Wednesday, July 18, 2007

whee~ ive been wanting to post but too busy reading ff. anw, i just finished reading one and it was damn nice. *sigh. anw, OotP was BAD. it was so rushed. they like crammed it all in. i dont tink i wud have understood the story if i hadnt read the book. and the thing is, i dont rmbr ANYTHING except the young snape appearing for 5secs. oh and the patronus scenes too from DA coz that was so pretty. but thats all. and they bleedy cut off so much of severus's memory. sigh. i wanted to see more of alec hopkins. zzz. ah wells. i shudnt be posting since exam week is like next week and theres an english compre test tmr but hell.

HP&tDH comes out this SATURDAY. WHEEE. sadly, i dont have the book, which means I CANT READ IT! waaa. sigh. i'll just have to wait for someone to finish so i can borrow. blah. ITS SAD. zzz. oh and i tink im gonna fail maths this term. I DONT GET A SINGLE THING. pfft. sigh. zzz. i wan bean ice cream. blah. hahas xD oh and for the comp skills nsw, i bloody missed high d by ONE point. sigh. ONE. and the worst thing is, i lost that coz of a BLOODY EASY QUESTION. sigh. damn sad. ah wells. life is a sad thing. hmms. i want chocolate. xD

heehee. i rmbr wanting to ramble abt sth when i signed in, but now i cant rmbr what... OH YES. tmr, theres the ivp show full dress rehearsal tmr and im going to have to wear shoes with HEELS. oh god. ohhh god. im so going to walk ard as if i was wearing jelly shoes. ive nvr won heels in my sad miserable life, or at least not in the portion that i can rmbr. OH GOD. i cant do this. zzz. its so gonna kill me. KILL ME. blahs. stupid ivp. at first they actually told us dont need to wear, but then now they come and say must wear. PFFT. so peeved. pissed. put off. -.-

oh and geog test was on monday. i tink i screwed it up. dno how to do most of the questions so i randomly crammed in whatever i cud rmbr, which wasnt alot. blah! ahh wells, on the good side, IM DONE WITH DIRICHLET! woohoo~! *dances a jig. hahas. isnt it great. no more freakin recurring decimals and lamp posts for me! MWAHAHA! so long, you evil blue book! heehee.

oh and theres IT tmr but i havent finished my IT vid. ah wells. i'll probably not finish it even at the end of the month. zzz. ok gtg. adios!