Tuesday, February 28, 2012

just keep believing

I need As this friday. Everyone needs As this friday, but one person getting an A means one other person didn't. Why must it be like this :(


33617|| Joey: What would YOU do if you knew you could not fail?
omnomnomkai: find out the meaning of life
omnomnomkai: the way to happiness
omnomnomkai: what happens after life
omnomnomkai: the cure to cancer
omnomnomkai: aids
omnomnomkai: HAHAHAHA
omnomnomkai: become a full fledged wizard
33617|| Joey: lol wizard (Y)

I would surround myself with the magical things in life. I don't plan on failing :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012


What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Saturday, February 25, 2012


I've been really lazy with the updating, so here's the last week or so in a spam of iphone snapshots. I feel oddly tired today, though mostly all I did was listen to people discuss interesting things at this animal welfare forum (reb was there!) and bully people into the CC's hall. And completely failed the surprise 'test' we were given, even though I remember paying attention for the past 3 training days. My ability to remember anything vaguely intellectual seems to be long lost.

A most awesome dinner at Jen's house on thursday last week, prepared by her brother with some free labour from Jen ^^ Followed by Pokemon Monopoly where Jo, Jen, Zinc and Ying amassed great fortunes in the form of Poke centres (in that order) while I languished in jail, sigh :(

IKEA dinner after one of the trainings at ACRES

Somewhere in Mandarin Gallery, also a possible location of my Stitch's mysterious disappearance. Poor thing  :(

Dinner with Yanping, Qianwen and Dawn at Cine's Javier's on Sunday, great dinner at a budget. Yanping is really damn skilled (y)

Pancakes day adventure on Tuesday, nom~

Cream cheese brownies that didn't exactly turn out the way I wanted them to, damn.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just a moment

My nose was peeling from a sunburn on v-day but it was still all together a really nice day. I came home after RDA to a pleasant surprise and dinner was good (It was! Even though you think it wasn't hahas)

I made strawberry jelly hearts using this recipe and taste-wise they were okay. Presentation-wise, I guess I need more work on that ( and the lousy iphone photo isn't helping much. I don't think I'll be getting a new phone any time in the foreseeable future :/ ) My jelly totally went lumpy on me and the heart-shaped strawberries in the jelly weren't visible anymore. That was majorly annoying because I was so careful and followed the recipe super closely and avoided most of the problems people who commented faced. Then I had to be a total noob and fail at making jelly -.-

Argh my hand still hurts from pulling on horses (and getting pulled about by them) on tuesday, couldn't throw properly during frisbee training today :( So no more typing for now, tata :)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

You stayed

This is the song I was talking about when I said, "Don't let her be the one that got away." And no one got my reference -.- So it wasn't entirely relevant, but the idea is there.

This song makes me cry every time I listen to it. No idea why, but it's not a sad painful cry, just a... sad cry. I guess this is something that I'll never get over. It's also in the most far-fetched context ever. Not the same as the title. Not the same as the previous paragraph. Not the context of the song. Lol I'm making too many jumps in my thoughts. But yes, same regrets. I wish I'd made you stay. I really wish I knew where you are now. Or if you died alone in some corner and got tossed away like thrash.

It's hard to move on without closure, so ignore my whining if you've gotten sick of it and just listen to the nice covers:

It's the path you choose

I had a nightmare last night that I forgot how to throw a frisbee. It was honestly one of the most horrifying feelings ever.

This past week has a been a blur of many many pokemon episodes and falling in love with horses; their noses are so soft ^^ When I stand right next to the really big ones, I feel so tiny. A part of me is a little frightened, but I'm mostly just  awestruck. And pokemon isn't as good as it used to be, but it's still alright. I'm really glad lc is back too :) (no more sleeping at 3am )

And I realised I'm not as patient as I'd always hoped I was.

Dinner with jjyz yesterday was rather good, but somehow the day after wasn't so good for zinc, jo and i. More about that another day, off to bed! I need to wake up early tomorrow :( this post is so disjointed :S

Monday, February 06, 2012


It's weird how after 2 years of frisbee and drinking public toilets water, I still feel reluctant to drink water out of my own tap. Maybe it's the lack of a 1.5litre bottle that just makes it feel too much like drinking toilet water.

I miss frisbee :(

Thursday, February 02, 2012

catching up

hello world! lots to update, i went to angbao river with my mum and dad last saturday to check out the CNY stuff going on, i think this is my first year going in really long :O

lol this was where i dropped the poor stitch that usually sits on my phone. ran all over the place trying to find it and when i did one ear was almost broken off :( oh but i glued it on properly today :D and i had a little accident with the super glue heehee i hope my mum doesnt realise ;D

milo balloons! not very cute but they were all over the place @@

the very awesome dudes at the first aid corner hahahahahahah. they gave me a plaster for my blister. the guy totally tsk-ed at me. the pain of new shoes, and they were just sneakers, not even heels :( 

bumper cars! i've found you! just no one to play with me -.-

this is random but ive decided this bag is too awesome to sell even though my fatass wallet cannot fit into any  of the many pockets *grumbles* i must use this bag more often even though it's probably the most inconveniently designed bag ever and i can't take anything out without needing four hands ]: i remember when i bought it i had to ask someone to get this bag down from the display hanger thingy for me cause i couldn't reach it even if there were two of me and i piggybacked myself (me is short zzz)

and i met marshy at marina square! once when i was trying the prosperity burger at macs (lol random cause zinc told me about their 1-for-1 thing) and once on my way home.

anyway, CNY was basically spent watching lots and lots of movies on FOX tv at my uncle's house and chiong knitting. my multi-tasking ability has just gone up many levels ^^

i finished my first knitting project just in time :D and nopes it wasn't for Bear, though i might make one for him since my knitting interest is going to hit obsessive soon and i feel the insane urge to start hoarding yarn. splurged on really expensive Katia yarn yesterday when i popped into the Ondori warehouse with Pam. they had so much yarn but everything was so $$$$$ i felt my heart sink with every shelf we went through. they do wholesale so it's like packs of 10/6 /5and i ended up emptying my wallet for 3 balls of reddish yarn, i need to find a nice pattern for that soon! *excited* 

and i found this old photo of my sis and i in her room, 10+ years later and i'm back in bangs *facepalm* why my face forever so fat!!! argh *grumbles*

oh and earlier today it was raining like nuts and a branch of my neighbour's tree collapsed into our backyard and smashed a hole in the roof/shelter thing of our backyard. my mum got me to take photos first thing after i woke up (around 12+? heehee ^^) cause she was thinking of checking if insurance would cover it. before i went out she was negotiating with the neighbour on how they'd have the massive mango tree cut down. the other time when jo came over, my parents and i climbed out my bedroom window to cut some of the longer branches / harvest mangoes hahahaha i think jo must have been amused. my mum and i were catching falling mangoes with this plastic bag between us like some neopets game hahahahaha. and i climbed onto my other neighbours roof like a ninja like a total wuss. i was freaking scared the horizontal ladder i was using to climb over would break and i'd go tumbling all the way down to the first floor T^T

oh and somewhere along the way i rearranged the clothes in my cupboard according to colour (excluding my denim jacket and work-ish clothes. it looks so pretty now ^^

and somewhere else along the way the supre items arrived! freaking fast, came all the way from australia in 5 days i think, totally unexpected. not all the stuff for me though, and zinc's skirt was super duper pretty! my first attempt sort-of-doing-my-own-spree and good thing nothing screwed up :S unlike that annoying woman who ended up making me pay #$@%*&@#!% for shipping *more grumbling* but i feel better after hearing about jo's case heehee

dinner today was really awesome, met up with the bestfriends for dinner and katong's I12. went to din tai feng for the first time ever and it's not bad ;D the beef brisket noodles really are very nice *nom* im feeling hungry again D: went to eat snow ice after and that was really awesome too. we had a super random talk but it was really good seeing all of them again, i guess the one part about school that i miss is being able to see everyone everyday.

and i think that's it for this post. if you're wondering why it's so detailed, i'm 1)bored and waiting... 2)testing out if noting down as much details as possible about my day can really improve my memory as this book supposedly says though i think my brain cells have just been deteriorating ever since school ended.