Tuesday, November 20, 2007

ah wells. I'm going to post since I'm already here. and you can thank/blame my stupidity for that. i tested a skin i was trying to code on my own blog -.- and then i clicked save template. and hence, i lost my links - it's still a loss even though they were all dead in the first place - and my tagboard - which was also dead, but still. my sis is repeating over and over that she's very sad and im tempted to tell her i'm very annoyed. zzz. why am i posting in the first place? oh because i don't want to bathe. -.- zzz. let's see. i have alot to update on. 5 months of death. longest period so far for my blog to die.

ok um so nth happened since the last time i posted on some really nice ff. but i did read a very nice ff a few days ago. its SLASH. *smirks. oh and there were EOYS which were plain scary. history was horrendous. chinese too. and me jo hui yi are trying for SMP but got rejected by MOE, those idiots, but approved by school. AKA we need to find out own mentor and write a report. wonder how we can do that when jo is miles away in new zealand. zzz.

i'm feeling very pissed right now coz i have an IDIOT next to me who wont leave me alone. IT is being stupid and needs a life as IT is such a busybody and wants to read my msn convs. SEE THAT IT? now SHOO!

-.- its a lost cause. and i've forgotten what i wanted to rant about. -.- LOOK WHAT YOU DID YOU IDIOT IT. and you're still not gone. SHOO IT. BUGGER OFF. anw, bek's and ying's so called bday party thingum was yday and we bowledbadmintoned. and we got bek this pretty lava lamp. YAY! IT'S GONE. zzz. fyi, IT goes by the name kaiqin and the world tells me that IT'S my sister. the world must be mad.

and i cant put off bathing any longer so toodles.