2009

some badass knickknacks

went shopping with ying today and really spent too much money on all sorts of unnecessary things but i guess that's the whole fun of shopping. so we went through the standard list of shops - dorothy perkins, topshop, miss selfridge, warehouse - and stared in awe at all the amazing things with equally amazing prices. and there was this pair of really cool sandals in warehouse that was completely out of my league. it kinda sucks when you don't have any spending power. and i really wonder what other people think when they overhear ying exclaiming "SHOE PORN!"

anyway, after gallivanting (extremely apt word, really) around raffles city we went to the central library to do our ge speech script (gah we don't have enough to talk about) and saw sugi at the 5th floor. and note that i said saw her. i was like windmilling my arms at her but because she was on the other side of a soundproof glass wall... she apparently didn't notice me. -.-

and so after rather unsuccessfully trying to work up a 10mins long script to talk about how being in sbge is different from mainstream, we gave up and went to marina sq :D again went through the same shops + mango + zara and got even more depressed. oh and thanks to my awesome spotting skills (ha.) we found a uk size 10 white zip tee dress or whatever it's called at miss selfridge. it's the one ying has been obssessing over and went all over the place looking for it and the dress was selling at some discounted price... and she didn't buy it -.- again, wasted opportunity you!

anyway then i don't know what happened but ended up at diva where there was an ongoing sales so gah bought lots of random stuff... and i ended up spending 30 dollars there -.-

i bought two rings (the red and black thing in the first picture is one of them) and one bracelet and i'm really in love with the ring in the picture above because even though i have no idea what animal creature that is, it's probably the closest thing i can get to an ouroboros ring. that's basically a snake eating it's tail ring, and if you've read the wheel of time series by robert jordan then you'll know of that amazing aes sedai ring which is just that. but the official ring is kinda... gross cause it's just one think band and completely boring.

those sure look bloody awesome yeh? honestly, i wouldn't mind acquiring some snake rings because me = fan of snape = slytherin = snakes and silver (house colour) so yeah :/ wonder where i can find them. (other than that one in diva which i will get once ying produces more of those little rectangular pieces of miracles known as discount vouchers)

and that is a ring pretending to be a earring... or a earring pretending to be a ring. i'm not sure what it is but ying calls it a mimicking ear so.. yeah. anyway it's kinda fun though i have no idea how i'm gonna wear that without the random hanging stuff getting hooked onto all sorts of things (and consequently wrenching my highly treasured middle finger out).

so all in all, quite a productive trip if you ignore the fact that zero work was completed. oh and i forgot. i brought ying to that really cool shop at raffles city that jo and i found the other time and it was so fun to see her in so much pain (*grins*) trying to decide what to spend her limited amount of money on. in the end she got this heart + key long necklace and i spent another 17dollars on a bracelet ($.$)

and i don't think i would have blogged this had i found the book i wanted at the library. instead, i would be happily reading the book and not killing my eyesight looking at the blinking screen. so whoever managed to snatch the book (red seas under red skies by scott lynch) in the few hours i took to get to the library, gahhh you have no idea how much pain you have just put me through! D:

goshies. what a long post :/

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the joys of self-deprecation

i really don't understand what your problem is. i don't judge you or hold what you do against you because i live by the mentality that it's your life so it's yours to make or break. but why is it that you can't just return the favour and stop trying to impose your views on me? to be honest, they don't hold one ounce of value with me because they're not even your views in the first place. sure, i'm a hypocritical jackass who's a total messup but what's that to you? learn to form your own opinions before trying to make me listen to them.

and seriously, what gives you the right in the first place? since when did you decide what was right and what isn't? so just let me make my own decisions and stop telling me how to screw up my life; especially since i'm already doing such a great job of it.

and i've already told you so many times; i don't care.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

help stop them talking. please.

hahas. ok youtube vids have been a bucketful of sunshine fun recently what with all the "yes you're all going down" plus the "i personally believe" crapizoshitzx. and yes i just invented a new word which probably defies all spelling rules in the english language. but what the heck, just pretend it's elfish or sth. and for the record, i still haven't watched the movies (falling asleep doesnt count i guess) nor read the books :/

anyway... YAY GOT IN TOP 8 FOR JAVELIN HAHAHA NOT BAD FOR NOOB LIKE ME. but gah, sports people intimidate me. especially when they walk around in spikes... i want spikes too D: but just not the same kind :D

oh and... my cat burned his tail today... again :X


i hate the way time seems to zoom pass. it's quite depressing the way you're looking forward to a short break during the weekend but before you know it, it's over and you haven't done any of the things you'd been planning to do.

sometimes i wonder if our concept of time is all just some bastard's way of screwing with us for his own amusement. every minute feels like a second and an hour seems like so much less. can't we just call a minute a second and a minute an hour and so on so forth. of course, that would only apply to weekends since they're so rare :D

and then... the ever elusive public holidays. why can't the world just stop for one day. like everyone not work and do nothing. if teachers don't work students won't have to go to school. if companies close down for the day people don't have to go to work. if nobody works they don't have to live the house. if nobody lives the house nobody would have to work anyway cause there won't be any customers. and if there aren't any customers companies dont have to open because there'd be no point and they won't lose out to other companies if they all close down. why can't thepersonupthere just drown the whole earth in knockout gas?

now wouldn't that be positively delightful.

then again, ... you know what i don't care about the flipside. i just want to sleep for 24 hours, consequences be damned. but since the world moves on, i obviously don't have that luxury if i want to avoid waking up to find an impossible-to-finish amount of homework. and i can predict there'll be those people who'd rather go to school than to rest and enjoy life. well, good for you; you must orgasming all day long.

oh screw my illogical logic. i'm utterly braindead right now. but what i really don't understand is, what's the hurry?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mummy's day !

tra la la. ok shall briefly summarise two days of shopping. yesterday, went to far east plaza and wandered the rest of the orchard area with ying. bought a few things and spent 70 bucks, about half of which was spent on the torn black tee (lol my pet in pet society is wearing one i think :/) and i have no idea what to do with it. i'm starting to think it might be rather indecent. anyway, yada yada, had dinner with family after shopping to celebrate mother's day. today, went to bugis and got headaches again in bugis street. bought a pair of denim shorts but personally i dont think they're ripped enough so... gonna buy another one :D and i plan on buying a pair of shiny black/silver shorts too. i guess that means more shopping :D $.$

ok now to randomly post pictures cause i dont feel like talking about shopping anymore since im broke after this weekend.

randomly just took that shot cause he was staring at me and... being weird.

teehee. i'm quite happy with my current array of random arm thingies but i plan on getting more soon :D

now for the pictures i experimented with on my phone yesterday.

my mum thinks he looks really fierce in this pic :/

random shot by my sis, who has a really strange expression on her face in the mirror

our classroom :D it almost looks like we're having lessons, except it's reccess and pam was doing... whatever she was doing at the whiteboard.

some graces pictures... (actually they're like the only few i have -.-)

teehee. eeeeeeeeyore :D

that's from yesterday's dinner at some restaruant. we were waiting for the food to come so me and my sis took random pictures to amuse ourselves. that picture was "solarised" no idea what that means but i like the end result. and because of the restaurant's design i almost felt like a hogwarts student, what with the cool stone fixtures and my pseudo-robes.

turns out, the makeup i bought for graces isn't going to rot because...
my sis is going to use them o.O

i want mango legs!

my gosh, i was supposed to be asleep a long long time ago. but then my sis annexed the com from me for 1 whole hour, during which i spent exploring the photo editing functions in my phone (fyi, they're actually quite interesting, and i think i'll post the pictures when i have time).

anyway, the main point is: WHY AM I STILL AWAKE?????!

oh. because of the skin. or rather, this skin. it's amazing isn't it? not the skin, but the fact that i've actually changed it after what? half a year (?!!!). so even though i said something along the lines of "i'm going to sleep by 10 and to heck with everything", i'm obviously still awake. to heck with everything indeed.

and no ying, i'm not going to blog all about today because i'm too lazy to too :D (zzz all the toos sound funny together). maybe i'll combine everything into a mega post tmr but for now, i need to sleep! (and wake up my doppleganger to so she can do my homework. ... right, i wish.)

i have just been shortified.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

finally, after such a long period of abstinence


teehee. i'm so glad exams are over. now i can indulge in fanfiction and but i'll have to attempt to ignore homework without getting into too much trouble.

anyway, i can't rmbr what i wanted to blog about so shall just try and recall how i've spent the last few days... only a very small portion of which i was asleep (bah i am so going to sleep for a full 48hours straight during the june holidays. oh how i wish they'll come faster)

anyway, hmms i finished a math paper for the first time in my 4years in nanyang. like i usually run out of time and end up with several questions undone or partially done. but for the first time ever, i actually finished everything :O on the downside, i also made lots of careless mistakes so that sort of kills the joy of it. what a jolly time for the powers that be to rain on my parade.

and physics on wednesday was quite bad, cause there was just too little time to prepare. lots of careless mistakes too, and almost didnt finish the paper. and usually the amount of time a person spends preparing for an exam is a lot more than the duration of the exam itself, but this time... it was only about 3-4hours more. which is quite pathetic considering some people (looks at the scary muggers) spend a few days preparing for an exam. but of course, that's how they do so well in the first place so kudos to them. i just cant mug anymore. my brain falls asleep and my subconscious goes off to hunt for a magical pixie horse to throw at pam.

anyway, after the paper half the class went to island creamery to celebrate the end of blocktest1 (finally!). randomed for heavenknows how long and with ice cream (mmmmm~). all things considered, it was quite a nice way to mark the end of the tests.

unfortunately, our teachers seem to be rather heartless and now there are chinese book reports, language art essays and math portfolio reflections to do. (note that they're all in the plural form.) oh well. i shall continue to do what i've always been so proficient in and ignore those giant blinking neon signs yelling DO YOU HOMEWORK. (they're in my head of course, which is honestly quite a frightening place)

Monday, May 04, 2009

my brain is going to spontaneously combust

urgh. math. urgh. math.

it's screwing with my head and sooner or later, my cranial neurons are going to short circuit and i'll start spasming on the ground. during which the spasmodic contraction of skeletal muscles will generate more heat and i will stop freezing to death in my 25degrees celsius room. at the same time, the continuous violent slamming of my head against hard surfaces will knock bio into some corner of my brain so i can stuff math in.

or i can just hope for a miracle so i can pass tomorrow.

sigh. i suppose it should be clear by now that i'm obviously exam-phobic. urgh. just typing the word gives me headaches. but of course, exams are necessary for the world to function and most of us will be living as farmers without them cause there'll be no meritocracy and the rich will only get richer while the poor live a poor miserable life.

ok fine. so i secretly love exams and just thinking about it gets me high and that was a groan of pleasure, not pain. (then again, who says the two can't come together)

ahh scratch that. pre-exam stress obviously doesn't do much good for my mental welfare -.- and since just block tests are making me freak out, i suspect EOYs will send me into a full out panic attack while chinese O's will result in a nervous breakdown leaving me going "gah? ga ga goooo~~" for days. (on the other hand, it could turn me into a sudden chinese genius and i will write the next butterfly lovers story in my paper 1 and do so well i don't have to take chinese in jc. ... right. i wish.) (and lol, lady gaga)

eeps. there's still the A levels, if my delicate disposition even survives that long. i think when A's come i will undergo a complete shutdown and run off into some corner of my head to play chess with myself. or, i could have turned into a rather messy pile of human innards.

any more and i really will combust;
suddenly and violently and all over the place.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

too little too late

watermelon = 我的美人?

went for dinner with father's side relatives today to celebrate mother's day. ate way too much and now i'm feeling overbloated. and my sis was being annoyingly vain, planning out her outfit yesterday then getting my mum to help her with it today. in the end the top changed several times but she was insistant on wearing the skirt -.-

and pardon me if i'm being stupid, but having no such experience in this area, what the heck is the deal with boyfriends?! even she is all hyped up over them and she's three years younger than me -.- and she ranted to me about it and how is not having a boyfriend a crime? sigh.

i think i was meant to be a starfish.

and i think i'm going to attempt not eating meat for one week. and i think i'm also going to study for my math paper tomorrow. and i think i'm also going to screw up the math paper. and i think i'm also going to organise my life. and i think i'm also going to screw up my life.

You can't force yourself to forget something,
because the only reason why we forget
is when a better memory has taken its place.