Monday, June 25, 2007

ah wells. so im 14. and im chionging chinese sia -.- what a bother... sigh. anw, at 12, i danced at jig and at 12.01, went back to my homework. sigh. this is sad. and depressing. zzz. my hw is getting nowhere. i probably wont sleep... zzz. so much work to do... sigh. im dead. dead as a dead thing can be. i told chelsea that dying on my birthday sounds cool, and i tink i will... zzz. the trs are so going to murder me. i havent done half of my hw. more like 3/4. ive barely done anything. and ying's aslp. so its just me and jo now, doing some midnight chionging. wonder if sal's awake. maybe. zzz. ah wells. its the first day of sch and it really sux. pfft.