Saturday, February 25, 2012


I've been really lazy with the updating, so here's the last week or so in a spam of iphone snapshots. I feel oddly tired today, though mostly all I did was listen to people discuss interesting things at this animal welfare forum (reb was there!) and bully people into the CC's hall. And completely failed the surprise 'test' we were given, even though I remember paying attention for the past 3 training days. My ability to remember anything vaguely intellectual seems to be long lost.

A most awesome dinner at Jen's house on thursday last week, prepared by her brother with some free labour from Jen ^^ Followed by Pokemon Monopoly where Jo, Jen, Zinc and Ying amassed great fortunes in the form of Poke centres (in that order) while I languished in jail, sigh :(

IKEA dinner after one of the trainings at ACRES

Somewhere in Mandarin Gallery, also a possible location of my Stitch's mysterious disappearance. Poor thing  :(

Dinner with Yanping, Qianwen and Dawn at Cine's Javier's on Sunday, great dinner at a budget. Yanping is really damn skilled (y)

Pancakes day adventure on Tuesday, nom~

Cream cheese brownies that didn't exactly turn out the way I wanted them to, damn.