Sunday, July 08, 2007

WAAA. stupid WAAA. they send this update alert thing that said the fic was updated. but its not appearing coz it bloody takes 15mins for a new chapter to appear! WAA! i wanna read! I WANT! its not appearing! its been 17mins! waaa! stupid ff. THE FF IS SO NICE. and here i am freakin abt it when my hw is sooo not done. someone thump me. my priorities are so screwed. sigh. im gonna be missing alot of cca this term. STUPID IVP. im gonna be missing another 3(?) more times. zzz. i tink 3 not sure. SIGH. so damn sad. ARGH ff hurry! appear! i wanna read! ITS NOT COMING. ITS LAGGING. damn it. damn it. ok so this is damn lame. oh and my dog vicky, her bday was yesterday! 7.07.2007 and shes 7 years old! heeheee. isnt it wonderful? heeeheee. oh and the hp 7th book was so bloody supposed to b out yday. sigh. lucky ppl who live on the other side of the world already get it! WAAA! I WANT! SINGAPORE LAGS! pfft. the chapter is STILL not up. sigh. WHYYYY. stupid ff. stupid harry potter. sigh. AND STUPID DIRICHLET. i havent done it and im SO dead. sigh. FANFIC. not loading! WHY! PIFFLE. WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY. ppft. so peeved. so very very peeved. lets see... oh right. funfair was fun. we sold satays! heehee. and we sold out REALLLL soon. like in the first shift already sold out. then we started selling the sausages 2 for $1 and in the end, we had one left so someone ate it in the end-.- heehee. oh and yday right, at the IT quiz, RG WON. zzz. the points were like DAMN far apart. bloody sad. oh and tao nan didnt even take part. WHYYYY. i really wanna noe WHY. sigh. its not appearing! stupid ff. its been 24mins. WAAA. zzz so peeved. pissed. IM BLABBERING. BLABBER. i wanna throttle sth. sigh. SIGH. i wan chocolate... WHY ISSIT NOT OUT WHY. pfft. im gonna go hunt for chocolate. BYEBYE. this ff better appear soon. IT BETTER!