Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just a moment

My nose was peeling from a sunburn on v-day but it was still all together a really nice day. I came home after RDA to a pleasant surprise and dinner was good (It was! Even though you think it wasn't hahas)

I made strawberry jelly hearts using this recipe and taste-wise they were okay. Presentation-wise, I guess I need more work on that ( and the lousy iphone photo isn't helping much. I don't think I'll be getting a new phone any time in the foreseeable future :/ ) My jelly totally went lumpy on me and the heart-shaped strawberries in the jelly weren't visible anymore. That was majorly annoying because I was so careful and followed the recipe super closely and avoided most of the problems people who commented faced. Then I had to be a total noob and fail at making jelly -.-

Argh my hand still hurts from pulling on horses (and getting pulled about by them) on tuesday, couldn't throw properly during frisbee training today :( So no more typing for now, tata :)