Wednesday, July 11, 2007

blah. jurong entertainment centre the shaw cinema was showing hp ootp TODAY. as in 11 JULY. isnt it supposed to b out like tmr? blah. AND IT WAS AT SUCH A CONVINIENT TIME, if one was to ignore the fact that if i reached home at 10 my parents wud kill me(: sigh. BUT STILL. the movie thats been driving me nuts since i read hp. sigh. i hope its good and not disappointing. zzz.

oh and abt why i was at jurong in the first place? was there for ice skating. me jo ying elaine nicole huimay. just assume there are comas in btwn the names coz im too lazy to go add them. sigh. IM BROKE. and its only wednesday. -.- oh and ive decided that my hw is REALLY doomed. like DOOMED. sigh. im feeling sad. coz the 5th movie is out and i havent watched it and the 7th book is coming out and i cant buy it. sigh. SIGH. its a pity. i wanna watch HARRY POTTER. sigh and he isnt even hot but not the point. I WANNA SEE WHAT HAPPENS IN THE MOVIE. i wonder whter they'll do that brain scene where the brains cling to ron or sth. heehee. and the veil. *sniggers. oh and the thestrals! heehee. i tink im hp obsessed but its hard not to be. i love fantasy stories and magic is so bloody cool. sigh. and quiditch too. oh and i wanna see the twins do that spectacular leaving scene thing. i hope its included in the movie. and im not talking abt the wrong book right? no dont tink so. sigh. and i cant wait for the book. i wonder how it all ends. for some strange reason, im guessing harry's gonna have help from the dead. somehow or the other, dead ppl/things come back to help him but i tink rowling's gonna kill everyone. heehee.

blah. harry potter. sigh. fanfic. sigh. homework. sigh. HOW? pfft.